The release of Skyrim Together servers has brought rethinking Skyrim builds to brand new heights. With large parties absolutely anything can be achieved and brand new combinations of abilities and teams can be formed.

What powerhouse of a race and class will you choose to fight back to back with your friend group? Or will you be using a server to speed-run a plotline, requiring an entirely different set of skills. The new possibilities are endless in Skyrim Together Reborn.

Skyrim Together Races

Unique Race Powers

One of the most unique parts of each race in Skyrim is their unique racial powers that provides them an ability throughout the game that no other race will ever get throughout the course of their entire playthrough. These abilities can range from incredibly useful, to situationally impactful, to an absolute complete catastrophe. There are ten total in Skyrim Together, perfect for a top ten list!

Skyrim Dark Elves - 10

Dark Elves are among the coolest races to ever be created in Dungeons and Dragons or Roleplaying lore, but unfortunately in Skyrim they absolutely got the short end of the stick. Their racial ability, Ancestor's Wrath, surrounds them with fire for 60 seconds dealing peanuts for damage and not much else. It is by far the most underwhelming ability out of all the racial abilities out there.

Skyrim Dark Elves

Skyrim Breton - 9

The Breton have a racial ability that actually sounds quite powerful on paper, but does not function as well in person. The Breton's racial ability of "Dragonskin" absorbs 50% of magicka from all incoming spells for 60 seconds, which sounds great but also requires the player being hit by spells. Recharging magicka is wonderful, but getting hit by a ton of spells is a quick way to get yourself killed.

Skyrim Breton Race

Skyrim Khajit - 8

Everyone's favorite cat-people, the Khajit race gets among the least helpful racial abilities imaginable, allowing them night-vision toggle-able for a total of 60 seconds each day. This is usually simply avoided by players by changing their gamma settings instead of actually using the ability, but it exists regardless. The Khajit however still take a lower spot than the other two due to their unarmed affinity being more useful in endgame Skyrim builds than the other two races.

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Skyrim Argonian - 7

We've started to get into racial abilities that while still aren't great, still serve an overall decent purpose. This one is most definitely included in that description, healing 10x the usual amount of natural health regeneration. While this can be helpful to tanky builds, or even omni-tank builds where players are regularly taking and dealing damage, it isn't much healing and will quickly be forgotten.

Skyrim Argonian

Skyrim Redguard - 6

The Redguard suffer from the same concept as the Argonians in that their abilities are minorly helpful but are such a miniscule number that they quickly become neglected. Many players intentionally ditch their racial abilities if they are a Redguard or Argonian for these exact reasons as they are too minorly impactful to actually remember to use. Redguards, instead of health, restore stamina 10x faster for 60 seconds which can also be helpful situationally, but does not make very much of an impact.

Skyrim Redguard Races

Skyrim Wood Elf - 5

The Wood Elf is a very unique race, allowing the racial ability "Command Animal." This ability does exactly as expected, allowing the player to make any animal an ally for 60 seconds, which can be extremely helpful under the circumstances you are in the wilderness outdoors, although a large percentage of fights in Skyrim are either indoors, or in dungeons, making this much less helpful. It is however, incredibly cool to tame a snow wolf, or massive bear to your side.

Skyrim Wood Elf

Skyrim Imperial - 4

Skyrim Imperials are getting much closer to the usual "human" class archetype but this human archetype apparently has a strong influence over other humans around them with their "Voice of the Emperor" ability. This ability is actually the reverse of the "good on paper" concept, in that it appears bad, only affecting humans in a world full of mythical creatures and monsters galore. It is however great, as there are hundreds if not thousands of human encounters in stories and quests.

Skyrim Nord - 3

Nords have an extremely similar ability to the Imperial, releasing a roar in a similar fashion that impacts hostiles in the surrounding area with a debuff. This will temporarily change their AI for 30 seconds (just like "Voice of the Emperor") but instead of calming them, the Nord will cause ALL enemies to be Frightened. This has many more uses in Skyrim, and impacts non-human enemies as well. This allows for survival in the wildness against monsters and wild animals too.

Skyrim Nord Race

Skyrim Orc - 2

In Skyrim the Orc race is by far one of the best races, as the unique race skill is absolutely incredible for a wide variety of builds. For both stealth builds and full-tank builds, the Orc's ability "Berserker Rage" allows the player to receive and deal double physical damage for 60 seconds, the perfect amount of time for an assassin to sneak into the enemy backline and eliminate their targets.

60 seconds is also a perfectly long time for a tank to hold the front while his party unleashes a volley of arrows and magical bolts overhead to deal with their foes. This is all considering you're playing Skyrim Together of course! (Because, why wouldn't you be!)

Skyrim Orc Race

Skyrim High Elf - 1

Unquestionably, the best possible race in Skyrim unless the player plans on using absolutely zero magic. High elves are able to use their personal ability Highborn, to VERY quickly restore a massive amount of their magicka pool, allowing them to unleash and unending flurry of magical abilities that absolutely no other class would be able to do under any other circumstances. Even at high level magics, High Elves will stand above the rest of magic users as supreme wielders of magic across Tamriel.

However, if a player is NOT interested in wielding any magic whatsoever; High Elf is absolutely not the number 1 slot for you. The personal ability will serve no purpose, with the Orcs, Nords, or Imperials being a much better choice for your spot in the party. Many players like to play a much more specialized role, and should enjoy their Skyrim Together Servers however they prefer!

Skyrim High Elf Race

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