When winter rolls around it's finally time to dust off those fashionable jackets and warm hats. Everyone loves to wear something extra special for the holidays so why not dress up your Minecraft character too? There are plenty of incredible holiday Minecraft skins, so we've gathered a handful of the best ones for you to choose from!

Vanilla Minecraft Multiplayer Server
The red dye in Minecraft doesn't nearly make the leather hat Christmas enough!

There are almost infinite skins to choose from nowadays with almost every holiday covered. Fortunately Minecraft has made it incredibly easy to change your skin now too, much easier than the old days of uploading directly to Minecraft.net. If you still aren't sure how to change your skin, checkout our knowledgebase link below! Your skins should update to your friends whenever they re-log back in.

Here are the some of the Best Holiday Minecraft Skins:

Christmas Tree Jacket | Piggy Santa | Penguin in a Hoodie

Icy Girl | Boy Reindeer Pride | Girl Reindeer Pride | Holiday Bird

Girl Polar Bear Suit | Boy Polar Bear Suit | The Grinch

Spirited Skeleton | Cozy Steve

Free Minecraft Skins

Below are some of the best holiday-themed Minecraft skins that are completely free! Simply download them from name.mc or skindex and get playing! We've also gathered a nice collection of Minecraft skins for boys and Minecraft skins for girls so no matter how you identify, we've got you covered.

Christmas Tree Jacket

This cute Minecraft skin adds together holiday cheer, nicely detailed pixel art, and the human underneath. From the tree stump feet to the green hood, you'll be sure to get a smile on every multiplayer server you join. If you're into Minecraft PvP, this skin can keep you hidden in forests too!

Minecraft Dedicated Server Christmas Tree

Piggy Santa

This skin is definitely one of the more funny Minecraft skins, but it still brings some great holiday spirit to the party. Complete with a Christmas hat, adorable pig nose, and a little blush, this pig is ready to tear up any holiday event. Be sure to stay away from pork while you're wearing it though!

Pig Christmas Skin Minecraft

We at Shockbyte think you might also be interested in:

Penguin in a Hoodie

This penguin has forgone his artic life for a holiday by the fire! This adorable custom Minecraft skin features a cozy penguin inside a penguin-themed hoodie. Live in the snow biome and you can perfectly recreate the pixel art on the front of his clothes! The perfect skin to settle down into one of those naturally generated igloos.

Minecraft Penguin Skin

Icy Girl

This girl Minecraft skin looks like a female version of Jack Frost. With an adorable snowman across the chest, this skin would be best friends with the Penguin in a hoodie. The pants on this skin look incredibly comfortable not to mention the extra long sleeve sweater. Perfect for staying warm throughout the season!

Minecraft Jack Frost Girl Skin Multiplayer

Reindeer Pride

This fashionable Minecraft skin features every holiday color on a wonderful winter sweater. Complete with brown slacks and a matching reindeer hat, this skin is both modern and sophisticated. If you need a Mincraft skin changer to make the character underneath your own, definitely checkout this link. You'll be looking fly for the festivities with this flavourful frame.

Minecraft Reindeer Skin Multiplayer Server

Holiday Bird

This prepared parrot is ready to join in on any holiday fun they can! Or maybe they're trying to blend in with the humans. Either way, sporting a festive scarf and hat as good as these is sure to show off your holiday spirit. If you're trying to look innocent in a PvP game mode this skin is sure to draw the least attention. Go forth and sqwuak-.. we mean celebrate!

Minecraft Parrot Skin Dedicated Server

Polar Bear Suit

With a little red scarf and tiny paws, this may well be the cutest Minecraft skin possible during the holidays. With a polar bear face for a hood and fluffy ears poking out, you'll have a natural protection from all the winter weather. Your pure white coat will actually make for some pretty good camouflage in any of the winter biomes too.

Minecraft Polar Bear Skin Private Server

The Grinch

If you're looking to do a little trolling this Christmas, we've got the skin for you. Sneaking into houses and taking all the loot is the perfect crime for anyone wearing this skin. Perfect for Minecraft SMP servers or anyone interested in looking funny for the season. Remember though, you've actually got a normal sized heart, so maybe don't steal from friends.

Minecraft Grinch Sneaking Private Server

Spirited Skeleton

The most detailed skin out of the whole list, a skeleton revived with the holiday spirit! With incredible detailing of the scarf to the cape draped along his legs, every part of this skin is completely stunning. Don't leave out his holly jolly belt and the iconic Santa hat either! You won't disappoint bringing this skin to your private server during Christmas.

Minecraft Skeleton Christmas Skin

Cozy Steve

Everyone who is a fan of the original Steve character or simply wants to stick to it should absolutely use this skin for the holidays. Rocking a sparkly sweater and Santa-hat, this has everything you need to upgrade Steve for winter festivities. The skin keeps Steve's iconic pants too but chooses to give him a little shave instead of his original beard.

Minecraft Steven Christmas Skin

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