Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a timeless classic of modern shooters, becoming an absolute staple of competitive gaming across the globe. The game has set a standard for how competitive games function both in online ranked formats and through tournament-play. With such a monumental game comes extremely high levels of play, including players memorizing every single part of the game for quick communication.

For longtime fans of shooters this will be no surprise, but callouts can be a gamechanger and in CSGO this is no different. Shockbyte is here to bring you absolutely everything you need to know about CSGO's competitive Dust 2 callouts and dedicated server hosting for players looking to practice their strategies

CSGO Dust 2 Callouts
Below will be some of the MOST important callouts you'll need to know.

Mid and Catwalk

Mid is the most obvious of all the callouts in the entirety of the map as it applies guessed it..the middle of the map. The dead center of the map features a long hallway promptly named "Mid". This hallway is the target of many early firefights and deadly shootouts between snipers at the very start of every round beyond the first pistol round.  Either throw a smoke before crossing, or you might lose your head!

To the right (or upper left!) of that is Catwalk. This little area is named specifically as it has a variety of views looking deeper into Counter Terrorist Spawn through the Double Doors, and is used as a way to get into the A site. The Catwalk also can see into lower tunnels, providing a good viewpoint for Counter Terrorists looking to prevent rotations.

CSGO Competitive Callouts

Double Stack, Big Box, and B Window

All of the following call outs are all on the B site and will be important to know as an attacker pushing into the site itself.

After attackers have thrown smokes and have made their way into the site they'll most likely not have to face the entirety of the enemy forces at once just yet meaning quick communication about enemy whereabouts is absolutely crucial. Determining if the enemy is holding an angle on Upper Tunnels through B Window will allow each of the attackers to shift attention and take down one of the only defenders currently on the point.

CSGO Dust 2 Callouts
Anyone not behind these areas might as well be called "out in the open!"

Close and B Closet

While using B Window or Big Box can be strong strategies for holding an angle on the tunnels, defenders may also take up unique positions to take attackers by surprise such as "Close" or B Closet. Many players are familiar with "B Car" which is the white car stationed in the corner of the B site, providing another piece of cover for defenders who choose to use it.  

Due to the nature of how hunkered in this position is though, attackers who discover this position may choose to rotate to the other site rather than approach the difficult situation.

Counter Strike Dust 2 Callouts

T Spawn and Outside Long

Since more recent updates there has been the addition of a blocking obstacle that prevents extremely early AWP kills into the round where Terrorists would fire at Counter Terrorists crossing between the doors to setup at the B point. This has since made early rushes down mid a much safer option than before and especially after previous veterans considered it a death zone, may open it up as a viable sneaking strategy as well.

This area tends to be the scene of gun fights late into rounds where Terrorists are saving their weapons. These can also see early fights when Counter Terrorists flank through mid to ambush Terrorists attacking through Long.

CSGO Dust 2 Callouts

A Long, Pit, and Blue

A few of these callouts may still come to surprise to seasoned veterans of CSGO, with the most unexpected ones being "Blue", "Long Corner", or "Pit Plat". These refer to the big blue shipping container outside long doors, the stone wall corner closest to A long, and far back area above pit, but away from long doors. These areas are much less well known and their callouts won't be heard nearly as much either.

The biggest callouts though will be "Pit" and "A Long", as that will be the primary areas of gunfights between rounds. A Long is generally where high-investment members will take scoped rifles and duel it out against opponents in hopes to secure long range engagements.

CSGO Dust 2 Tips

A Short and A Cross

There are a TON of callouts in this area known as many different names ranging from "Goose" to "Ninja" and "Elevator", but the biggest priority callouts are A-Short which is the connecting area from Catwalk to the A site. That area overlooks much of the A site and is usually used as a flank by Terrorists sneaking up on defending CTs.

Alternatively, the wide open area of road is called A-Cross due to it being a large crossing area that can be seen from many angles late into the match. This area almost requires a smoke grenade to cross in late stages of rounds depending on how far the Terrorists have pushed into the CT spawn. It may even require one for the Terrorists if CTs have taken up positions on A-Short or CT spawn themselves.

CSGO Dust 2 Competitive Callouts

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