The Caves & Cliffs update brings a lot of cool new features and content to Minecraft! Items ranging from glow berries to raw iron are being added. New mobs like glowing squids and goats are also making their way into your Minecraft world!

Cool New Mobs!

Three new mobs are being added: axolotl, goat, and glow squid.

Colorful Axolotl Minecraft 1.17 Caves Update
Axolotls come in several colors and can survive both on land and in water.


This cute little fella only spawns in complete darkness. It is the first amphibian in Minecraft! If you want your own Axolotl make sure to bring a water bucket so you can scoop it up and take it home.

Minecraft Goats Ramming Snowy Mountains Goat Milk
Goats are helpful guides when treading the treacherous mountains.


When exploring mountains make sure you keep an eye out for goats! If you’re feeling a bit thirsty, take a bucket and collect some goat's milk! But we don’t recommend drinking it, that would be gross, instead you should make some cake.

Minecraft New Mobs Glowsquid 1.17 Vote Caves and Cliffs
Glow Squids swimming in an underground water pocket.

Glow Squid

A glow squid behaves like a regular squid but it glows. If you find yourself needing glow ink sacs, we highly recommend hunting down glow squid because they are the only mobs to drop glow ink sacs. Don’t waste your time killing anything else.

Blocks, Blocks, Blocks!

There are a lot of new blocks being added to Minecraft in the first Caves & Cliffs update. So much that we won’t have time to explain every single one! Here are the main cool blocks being added to Minecraft.


A new metal is now available! You can find copper out in the world like you would with diamonds, iron, coal, etc. One cool thing about copper is that it changes color over time. Oxidization! That means the air makes it turn green.

Deepslate & Deepslate Ore

A new block that is only found between heights 0 and 16. You can only mine it with a silk touch pickaxe and it takes twice as long! They look different than regular stone and ore.

Powder Snow

Be careful when exploring mountains as there is a new snow block. On powder snow, if you are not wearing your leather boots, you will start sinking in. If you end up inside a powder snow block, you will become super cold and start freezing to death, literally.

Lightning Rod

You can harvest the power of lightning! Any lighting that strikes within 32 blocks of a lightning rod will be redirected to the lightning rod. When lightning strikes the rod, it gives off a redstone signal.


You can place up to four candles on one block. You can also dye candles up to 16 colors! You can also place them underwater! But you cannot light them underwater, because water and fire don’t mix.

Glow Item Frame

You can make your item frames glow now. By using a glow ink sac from the glow squid, you can create a glow item frame.

Minecraft 1.17 New Blocks Amethyst and More
The new blocks and items in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update Part 1


There are some exciting items finding their way into Minecraft!

Amethyst Shard

You can get amethyst shards from breaking amethyst clusters that spawn in the world. This new item can be used to craft tinted glass, spyglasses, and blocks of amethyst.


With the new amethyst shard, you can create a spyglass and spy on your friends from across the world! Who doesn’t love looking through their neighbor’s window from 1000 feet away. The spyglass can zoom in too!

Copper Items

With the introduction of copper, there are a lot of items to go along with it. There are copper ingots, copper ore, and raw copper ore.

Glow Berries

You can pick glow berries! They don’t make you glow though. But they do restore 2 hunger.

World Generation

There are two new things that will generate in your Minecraft world: Amethyst Geodes and Azalea Trees.

Amethyst Geodes

You can find these underground, close to sea level. They contain blocks of amethyst and budding amethyst blocks. Get your amethyst shards here!

Azalea Tree

These pretty trees generate above lush caves. They look like regular trees but they have pretty leaves!

Discover with your friends!

The latest update from Minecraft comes with exciting features to explore. But a lot of these can only be found underground which can be very challenging to find on your own.

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