Are you looking for some awesome Minecraft maps to play? Luckily for you we've hand-picked the best Minecraft maps from the past 10 years to enjoy solo or with friends on your Minecraft server!

Players fighting the wither in a custom made arena.
Players battling the wither in The Wither's Challenge map.

All of these Minecraft maps are free to download and play from the links below. You're bound to find something you can dive into and have a great time on. We've included the Minecraft version that we recommend you use for each map just before the download link.

You can install any of these Minecraft maps onto your Minecraft server by following our guide: How to Upload a Custom World to your Minecraft Server

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Famous maps you must try

These are the most popular Minecraft maps, well-known throughout the Minecraft community. They make our list of best Minecraft maps not only because they're so fun, but because of the massive impact and history of the maps. If you haven't tried these, you're missing out on tons of fun!

The Dropper

An instant classic and a genre creating map, The Dropper is a twist on parkour maps - instead of jumping to where you need to go, you have to drop! Drop your way through a collection of 16 challenging maps with one simple goal: reach the end with as few deaths as possible.

The map, by creator Bigre, rose to fame after YouTubers Lewis and Simon from the Yogscast played it in a video way back in 2012.

Perfect for playing alone to beat your own record or challenging some friends, and with a sequel from the original creator and hundreds of other Dropper Minecraft maps by other creators, you could spend countless hours on Dropper maps!

Minecraft player about to take a leap into the endlessly deep dropper map.
A classic rainbow-themed Minecraft dropper level - don't hit any obstacles!

Recommended Version: 1.5
Download Minecraft Dropper Map:

Cops and Robbers 4

A sort of role play prison escape game best enjoyed with friends, this map is a game of wits where two teams try to outsmart each other, but only one team can be crowned champions. This super simple but creative map rose to fame after SkyDoesMinecraft and his friends played it on their YouTube channel, amassing millions of views.

One or two people play the cop(s) and the other people play the robbers. The cop can release the robbers from their cells and give them orders to do specific things, like head to the kitchen to eat food, take a shower, etc. If a robber disobeys then they can be punished. The goal for the robbers is to find a way to escape the prison without the cop(s) getting too suspicious or catching them in the act!

Before you boot up the map and play, we heavily recommend you read the 'honor rules' set out on the Planet Minecraft page by the map creators to help you have the best time you can.

A screenshot of the inside of the prison with the map name edited on top
A map poster with a view inside the prison

Recommended Version: 1.15.2
Download Cops & Robbers Map:

We at Shockbyte think you might also be interested in:

Diversity 1 & 2

Diversity 1 & 2 are classic Complete the Monument maps, with each level having a different task genre including parkour, dropper, puzzles, trivia and so much more. Collect the wool at the end of each level to move on to the next. Once you've completed the monument there's one final boss battle, do you have what it takes to beat it?

A screenshot from the map with the map name edited onto it
A map poster with a look at one of the map levels

This map holds the world record for most downloads of a Minecraft map ever, and it's easy to see why! Suitable for 1-3 players you'll be sure to have a great time whether going it alone or with friends.

Recommended Version: 1.7.4 & 1.8.8 respectively
Download Diversity 1:
Download Diversity 2:

Greenfield Minecraft City Map

This is the largest city ever built in Minecraft. It's almost impossible to believe that it's actually Minecraft, but over 9 years of continued hard work from the map creators has produced this awe inspiring, massive, detailed Minecraft map. The city is built in a 1:1 scale, which makes it feel all the more real as you travel through the city in Minecraft. Yes, this picture really is of the Minecraft build!

A render of the map in which you can see miles of the city including the city skyline
An evening view of the Greenfield city skyline

Recommended Version: 1.16.1
Download Greenfield Minecraft City Map:


Another genre-creating map, SkyBlock is a twist on classic survival play. By spawning on a very small island, floating in an infinite void, your task is not only to survive, but to thrive, with 50 challenges set out on the download page for you to complete. Are you up for the challenge?

This map, with more than 2 million downloads, has inspired countless 'survival island' maps and countless more Multiplayer servers over the past 8 years, many of which still get thousands of players today. Great with friends or for a solo challenge, arguably no other map has had anywhere close to as much influence on the Minecraft community as this one.

A view of the starting island, which is just a few blocks of dirt wide and long with a tree and a chest
The starting island with a small sand island in the distance

Recommended Version: 1.15.2
Download SkyBlock Map:

The Walls 1 & 2

The first combat focused map(s) to make the list, The Walls is a survival-battle map split into four segments, separated by giant sand walls. Best enjoyed with at least 4 players, players split into four teams and each team takes a corner. Once the timer starts you have 15 minutes to mine, craft, and prepare for battle. After 15 minutes the walls fall, the battle begins, and the last surviving team wins.

