Ark's Regular Holiday Event may be finally coming to a conclusion at the end of 2022. The game is a big proponent of holiday events, featuring everything from Halloween to Valentines day updates. A lot of players may be unhappy to hear the upcoming end to the long continuous Ark Survival holidays events. Don't worry though, the in-universe events are most definitely not ending!

As many regular Ark players know, Ark 2 is currently scheduled to release in 2023 which will most definitely continue the Ark holiday tradition. While nothing is technically confirmed, Studio Wildcard has been very consistent in their events every year.

Ark Survival Evolved Winter Event

Winter Wonderland 2022 Announcement

Fortunately for us, we recently got some information regarding the upcoming Christmas Ark Update by Cedric on Twitter. Cedric in the community manager for Ark: Survival Evolved and also spoke about the event starting December 14th and running through January 5th. In the same thread Cedric spoke about an upcoming update to the Survival of the Fittest game mode that Ark featured for a short time.

Ark Survival of the Fittest Game Mode

What is the Ark Winter Wonderland Event?

The regular events in Ark feature a wide variety of additions with only slight variations between the events themselves. For each event Studio Wildcard usually adds a few holiday-themed items, appropriately-themed skins for a select few dinosaurs, and cosmetics for the player characters. In all events "Chibi-dinos" are offered as rewards allowing the player to level higher than their usual max level.

These Chibi-dinos appear as though they are cosmetics sitting around the players as they ride mounts and lay in beds, but are not actually equipped, making them extremely nice to all collect and level up.

Ark Winter Wonderland Dedicated Server

Official Winter Wonderland 7 Details

On December 11th survive the ark released their regular community crunch detailing the dates and details involved with Winter Wonderland 7. Alongside this regular holiday update there will also be brand new narrative content, moving forward the story for the last time in Ark. These narrative additions include the likes of actors David Tennant and Maddy Madden.

New additions to the Winter Wonderland event includes:

  • 5 New Chibis: Andrewsarchus, Patchy, Fenrir, Diplodocus, "Festival Lights"
  • All chibis have red and green unique variants
  • and 4 new wild creature colors: Lavender, Dino Light Purple, Dino Light Blue, Dragon Greed 0
Survive the Ark PvP Dedicated Server

Ark Classic PvP Season 6

On the same day as the Winter Wonderland release (December 15th), look forward to the release of classic PvP Season 6th's release! Weapon damage scaling is reduces, and experience gain, taming, and gathering rates are quintupled in comparison to normal non-event Official servers (5x). In these PvP seasons we also regularly see cave building prevented and many dinos are provided balance changes for the PvP centric setting.

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