For fans of highly competitive shooters with intricate leaning and gunplay systems, look no further than Insurgency: Sandstorm! This intensely realistic modern team-fight shooter has all the teamwork required of professional esports CSGO matches, with the chaos and unique angles of attack of Rainbow Six: Siege. Alongside the absolutely fantastic gunplay though, players can fully customize their characters on both "Security" and "Insurgents" along with thousands of unique weapon loadouts to bring into battle with them.

Determine whether to load up on Armor with reduced mobility, or to pack light and travel fast, all to optimize your battlefield performance. Use this battlefield expertise to dominate a wide variety of game modes, whether that be PVE with friends, or PVP to test your mettle. Ordinarily playing on official servers is the only way to play the "competitive" game mode, but that would be very restricting, and wouldn't allow for any server modding or adjustments. Take the rules into your own hands and startup an Insurgency: Sandstorm server yourself today!

Modded Insurgency Sandstorm
Start up your own Insurgency: Sandstorm server to try out tons of modded maps today!

Is Insurgency Sandstorm Crossplay?

Short answer is: unfortunately no. Just like Shockbyte's Insurgency: Sandstorm servers, the game is only crossplatform between Steam and Epic Games versions, as well as players on the same console type already (PS4 to PS5 etc.) While this is a shame, it keeps the competitive integrity of the game intact in competitive environments as well as allows modding to remain consistent per console the server is being hosted for. If the game were fully crossplatform, modding would most likely be much more difficult to implement due to technological difficulties.

Fortunately however, even if you're new to PC gaming from other consoles, you're sure to find a comfortable home playing Insurgency Sandstorm. There are tons of PVP game modes for players of all levels with the fan favorite Push game mode being extremely similar to Rush in the Battlefield franchise. If you're feeling like doing a bit of aim training, you could always sit back and take down waves of bots on your personal server as well in any one of the PVE game modes with friends.

Insurgency Sandstorm Push Game Mode

Does Insurgency Sandstorm have a Campaign?

Again, the answer is: unfortunately no. Insurgency: Sandstorm took a similar but controversial route to Overwatch 2, scrapping a fully-fledged campaign mode to focus on player-driven experiences. Insurgency Sandstorm has the ability to drive story creating experiences by gameplay alone, similar to that of Battlefield, which is where the developers wanted to hone their attention and provide the greatest assets to the players.

This can be felt in every aspect of the game, from character creation minor changes impacting your speed based on the weight of the items you bring into battle with you; to the usage of gas masks and smoke grenades throwing combatants into coughing fits in crowded spaces. Every minor detail players are used to has undergone a lengthy journey to finalization and while the campaign game mode was at it's expense, player are now left with an irreplaceable PVP experience.

Insurgency Sandstorm PVP

Insurgency Sandstorm Modding

One feature of almost all Shockbyte servers we are proud to provide is our expansive access to modding! Whether you're an experienced game modder, or brand new to the scene, mods fulfil the exact concept of, "Variety being the spice of life." Mods allow players to tackle a game from brand new angles and enjoy it with a brand new experience, so why not find a few your firefight group can agree on and get a server started?

One of the most unique ways mods are able to bridge the gap between veterans of different games is through cross-game map modding! As an example, for Insurgency Sandstorm alone, modders have been able to port over a handful of Insurgency 2014 maps, Operation Metro and Noshahr Canals from Battlefield 3, and even the Willamette Parkview Mall from Dead Rising! With plenty more options of ways (and places) to play, everyone is sure to enjoy themselves.

Insurgency Sandstorm Noshahr Canals Battlefield 3 Modded Map
Something about playing maps of different games inside an entirely separate game feels magical.

About Shockbyte

Shockbyte is a game server host for Insurgency: Sandstorm, CSGO, Rust, and more.

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