With the Minecraft 1.20 Update coming right over the horizon, everyone is eager to see the newest updates releasing to fill the void in the meantime. Fortunately the Minecraft 1.19.4 Update has now released, and is available for all to play right now!

Shockbyte has promptly updated our servers as well, allowing you to toggle-on the brand new experimental features available in the new world creation settings! For everything you need to know about that, checkout this knowledgebase link:

With a boatload of new content and interesting changes to old, there are a lot of new ways to play vanilla Minecraft, even online! Many of the simple visual updates added in the 1.19.4 update make Minecraft feel extremely fresh even playing some of the most recognizable minigames!

Minecraft 1.19.4 Experimental Features
New Potions Changes, Bug fixing for the Piglins, Combat, and so much more!

Minecraft 1.19.4 World Creation

One of the newest updates making a big impact in this update is the huge change to World Creation in Minecraft. The world creation screen that we've all come to know and love over the years has seen a massive overhaul, completely changing everything we thought we knew about starting a new survival world. Now each singleplayer survival world features three tabs at the top of the screen, allowing you to heavily customize your world in a few easy steps.

In the first two tabs will be all the most recognizable options for Minecraft veterans, besides the brand new experimental gameplay button that simply enables players to play on the newest snapshot of the game, and toggle on the experimental bundle item. The last tab though allows you to customize absolutely every little detail about the Minecraft world, by changing specifics within the Game Rules section.

Minecraft 1.19.4 World Creation

1.19.4 Minecraft Damage Tilt

One of the most amazing changes added in the Minecraft 1.19.4 update is the massive changes to the ever-bugged Damage Tilt feature in Minecraft. For the longest time in Minecraft, whenever a player takes damage, they would be wildly flung around like a sack of potatoes at random. This mechanic has been horribly disorienting, and added a randomness factor to PVP that contributed quite negatively to the competitive scene.

Now with the newest update, things are changing for the better, and Damage Tilt has been intentionally overhauled as a positive for the player. When players take damage, their screen will tilt in the direction of the damage, and they will bounce oppositely. This will quickly allow players to determine what direction they are taking damage to make faster decisions when exploring caves, fighting monsters at night, or being taken by surprise in PVP.

Minecraft Damage Tilt Gif

Piglin Hopper Bugfix

One of the many bug fixes included in this update made a change to an interaction that most Minecraft players probably didn't even know existed. As many players have actually experienced; In the Nether there are Piglin Bastions filled to the brim with opportunities for trading and chests of loot. These are the last bastions of hope for these Piglins, so they aren't too keen on players coming in and looting their chests. If a player breaks gold blocks or opens a chest near a Piglin, they will immediately attack you on sight to protect their territory.

The one thing many players did not know though is that when opening a hopper near a Piglin...nothing happens. As expected. Though weirdly enough, opening a Minecart with a hopper IN IT, would cause Piglins to be aggressive for some weird reason. This has since been removed in this update, and may go on as one of those funny untold quiz questions about Minecraft prior to the 1.19.4 Update.

Minecraft Bastion Piglins Screenshot

Minecraft Potion Update

The potion update has been long overdue in Minecraft with a few of the potions looking quite similar for a long time. After the update, we've seen an absolute overhaul to the look of each individual craftable potion, greatly distinguishing them from one another. The potion of Regeneration has seen the least of the changes due to it's widespread popularity making the purple hue a very familiar color for the community.

Other potions though have seen much bigger changes to fit more in line with expected tropes and medieval fantasy media. As an example of this, the potion of Strength is now a bright strong yellow color, alongside the potion of Health being an identifiable red color. This red color also directly matches the red of the player's health hearts, making it even more obvious at a quick glance. These changes should make the vanilla textures much better for PVP and fast paced situations.

Minecraft Horse Breeding Overhaul

In past versions of Minecraft, horse breeding was a tedious process that rarely resulted in better horses in the long run. Originally due to internal code, horse breeding would usually produce off-spring that was either equal-to or worse than it's parents, leaving horse breeders much to be desired. With the addition of the newest Minecraft update, this has entirely been overhauled to allow horse breeding to produce fruitful results much more commonly!

Stats such as max health and jump height are only a few potential goals of horse breeders, which can be highly capitalized upon with more time spent breeding. In the newest update: over the course of time, the average stats of horses will continually increase, eventually producing only the best of horses for your stables! We need a boss in the overworld to fight on horseback next!

Minecraft Horse Breeding Charts

Minecraft 1.19.4 Update Conclusions

Overall a lot of changes in this update seem generally minor in comparison to some of the bigger updates to Minecraft, but this update still looks to be one of the more impactful ones over the course of the next couple months. The potion update and world creation screen will be something Minecraft veterans will have to get used to as time goes on. The last addition left untouched in this post is the ability to now quick swap items! While also appearing minor, it may prove useful in the most dire of situations...

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