DayZ was one of the first big players in the open-world Person-versus-Person genre of gaming. Releasing alongside such massive games like Rust (released only 5 days apart!), DayZ has become a classic for open world zombie survival games as well. If you like games such as Unturned or Project Zomboid, you're sure to love this one.

When a new player just starts out, there are so many unanswered questions that quickly come to mind:

  • how to build a fire
  • how to craft
  • how to build a base
  • (and for the unluckiest among us) how to fix a broken leg

We're looking to answer all of these and more to get you on your way to becoming the ultimate DayZ survivor!

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DayZ How to Build a Base

The best bases to occupy in DayZ are to live inside of an already existing warehouse rather than creating your own from scratch. These warehouses are commonly considered the largest spaces that are easy to protect and still able to drive cars into.

Using wooden fences, players are able to board up windows and walls in these warehouses as well as an entire door if they only want to use a single entrance. Requiring much less wood in order to board up these areas, warehouses give the best protection, biggest area, and most safety for the investment.

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DayZ Beginner Tips and Questions

There are a wide variety of other small questions many players are interested to know who just started playing. Here is a quickfire response to some of the most asked questions for new DayZ players:

  • How to Craft in DayZ

Crafting in DayZ is undergone by dragging a single item in your inventory onto another one, which then opens the corresponding crafting options for those two items. The full crafting list can be found on the DayZ wiki here.

  • How to Build a Fire in DayZ

First you must create a Fireplace Kit, which is done by combing some form of Kindling with natural Fuel. This could mean combining some paper (Kindling) with some Sticks (Fuel). Then place this Fireplace Kit, add additional sticks for fuel, and ignite it with a match. Voila! You have the power of man's red flower!

  • How to Fix a Broken Leg in DayZ

In order to heal a broken leg, players require time to heal and a splint. Splints are created by holding two sticks in your hands, then dragging rags or bandages onto the sticks. This will then allow you to fashion a makeshift splint and begin your healing process. Don't forget to actually apply the splint to your leg!

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  • How to get rid of Sickness in DayZ

Getting rid of most sickness works just like real life in DayZ. Eating well and drinking clean water will eventually cure almost every sickness in the game. To speed things up, most sickness are cured by Tetracycline pills and boosting your immune system with vitamins.

  • How to Build in DayZ

Building in DayZ works by creating kits of the items you wish to create. Creating a fence-kit or a fireplace-kit will allow you to add other materials to the final product and finally build the item. It can be a long and tedious process, but adds heavily into the realism of DayZ.

  • Is DayZ Crossplay?

Unfortunately not. DayZ servers are currently only intended for a single console each and the developers have made it clear that there are many more technical hurdles also preventing crossplay. Compatible voice chat and reporting systems being short examples.

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How to get guns in DayZ?

Getting guns becomes more and more important as time goes on in DayZ. Guns allow you to safely dispatch crowds of zombies and have peaceful negotiations with other players. Fortunately, there are many low level guns accessible very quickly for fresh spawns into the game.

One of the first places to check when just entering the game is nearby Docks and Police Stations. In any larger city, police stations regularly include handguns and potentially submachine guns. At Docks there is a chance that military-grade crates will spawn which can have all sorts of high-level military equipment inside.

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Games like DayZ

For new and old players it is always interesting diving into similar games, either to compare DayZ to, or to play instead! DayZ uses many open world survival mechanics shared by the widely popular games: Rust, Ark, Conan Exiles, and Project Zomboid. These games generally have a wide range of enemies to face with the most difficult always being other humans.

Zombie survival games that have similar looting and hunger mechanics include 7 Days to Die, Unturned, The Forest, and once again Project Zomboid. These games feature the same unforgiving mechanics of humanity, such as thirst, hunger, bleeding, disease, and many more. If you are already a fan of any of the above games, you are quite likely to enjoy DayZ, and vice versa!

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Enjoy the same first person zombie action of DayZ, in 7 Days to Die!

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