Minecraft 1.21 has introduced a host of exciting updates, and one of the most thrilling additions is the Trial Chambers—a new underground structure filled with unique challenges. Within these chambers lurks a new adversary: the Breeze. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to defeat the Breeze and claim your rewards.


  • Find and Fight: Breeze spawns in Trial Chambers via special trial spawners surrounded by chiseled tuff blocks. Be ready for its unique wind charge attack and jumping movements.
  • Gear Up and Strategize: Equip good armor, a melee weapon, and a shield. Use water buckets or slow-falling potions to counter knockbacks and fall damage. Keep moving, chase the Breeze, and use the environment to your advantage.
  • Defeat and Loot: Upon defeating the Breeze, you’ll get valuable Breeze Rods for crafting.

Where to Find the Breeze

The Breeze can only be found within Trial Chambers, which are generated deep underground in the deepslate layers. Unlike other hostile mobs, the Breeze does not spawn in darkness; it emerges from trial spawners surrounded by chiseled tuff blocks.

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Upon approaching a trial spawner, it will activate and summon a hostile mob, possibly a Breeze. Be prepared, as each spawner can summon up to two Breezes in a single-player world. Once defeated, the spawner enters a cooldown period of 30 minutes.

Understanding Breeze’s Abilities

The Breeze is a unique mob that combines agility with a devastating ranged attack known as the wind charge. This projectile not only deals direct damage but also creates a burst of wind upon impact, knocking players back and potentially launching them into the air. Here’s what you need to know about its abilities:

  • Wind Charge: This attack can be deflected back to the Breeze if timed correctly. While the Breeze can also redirect projectiles thrown at it, it can't repel wind charges.
  • Jumping: The Breeze frequently leaps around the battlefield, making it difficult to pin down. It can jump up to 15 blocks horizontally and up to 5 vertically.
  • Environmental Interaction: The wind charge can activate buttons, levers, and trapdoors, potentially triggering traps and obstacles within the Trial Chambers.

Essential Gear for Fighting the Breeze

To effectively take down the Breeze, you’ll need a specific set of gear:

  • Armor: While it's not necessary, it will surely keep you protected. Diamond armor is recommended for its durability and protection. Enchantments are a plus but not necessary.
  • Melee Weapon: A sword is preferable due to its speed and compatibility with enchantments. Ranged weapons don't deal any damange to the Breeze.
  • Shield: Vital for blocking the wind charge and mitigating damage.
  • Food: Essential for health regeneration during the fight.
  • Water Bucket: Useful for countering the knockback effect and landing safely after being launched into the air.
  • Potion of Slow Falling: Helps prevent fall damage, though it might slow your movement.
  • Blocks: Carry extra blocks for creating cover and maneuvering through the chamber.

Strategy to Defeat the Breeze

The Breeze is actually not that hard to defeat. However, here are some strategic tips to ensure your victory:

  1. Keep Moving: Stay on the move to avoid wind charges. Side-stepping and keeping a shield up can prevent the Breeze from landing a hit.
  2. Chase and Corner: The Breeze's jumping ability can be a nuisance. Chase it down and try to corner it where its movement is limited.
  3. Time Your Attacks: Watch for the Breeze’s attack animation to dodge and counterattack. Hitting it during its wind charge animation can disrupt its attack.
  4. Use the Environment: The Trial Chambers provide plenty of cover and height advantages. Use blocks to create barriers or reach higher ground to gain a tactical edge.

What Does The Breeze Drop

Upon defeating the Breeze, you’ll receive 1-2 Breeze Rods, which can increase to up to 8 with a Looting III enchantment. These rods are crucial for crafting wind charge projectiles, the new mace weapon, and the flow armor trim, making them highly valuable for your adventures.


The Breeze is a somewhat challenging yet manageable foe in Minecraft 1.21, especially with the right preparation and strategy. We hope this guide helps you conquer the Breeze and fully enjoy the new Trial Chambers. Have any tips or experiences to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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