Created 8 years ago by the Hypixel team, who you now probably know as the team behind Minecraft's most popular minigames server. They even created a sequel, and went on to add a 'Crazy' version to their minigames server!

A sky view of the map showing all four quarters before the Walls have fallen and PvP is enabled
A sky view of the map before the walls fall

Recommended Version: 1.15.2
Download The Walls 1:
Download The Walls 2:

The Temple of Notch

Most of you reading this will already know who Notch is, but in case you don't, Notch is the bearded Swedish man who made Minecraft way back in 2009 before selling the game (and Mojang) to Microsoft in 2014.

The map, by creator FVDisco, released all the way back in 2009 is a fun little tribute to Minecraft's creator. Explore a temple dedicated to Notch and find a statue of his head. Once here, using then innovative redstone mechanics, the head of Notch will be able to judge you - either killing you, or dropping you gold and diamonds.

A statue of Minecraft creator Notch's head made of stone and dirt on a cliffside
The giant sculpture of Notch's head in the cliffside

Recommended Version: 1.4
Download The Temple of Notch Map:

Best Minecraft Adventure Maps

Crack in the World

Best played with 1-3 players, your car has just broken down outside of a seemingly normal town so you decide to stay the night. While there you start to notice there's something not quite right. That man in charge of the power station sure seems strange... Explore the town, speak to the locals and try to stop whatever shady business is going on!

A map poster showing a cube version of Earth beginning to crack with the map name edited onto it
A map poster showing the world just starting to crack

Recommended Version: 1.8.8
Download Crack in the World Map:


This incredible map will make you feel like you aren't even playing Minecraft anymore. Based on a different video game of the same name, the map 'Limbo' is an incredibly unique 2D platform adventure game. Progress your way through the map while swinging from ropes, climbing ladders and dodging traps! It's hard to believe, but this screenshot really is from a Minecraft map.

A direct screenshot of gameplay showing the player's character traversing his way through this 2D platformer
The player's character making his way across the map

Recommended Version: 1.9
Download Limbo Map:


Somewhere in the stars, a scavenger finds more than they expect on an abandoned spaceship. This 1 player map is filled with puzzles, custom music and textures, a jetpack, a robot ally to help you out, and so much more!

A posted for the map with an outside view of the spaceship and the map name editing onto it
A view from outside of the spaceship

Recommended Version: 1.9
Download Planemo Map:

Terra Swoop Force

Your task is to discover what happened to a pair of drillers when they mysteriously lost communication with with their colleagues at Geo Descent Labs 30 years ago. The drillers were on their way to the centre of the Earth when suddenly their communications went offline. Use your Flight Armour to glide to the centre of the Earth, avoiding obstacles and collecting a rare mineral. Perfect for playing solo or with up to 9 of your friends, can you handle the speed?

A poster for the map depicting several of the map's characters and the map's main science facility in the background b
The map poster showing off the cool characters and science facility

Recommended Version: 1.11.2
Download Terra Swoop Force Map:


Inspired by the game of the same name, this map is a heist based map with custom sounds, mobs, texture packs and much more. Suitable for 1-4 players and with 7 different heists, 3 different city locations, and 20 achievements to complete you'll be able to spend ages playing this high tensity map.

A poster for the map with a long distance view of the city with the bank robbers in the forefront
A long distance view of the city with the bank robbers in the forefront

Recommended Version: 1.7.4
Download PAYDAY 2 Map:

Herobrine's Mansion

This map will put your monster killing abilities to the ultimate test with customised mobs, 6 unique boss fights, secret rooms, and much more. From the creator of The Walls and one of the most known names in Minecraft, Hypixel, this map is great to play solo or with 1-2 friends.

A screenshot from the map of the outside of the mansion with spooky lighting
That's one spooky mansion!

Recommended Version: 1.7.10
Download Herobrine's Mansion Map:

Super Mario 16

He was an Italian plumber, she was a Princess, can I make it any more obvious? This map is of course a Minecraft replica of the widely known Super Mario 64 video game. With a custom resource pack provided, you won't be able to tell the difference as you jump, smash and pipe your way through the world. As the only playable character is Mario, this map is only suitable for solo play.

Two screenshots from the map spliced together to show off the custom resource pack
A split screenshot showing off the resource pack

Recommended Version: 1.15.1
Download Super Mario 16 Map:

Best Horror Maps


In this spooky map based on a video game of the same name, Granny keeps you locked in her house and won't let you leave. You have 5 days to escape by completing puzzles and while keeping an eye out for traps and other things lurking in the dark. But be careful, Granny hears everything. If you make even a little bit of noise she'll be on her way to you and that means trouble.

