Some say SCP: Secret Laboratory is really just a chat room with a game attached. For many long-time fans of the game, the chat feature is why the game is so memorable. Like many other classic games, SCP is a game you tell crazy stories about to your friends, but at first glance it doesn't look very interesting.

The SCP: Secret Laboratory Patreon is where much of the content is posted, and this half-decade-old game is still getting updates! The game mechanics pale in comparison to AAA FPS modern games, but the communities that have formed around the game are irreplaceable. With the unique friends, strangers, and online communities surrounding this game, you can have endless fun in SCP: Secret Lab.

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SCP: Secret Laboratory Teams

There are three main factions in SCP Secret Lab:

  • Lab Personnel
  • Class Ds
  • SCPs

The Lab Personnel include the MTF, Security Teams, and Scientists within the facility. Their main objective is to contain the outbreak of the laboratory by killing all the chaos insurgency, Class D personnel, and escaped SCPs. In addition to this, at least a single Scientist must fully escape the compound.

Class Ds share the same win condition as the Chaos Insurgency in that a single Class D must escape the facility and all Lab Personnel must be eliminated. SCPs are the overarching enemy team, with their main goal being the elimination of every single player besides Chaos Insurgency. Once all Lab Personnel and Class Ds are eliminated, SCPs win the round.

SCP Secret Laboratory Multiplayer Alignments

SCP: Secret Laboratory What to Do

With the open sandbox of SCP: Secret Lab, you may be overwhelmed and not know how to proceed with your first attempts. If you have seen or played the original SCP games, your biggest goal (as a scientist or a Class D) is to escape from the facility by any means necessary.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. Deadly SCPs roam the facility and try to trap you here forever, so use your strength in numbers to avoid them as you ascend from the lower levels. Get the necessary keycards to open the facility further and escape out of the gate!

SCP Secret Lab Escape Courtyard Entrance
Use machines to upgrade your key card or survive long enough for help to arrive!

How to improve at SCP: Secret Laboratory

At the beginning of each round a lot of things vary depending on your luck. The scientists and Class D personnel usually only manage to survive the initial encounters with SCP due to their overwhelming numbers. The SCP are unable to eliminate every one of them running at the same time.

Understanding how each SCP works will provide you with the best way to fight back against them. Peanut for example cannot kill players who are looking at it, so if a whole room stares directly at him, there will be no issues. SCP-096 works completely oppositely. For understanding each SCP, study up on the wiki:

SCP Secret Lab Multiplayer Candy Bowl

How to eliminate enemies and SCPs

Fighting against your opposing teams in SCP: Secret Laboratory is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to human on human confrontations. Guns tend to take down a normal human quite fast and even faster when used on their head. Due to guns generally not having much recoil, landing headshots should be much easier than most first person shooters.

Despite not being able to headshot any of the SCPs normally, the plague doctor (SCP-049) can revive recently killed players, turning them into zombies (SCP-049-2). These zombies can be headshot and will fall extremely quickly to sustained fire.

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How to re-contain the SCPs

Not all of the SCPs can be recontained but a few actually can be (effectively killing them instantly).

  • SCP-106 AKA, The Old Man

The Old Man can be recontained by two humans who make it into the Heavy Containment Zone and then find the "Femur Breaker". One human will sacrifice their life inside the machine while the other presses the big red button on the wall. After 30 seconds of bloodcurdling screams across the intercom, SCP-106 will return to containment on their own (killing the SCP).

  • SCP-079 AKA, The Old AI

The Computer (as this SCP is more commonly known) is recontained by restarting each of the 5 generators that spawn across Heavy Containment. Using a weapon-tablet manager and a Tier 2 Access card, it will take about a minute to restart each. Once all 5 have been restarted The Computer will have exactly one minute until being overcharged, and recontained.

Alternatively once all other SCPs are recontained or eliminated, SCP-079 will be automatically recontained.

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The Decontainment Process and Alpha Warhead

While only 2 of the SCPs can be properly recontained through conventional methods, there is also two other ways to quickly eliminate SCPs (and remaining humans in the facility). After 11 minutes and 45 seconds the Light Containment Zone will be filled with corrosive gas, killing all players (human or SCP) inside.

Secondly, players can detonate the Alpha Warhead Nuke, killing all players in any part of the facility. This requires enabling the Warhead in Heavy Containment, and required permissions to access the Alpha Warhead room on the surface. Once the button is pressed on the surface, players will have 90 seconds to cancel it before detonation.

SCP Alpha Warhead Detonation Room Multiplayer

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