Palworld by PocketPair hit over 19 million players in just two weeks. Players have since embraced modding to customize their gameplay and reduce frustration with certain mechanics.

Although Shockbyte servers don't support Palworld mods, some client-side mods, like the "Palworld Map Unlocker Mod," still work, and we'd love to showcase some of the amazing content created!

Palworld Pokeballs

Below are some of the most popular Palworld Mods available Now!

Whether you plan on playing modded Palworld using Nexusmods or Curseforge, you'll require one of these great mod-collection archives to best download and install mods directly. For mods that are client-side, feel free to take them over to a Shockbyte server and enjoy their benefits with friends!

Palworld Mod UI Mod

Play as Zoe Mod

Ever since Palworld's release the fan favorite character Zoe has widely taken the community by storm, and thus many community mods revolve around her participation in a player's playthrough. Players who wish to take on the more RPG element of the game and play AS Zoe would love this mod, allowing them to fully embody Zoe on her journey to become the best trainer in the entire Pal-World. Things will only be a little awkward when you take on the Syndicate Tower Gym.

Palworld Zoe Mod

Enhanced Graphical Visuals Mod

There are many simple changes that players can make to their settings within the actual settings of the game to adjust the look and appearance of the world around them, but many do not sharpen the clarity of the game on their own (or not by much). The Enhanced Graphical visual mod actually disables a wide variety of visual pain-points within Palworld and enhances many others, increasing many QoL options such as draw distance, character models, foliage, and much more.

Enhanced Visuals Palworld Mod

Palworld Map Unlocker Mod

One of the most annoying parts of early-game Palworld is being unable to see the map around you and being required to explore the entire world to see it update on your map. Adding to the annoyance during multiplayer, when people in your party explore the map, it doesn't even update the map for all players in the party. Instead of dealing with this headache involved, take the easy way out by simply using the Palworld Map Unlocker Mod! It doesn't feel like you're getting an unfair advantage either as the map doesn't provide you with anything other than a nice QoL add-on.

Palworld Map Unlocker

Palworld Mod Config Menu

The best way to install mods into your Palworld game is to use Nexusmods or Curseforge as we've linked above, but managing your currently installed mods can be confusing if you are using multiple at the same time. The Palworld Mod Config Menu can also be used to modify other pieces of your in-game UI such as server buttons and many other settings, but primarily allows players to see, reset, and manage all of the mods they currently have installed at one point in time.

Palworld Modding Ui

Less Restrictive Building Mod

The currently building system in Palworld forces players to build on not only even-ground, but also has strict building limits on placement of working-areas such as the Quarry and the Palbox. Any amount of terrain height difference can significantly disrupt the creation of your guild base, preventing you from placing any building blocks or even foundation. Fortunately with less restrictions your building rules are entirely lifted, allowing you to create the most diabolical of architecture nightmares.

Palworld Building Restrictions
That looks like a good start to a base!

Palworld Palcraft Mod

When Palworld was released an iconic mod was released quite quickly after to entirely redesign the world into the Pokémon universe, retexturing each Pal to be their equivalent Pokémon as well as many items. Instead of simply playing Palworld as Pokemon however, what if we wanted to play Palworld as a Shockbyte favorite...? Such as Minecraft perhaps? Introducing Palworld Palcraft! The Palcraft mod doesn't actually change anything about the game itself, but it does change all of the visuals to those iconic Minecraft looks you can't get enough of.

Palworld Minecraft

Infinite Weight In Camp Mod

The Infinite Weight in Camp mod brings something to the game that might be one of the biggest quality of life changes any longtime Palworld player could ever ask for. The worst feeling ever is lugging around a full-weight inventory full of stone, wood, or items around camp at a snail's speed trying to move them between work-stations or chests. Launch players may even remember when a full weight would prevent you from moving at all! Forget all that and get back on the move while in your camp, just like it should be!

Palworld Weight

Palworld Creative Menu

With Palworld still easily reaching well over 100k players daily on Steam, there is a wide variety of players with varied interests who may want to create things within their Palworld games. Not only that, but among the 100,000 players there likely are many content creators who are looking for easy ways to create content for other Palworld enjoyers and without a true "creative mode" in place, the Palworld Creative Menu mod is just the thing! Working exactly like a Minecraft creative mode, this mod provides easy-access to everything in the game!

Palworld Creative Menu

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