A screenshot from the map with the character 'Granny' at the bottom of some stairs
Oh no, you've been found by Granny, run away!

Recommended Version: 1.12.2
Download Granny Map:

Alien: A Crafters Isolation

Based on the video game Alien Isolation, which itself is based on the famous thriller movie Alien, this map is sure to get your heart pumping. With custom textures, custom sound effects, and an unpredictable Alien you'll struggle to survive against what might be just around the corner...
Suitable for 1-2 players.

A screenshot of gameplay from the map, the player is holding a pistol
A spooky corridor, but at least you've got your gun

Recommended Version: 1.8
Download Alien Map:

Black Light

Following a nuclear explosion you awake in an abandoned mental asylum in a now abandoned Russian city. As you try to figure your way out passed locked doors and collapsed ceilings, you start to question what might have happened. What's that noise? Why are the walls scratched? Are you really all alone?

The map is best enjoyed alone but is suitable for 1-3 players.

A screenshot from the map of a relatively empty room with blood on the walls
The eerily lit room really adds to the scary atmosphere

Recommended Version: 1.6.4
Download Black Light Map:

Dead by Minecraft

This map is a riff on the horror video game Dead by Daylight. Best enjoyed with 3-5 players, split yourself into two teams; Survivors or the Killer.
The goals for both teams are simple: the Survivors need to work together to repair the generators and get the lights back on. The Killer's job is to... well, kill. If the Killer can kill all of the survivors before the lights are turned on, they win. How sneaky are you? Put it to the test!

A screenshot of gameplay in which the killer is sneaking up on a survivor from behind
He's behind you, get out of there!

Recommended Version: 1.12.2
Download Dead by Minecraft Map:

Haunted Hotel

An infinitely tall hotel filled with creepy monsters and unique events. This map, built for solo play, let's you use custom abilities and items to make your way through an infinitely tall hotel. The higher you get, the worse the monsters are. How many floors can you conquer?

A render showing Steve facing off against a ghost-like monster
Steve faces off against one of the monsters

Recommended Version: 1.12.2
Download Haunted Hotel Map:

Best Survival Maps


A challenging survival map from well-known creator SethBling, it's based on the original Skyblock map. The world is made up of random environmental blocks forming a grid. Playable solo or with friends, set your own goals and see what you can create in this wacky world. Try not to fall off!

A screenshot of the map showing the blocks spaced apart to form a grid
Well, it's definitely a grid!

Recommended Version: 1.12.2
Download Skygrid Map:

Wandering Isles

A massive 5,000 x 5,000 custom terrain map packed with unique biomes, caves, mob spawners, villages, and more. It's your average vanilla survival experience, so you can play solo or with friends, but instead of Minecraft's normal terrain generation you get to explore lands you've never seen before!

A screenshot showing one of the maps custom biomes, with unique stone spikes and dense jungle
A beautiful tropical island

Recommended Version: 1.15.2
Download Wandering Isles Map:

Skyblock Randomizer

The premise is simple: You start on 1 bedrock block floating in the sky. Every 30 seconds a random item appears in your inventory. It could be anything from a block of dirt, a diamond, or a wooden hoe - it really is random. Suitable for solo play or with friends, can you build your way up from the isolated bedrock block to create a world worth living in?

A map poster highlighting some of the items you can be randomly given
What item will you get first?

Recommended Version: 1.14.4
Download Skyblock Randomizer Map:


You're trying to outrun some loan-sharks that are after you, so you sneak on to a random ship. 3 days later you wake up in the freezing cold of the Artic after the ship you were on crashed. It's freezing cold, you have no food, it's getting dark, and the landscape is very barren. Recommended as a multiplayer map but suitable for solo play, the creator has set out a long list of challenges for you to complete. Do you have what it takes to survive?

A screenshot of the map with a solitary sheep centred in the middle of an icy ocean
Sure is cold and lonely out here. At least you have sheep!

Recommended Version: 1.12.2
Download ARCTIC Map:

Le Monde

This absolutely stunning map is a massive 16,000 x 14,000 blocks and is filled with custom biomes and places to explore. Perfect to play solo or with friends, this will turn your normal survival experience into a continuously awe-inspiring experience.

A render showing the full map from above
A sky view of the entire map

Recommended Version: 1.8 (An edited 1.14 version is also available on the page)
Download Le Monde Map:

Captive Minecraft

A super unique survival map based on you being, well, captive. You begin the map in a 1 block wide world border, and your goal is to expanded the world border to you can explore further. How do you do that? Well, the more Minecraft achievements you complete, the more of the world you have access to. Suitable for solo play or with friends, this is a fun twist on classic survival!

