ICARUS is a survival PvE exploration game intended for a party of friends taking on challenging enemies, the environment of Icarus, and an unforgiving survival system in order to retrieve valuable items before escaping the planet once more. The game is known to be difficult at the least, and completely impossible at its worst. Does your party have what it takes to conquer the planet of Icarus and escape to return to Earth?

Overall the story of ICARUS is simple in that there existed another Earth called Icarus. This planet of course because horribly terraformed by humans before being plunged into an unlivable atmospheric nightmare filled with noxious gas and apex predators across the planet. After humans discovered valuable resources remained under all that death, your job is to return to the planet to fuel human greed and retrieve those resources called "exotics". You can keep some of the reward too...if you make it out alive....

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Similar to other titles in the Shockbyte archive of games, many modern survival exploration games benefit from having interactive maps for players to regularly update their progress with. ICARUS is no different, following in suite with games like Conan Exiles and VRising; where MapGenie features a wonderfully decorated interactive map of the Styx area within the game.

This interactive map highlights each and every boss encounter opportunity, nearby mission objectives, as well as caves of different tiers. Following along with an interactive map until you are familiar should make your ICARUS first time experience alongside your Shockbyte server a very smooth introduction to the otherwise unintuitive game.

Icarus Interactive Map
Checkout the MapGenie interactive map here!


For longtime fans of survival games such as Rust, Conan Exiles, or more extreme cases such as The Forest, the ICARUS video game is sure to scratch that same survival itch. ICARUS features some of the most recognizable survival traits around: Hunger, Thirst, and one you may see in a game closer to Subnautica: Oxygen. These are a player's lifeline and decide whether a player will continue their journey, or join the piles of bodies on the planet of Icarus.

Due to the planet's surface being eroded from human terraforming, leaving the atmosphere filled to the brim with poison gas, players must regularly find forms of Oxygen throughout their journeys to continually fill their supply. Failure to do so, or to keep up a character's food and thirst bars up will lead to a decisive game over.

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Storms are the regular breakup of the action across the planet of Icarus, forcing players into shelter at regular intervals depending on the biome. Players must be smart with their time, and prioritize gaining as much experience in the time between storms as possible in order to grow their characters and get to the higher tiers of crafting as quickly as they can. These storms can wreck havoc on character stats, and even be the leading cause of a character's death if shelter is not found.

Avoiding these storms is fortunately simple, as most forms of shelter provide efficient enough protection to weather the storm until it subsides. Finding a nearby cave will usually suffice, as long as you're able to produce a campfire within the cave to keep yourself warm. Building a home is the best way to avoid storms in ICARUS but weather can severely damage buildings, so players may find themselves in deeper trouble on their first few attempts.

ICARUS Storms and Homes

Will your party survive Icarus?

A large part of ICARUS is personal building and optimizing your strategy with each subsequent run. Many players will lose their first few attempts, and many will fail even some of the easiest missions across the game. That's okay! Try again, change tactics, grab your most trusted allies, and don't give up! There's quite a lot of money on the line back on Earth for those valuable resources too...

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