Choosing a plan for your Minecraft server can be an overwhelming task, especially when Shockbyte gives you this many dedicated Minecraft server options. Fortunately, we give all these options to provide you all the power and customization of your very own Minecraft server. Whether you're a family playing Minecraft at home, or a streamer building their long-term community, Shockbyte is here to support your every step.

Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosting

Modern Minecraft Lag

Minecraft isn't what it used to be, and many modern computers will experience drops in FPS by simply playing the game nowadays. For how many updates the game has had, this simple mining and building game has an absolute TON of content and AI. This can lead to a massive amount of lag, and if your high-end computer lags while simply playing it...imagine the strain of running the server itself.

Running a dedicated Minecraft server (or any game server for that matter) requires varying amounts of RAM which decides (simply put) how much power you'll be giving your server. If you fight the Ender dragon with a stone sword, it won't be the best. That's like using a Dirt Plan of 1GB RAM. Instead, if you use an Enchanted Netherite Sword with Sharpness 5, and Firework Arrows. It could be entirely overkill. That's like using the Titan Plan of 16GB RAM.

Minecraft Server Hosting Plans
Look at all these options! The power is in your hands to decide your needs!

Put it all in Perspective

Now those situations were a little straight forward and weren't accounting for several factors. When a family plays Minecraft, they don't care how long it takes to beat the Ender dragon, or how much damage they deal. They are there for the fun of the fight, and the experience of being together, even if they are using stone swords. The Dirt, Sand, Cobblestone, and Iron Plans are all great choices for groups of families and friends just looking to enjoy Minecraft.

Our Iron 4GB RAM Plan is by far our highest purchased plan, and for good reason too. 4GB of RAM allows small numbers of players (perfect for friends and families of 1-10 players) to enjoy a lag-less Minecraft experience even if they are all exploring different dimensions at the same time. For the most Minecraft players this is the absolute go-to Minecraft server hosting plan you can rely on. At any time if your server continues to lag due to recent Minecraft updates or needing more RAM, you can always upgrade your server too.

Minecraft Server Hosting Exploration

This question comes up a lot in Minecraft server hosting communities, for several reasons. One reason is because of memes. Another reason is because players who are eager to get into server hosting really aren't sure how RAM directly can effect the gameplay. Just as the panel in the meme appropriately reply though, the recommended amount of dedicated RAM for a Minecraft server can significantly vary depending on the number of plugins and players.

If you have a higher player count, but aren't using any plugins, you may consider using a medium-strength server such as the Emerald plan of 8GB RAM. If you've got a massive community, and are looking to add a bunch of plugins on top of it all, then you'll need to consider a plan with double-digit GBs of RAM at minimum. When considering mods, consider them identically as you would plugins in terms of the pressure they put on the server.

Minecraft Server Hosting Plans
Use this as a general idea of how much RAM to choose for your Minecraft server hosting plan!

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Building a Minecraft Community

There are a lot of options when choosing to build your Minecraft community, when it comes to plugins for your Minecraft server, monetization options for your server, setting up admins, donations...the list goes on and on. Knowing which plan is the best for your community is the most important place to start, and judging your active player count from viewers on your videos can be difficult.

The Redstone plan is a good medium for many content creators, splitting cost and strength directly down the middle. Getting interaction online can be difficult for many creators, and only a small percentage of that interaction further become viewers of content. Beyond that, an even smaller percentage of that viewer base trickles down into players on community servers, so while it pays to invest in strength; be sure not to overcompensate for slots.

Minecraft Dedicated Server Village
Remember that at any time you can change your plan hassle free anyway with Shockbyte!

Minecraft Modded Servers

We've mentioned plugins a little already, but modded servers and servers with a TON of plugins are a beast of their own that deserve special consideration. Just as shown by the graphic above, adding a lot of mods and plugins can be sort of equivalent to adding a lot of players to a server, requiring a lot more RAM for the server to function. Depending on the mod, this can be more or less true, as some mods are significantly more RAM intensive than others. As a general rule though, the larger the mod, the more RAM it will require.

Speaking of larger mods, most players play modpacks on their servers anyway. Considering this is a larger collection of mods that generally includes several medium-to-large mods, depending on your player count you should probably consider only plans above 6GB RAM due to the requirements the modpack will put on the server. If you are playing with a medium-sized friend group, you'll want to consider a middle-ranged plan such as the 8GB RAM for the best gameplay experience.

Minecraft Dedicated Server Modding
Modpacks such as CrazyCraft have recommended starting plans of 8GB RAM minimum for a reason!

Minecraft Server Hosting Takeaways

Hosting your own dedicated Minecraft server can be a daunting task, and many modern PC setups can't handle running a server while playing at the same time. Leave it to Shockbyte Minecraft server hosting to handle the heavy lifting, and you can simply decide which plan you'll need to get the ball rolling. You've got all the information in your court now to make an educated decision, and if you experience any lag, you can always upgrade your plan at any time.

Shockbyte also features a 24/7 Support Team you can get in touch with at any time in case you run into problems you aren't sure about! If you ever experience lag or continual crashing, you can always reach out to Support and they are sure to get things working as quickly as possible.

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