A screenshot showing the first world border that you're stuck inside before completing any challenges
That's all the space you get to start with

Recommended Version: 1.11
Download Captive Minecraft Map:

Best Parkour Maps

Parkour Spiral 2

This map is packed full of content including custom music, lots of different biomes and various challenging styles of parkour throughout. Suitable for any number of players, so challenge your friends to a race to the top!

A screenshot showing the map from a distance, with the pillar spiralling into the sky
Almost enough spirals to make you dizzy

Recommended Version: 1.12.2
Download Parkour Spiral 2 Map:

Coloured Parkour

It's parkour, but you can't see the blocks you're jumping to. If it sounds difficult, well, it's because it is. This one's for people looking for a real challenge; can you complete it? Best enjoyed solo, but you could play with friends too!

A screenshot of the map displaying a portion of the parkour
Where do you jump to next?

Recommended Version: 1.14.2
Download Coloured Parkour Map:


The simple and clean design paired with the unique style makes this map really enjoyable time trial or competition between friends. The idea is simple, the further into the map you get, the faster you get. By the end of the map you're doing parkour at incredible speeds!

A poster of the map using the same logo as Flash, the DC Comics superhero
The map poster with the superhero Flash's logo

Recommended Version: 1.12.2
Download Flash Map:

Parkour Paradise

There's 100 different levels to beat, with lots of different themes, parkour styles and fun little details. The levels start easy, but the further into the map you get, the harder they become. You can enjoy this map solo or with any number of friends!

A screenshot from the map showing a sky view of each parkour level
A sky view showing all of the different levels and styles

Recommended Version: 1.15.2
Download Parkour Paradise Map:

Flood Escape

This brilliant map really puts you to the test. It has a custom resource pack, multiple difficulty settings, a looming threat and even a working elevator. You're in a factory and there's toxic water flooding in, parkour your way to the top faster than the water is rising to avoid certain death! The map is great for solo play or with friends.

A screenshot from the map showing the toxic water rising through the factory
The toxic water slowly rising from the bottom of the factory

Recommend Version: 1.15.2
Download Flood Escape Map:

Best Puzzle Maps

Secret Rooms

The map is split into 5 levels, and in each level there are 5 artefacts that you need to find. Sounds easy, right? Well, each artefact is cleverly hidden in its own unique way, so it's not as simple as it sounds! Figure out the tricks and find the hidden spots to complete the map. You can do this solo or with any number of friends.

A screenshot from one of the levels of the puzzle maps showing a room inside a castle
This castle dining hall hides a lot of secrets

Recommended Version: 1.11.2
Download Secret Rooms Map:

Shadow Runner Deluxe

This awesome puzzle map is inspired by the video game Portal, and has a texture pack to match! With 17 puzzling chambers to work your way through, you'll have to figure out its custom forcefields, time looping, and more. This map is only suitable for solo play, which means it's all up to you to figure out!

A screenshot from the puzzle map showing one of the puzzle rooms with custom items and a custom resource pack
The custom resource pack and custom items are on full display

Recommended Version: 1.14.2
Download Shadow Runner Deluxe Map:

Confusing Cubes

In the words of the creators, this map is bound to test your knowledge, stamina, and sanity! Work your way through a series of 15 increasingly difficult to escape cubes solo or with friends and figure out who trapped you in the first place.

A screenshot from one of the map levels. A nether portal inside of a red cube.
The map is split into 15 of these cubes, all with different escape methods

Recommended Version: 1.14.2
Download Confusing Cubes Map:

Don't Take Damage

The name almost says all you need to know. Your goal is to work  your way through 8 levels, all you have to do in each is find a wooden button. But there's a catch: you only have half a heart, and if you take any damage, you die. This map is only suitable for solo play.

A poster for the puzzle map showing an above view of the map with the map name edited onto it
An above view of the 8 different level boxes

Recommended Version: 1.12.2
Download Don't Take Damage Map:

Which Doesn't Belong

This map has a super simple concept and it's all based on putting your Minecraft knowledge to the test. Work your way through a series of levels, each level faces you with a variety of Minecraft items, blocks, or mobs, and it's up to you to figure out which one doesn't belong.

A screenshot from the map showing one of the levels with a block of sand, a dragon egg, an anvil, and a crafting table
Just click a button to find out if you're right

Recommended Version: 1.12.2
Download Which Doesn't Belong Map:

That's it! 34 of the best Minecraft maps of all time all in one convenient spot.
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