V Rising is a recently popularised vampire game still in alpha. Coming from the same creators of Battlerite: Stunlock Studios. The game features very similar PvP mechanics to Battlerite, but all of the exploration and growth of an RPG and the base building/raiding of a Rust game. An incredibly unique take on the modern RPG game genre.

There are plenty of things players are confused about as they start the game, with their choice of server being among the first. While the game can be played singleplayer, the best way to experience everything it has to offer is to get some friends and host a private PvE server. It could even be with us at Shockbyte!

V Rising Dedicated Servers

There are plenty of ways to play V Rising, and the official servers provide each of the following game modes:

  • Player versus Enemies Servers (No PvP Involved)
  • Player versus Player Servers (With parties of 1-4 allowed)
  • Player versus Player Duo Servers (With parties of only up to 2 allowed)
  • Player versus Player Full Loot Servers (Also, parties from 1-4 allowed)

Full Loot Servers are much more punishing than regular PVP servers. Normally, when you die, other players can only steal your items if they use a siege golem at your castle. In Full Loot servers, if you die, enemies are able to take everything from your inventory, even the clothes off your back!

V Rising Dedicated Server Game Mode PvE PvP
The best place to start is PvE on your own server, which Shockbyte can help with!

V Rising How-Tos

There are tons of questions new players have, as many of the game's mechanics are only briefly explained to the player. The following list is a quick-fire answer to the most asked "How to-" questions out there!

  • How to fish in V Rising

You can craft a fishing rod at the Woodworking Bench, and then find pools of fish in the wild. Click on it with your rod to cast your line, then when it splashes, click again to reel in the line for your catch.

  • How to get stone bricks in V Rising

Firstly, players must create the Grinder. All of the ingredients for the Grinder are easy to obtain, besides the Whetstones. The easiest way to get them is to craft them yourself after you defeat Grayson the Armorer. Once you have the Grinder, put at least 12 stone into it to create stone bricks and stone dust.

  • How to salvage in V Rising

In order to salvage items, you must first create The Devourer. You can obtain it after defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer. Toss items into it and receive back some of the materials required to make them. Great if you have lots of spare loot.

  • How to get iron in V Rising

Iron is scattered throughout the farmland, but not in the quantities you would hope. To get all the iron you need, you will have to visit the Haunted Iron Mine, only a short walk south of Meredith the Bright Archer.

Haunted Mine Location V Rising Shockbyte Private Server

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V Rising Resource Map

The map is an immeasurable help throughout the course of V Rising, helping you track marked V blood locations. Many helpful assets also exist online to guide you to resources such as cotton farms, militia camps, and mines.

For new players just getting a lay of the land, here are two links to great interactive maps you can use to survey the world of Vardoran:

V Rising Raiding

So, you're experienced with the game already and you're looking to conquer rival vampire bases. In order to actually destroy walls and begin your raid (as you normally would in any other PvP raiding game like Rust or Ark), you will need a siege golem.

Before we get into the specifics of the siege golem, you will first need to progress quite deep into the game. After upgrading their gear significantly, players who defeat Terah the Geomancer are rewarded with the siege golem stone recipe. It can be crafted at the Gem Cutting table with:

  • 200 Gem Dust
  • 200 Stone Bricks
  • 16 Scourgestone
  • 12 Greater Blood Essence
V Rising Raiding Siege Golem Beam

Once you use the siege golem to destroy a single wall of a base, you are then able to use explosives to knock down the rest of the walls (as you would in Rust). It's pivotal to only raid enemies while you have friends to protect you, as the siege golem is quite frail. Also note: if enemies destroy your siege golem with you in it, it will kill you as well.

V Rising Blood Key

Many players defeat the boss Solarus the Immaculate and wonder what the Blood Key does after crafting it. With Solarus the Immaculate being the closest to a "final boss" V Rising currently has, it most likely hints at future content which the key will unlock.

Fortunately, that does not spell the end of a V Rising run, as there is a wide variety of named bosses and mini-bosses to defeat scattered throughout the wild. Many players also source the PvP game modes as unending campaigns of V Rising due to servers being routinely wiped every so often (once again, like Rust).

V Rising Mods

Due to the game currently being in Alpha stages, the modding community is small. Despite its size though, it does exist! There are about 10 different helpful mods that add quality of life changes to V Rising. Most of these mods will prevent you from using official servers as well so keep that in mind whilst you have them installed as they will only currently be available for use in singleplayer gamemodes.

Here is the Nexus link to the current V Rising Mod Community:

V Rising Alt Wolf form Mods Private Server

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