5 August 2020
Free servers provided through the Shockbyte for Education Program, with the support of Open Solidarity Initiative

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA - 5 AUGUST, 2020 - Shockbyte Hosting, one of the largest Minecraft server hosts in the world, announced a new initiative that provides educators and instructors with free gaming servers to engage with their students remotely using the #1 most selling video game in history.

In the months since the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world, teachers have found themselves with the difficult challenge of staying connected with their students and educating them from home. According to the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, there are just under four million students1 enrolled in Australia, most of which would’ve been impacted by COVID-19 shutdowns. As a result, parents and teachers have found themselves with the difficult task of continuing to educate without the formal environments found in the classroom.

Shockbyte Hosting recognises the importance of supporting teachers during this time. Minecraft presents an opportunity for keeping students connected with each other and their teachers so that their education does not fall behind. With over 91 million monthly players, many students are already familiar with the game. This gives teachers a comfortable foundation to continue their lessons by using the literal building blocks and customisable sandbox environment of Minecraft. Enabling teachers to develop lessons that students can directly interact with in a way that is pertinent to their daily lives.

In partnership with OVHcloud as part of the Open Solidarity Initiative, the program will allow teachers, after-school club organisers, librarians, principals, professors, and other instructors to apply to receive a free Minecraft server.

“Welcoming Shockbyte into the Open Solidarity initiative is an important step and partnership to support the global community amid COVID-19. Open Solidarity is a collective, open act of digital solidarity that aims to provide technical solutions free of charge using OVHcloud infrastructures. The contribution from OVHcloud for the Education Program supports the efforts of Shockbyte, and of course our global customers.” Said Lionel Legros, General Manager Asia-Pacific at OVHcloud.

This will also include the support of a world-renowned server host, which instructors can use as a supplementary tool to their lesson plans.

Learn more and apply now at: https://blog.shockbyte.com/shockbyte-for-education/


1 ACARA - https://www.acara.edu.au/reporting/national-report-on-schooling-in-australia/national-report-on-schooling-in-australia-data-portal/student-numbers

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