After release of the Minecraft 1.19.4 update that included Experimental Features, it has only teased the public even further of Minecraft's next upcoming huge entitled "the Trails and Tales Update". This update so far is looking incredibly promising with some of the most exciting features being simple additions like mechanical bookshelves all the way up to brand new mountable mobs! For the entire rundown of what's to come in the Minecraft 1.20 Update, look no further than the Shockbyte Blog!

For many of these upcoming features, they are currently playable in the most recent update to Minecraft by simply enabling "Experimental Features" when you start a new Minecraft world in the "More" section, although there are most likely many unannounced Minecraft features still to come that the public is yet to see regarding the 1.20 update. For Bedrock players, to enable these Experimental features and play with them on your dedicated Shockbyte Minecraft server, checkout this knowledgebase article:

Minecraft 1.20 Experimental Features Multiplayer
What the Sniffer doin'?

Minecraft 1.20 Armor Trimming

One of the best additions to Minecraft despite it's lack of practical use is the ability to trim your armor! Trimming armor in Minecraft is not only an extremely expensive process, but a tedious one as well, requiring exploration across the entirety of the Minecraft world to collect the wide assortment of armor trim designs. One trimmed, armor does not change in strength, but this will allow players to completely customize their gear in end-game Minecraft more than ever before.

Minecraft Trimmed Armors
Left to Right: Amethyst trimmed Netherite, Gold trimmed Iron, Netherite trimmed Diamond Armor

Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Blossom Biome

The long awaited Cherry Blossom biome is finally coming to Minecraft along with it's stunning new cherry blossom animations, brand new wood options, and an almost guaranteed spawn for bees! While the biome itself does not bring anything revolutionary to Minecraft, the scenery and wood it provides are some of the most aesthetically pleasing in the entire game leading it to be one of the absolute best places to settle down in your next Minecraft world.

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Home

Minecraft Update Adding Bamboo

Bamboo is among one of the many new "Wood Types" being added to Minecraft alongside the Cherry Planks, adding even further customization to Minecraft homes. This gives Bamboo much more use than it further had before, allowing it to be used to create signs, doors, planks, stairs, and all the regular wood components that it originally could not. The design is also extremely classy, fitting the RPG appeal of any waterside abode.

Minecraft Bamboo Home

New Minecraft Mobs!

There are two major new mobs entering the fray in this update, both of which will be massively changing the way we play Minecraft. Among these two mobs is the Camel, a uniquely ridable mount able to carry 2 players; the first of it's kind! It can also jump short distances forward to leap over ravines in the desert, and is most definitely going to lead to some of the best Minecraft minigames to come.

The second, and an extremely promising Minecraft the Sniffer! The winner of the mob vote will finally be entering the game in the Minecraft 1.20 Update and will be bringing ancient seeds alongside their addition! Currently they have only brought the "Torchflower" into the game with them, which can only be used to create orange dye and breed more Sniffers, but...there is likely more seeds to come!

Minecraft Camel and Sniffer
Hopefully your Camels and Sniffers will be more cooperative!

Minecraft 1.20 Update Release Date

In October of 2022, the Minecraft community was plastered to our phones, consoles, and screens as we watched Minecraft Live announce the changes for the 1.20 Update. After each of the small announcements, we were teased a 2023 release date without any other definite details, leaving the community to ponder a more specific timeline. Under current trajectory, the Minecraft community predicts to see the Minecraft 1.20 Update release in June of 2023, with still a few additions yet to be seen.

Minecraft 1.20 Update Release Date
The 1.20 Release Date is right over the horizon; with more features still to come!

Minecraft Adding Archeology

Archeology has been a topic of heated discussion in the Minecraft community since it's first appearance during the Minecraft Live, leading even some to believe the Minecraft Mob Vote was rigged. The reason for this has been due to an overwhelming theme of "ancient cities" and life in which the Sniffer was included as part of the lore. Temples have been a part of Minecraft for a long time now, even being incorporated heavily into Speed-run strategies, but they will now see an even wider appeal for the casual player with the addition of Archeology.

Across temples can be found a hardened sand called "Suspicious Sand" that can be brushed using a (believe it or not..) brush, to find a pot shard. Normally these decorated pots can be created using 4 bricks and creating a diamond shape on a crafting table, but if 4 identical pot shards are used instead, they create an ancient decorated pot! These pots are very stylish and add to any nicely decorated home!

Minecraft Archeology Ancient Pots

Minecraft 1.20 Netherite Changes

The Netherite changes being made in the upcoming update are huge, making upgrading to Netherite armor requiring significantly more diamonds (or significantly more exploring). It no longer requires only Netherite ingots, although it still does, but it primarily requires a brand new item called a Smithing Template. This Smithing Template can be found in Piglin Bastion chests rarely, and can be duplicated once found, but at an extremely steep price of 7 diamonds per Template.

On the contrary, the price of Netherite ingots is now extremely cheap, only requiring a single Netherite ingot to upgrade each individual piece of gear at the Smithing Table. This change alongside the Armor Trim changes makes armor upkeep potentially one of the most costly expenses in the game, which is a very new change to Minecraft as a whole.

Minecraft 1.20 Netherite Upgrade

Other Currently Known Additions in 1.20

There are a handful of other exciting additions coming in the next update, that are worth quickly mentioning:

  • Chiseled Bookshelves, for redstone contraptions and book storage
  • Hanging Signs, for RPG towns and beautiful cities
  • Creative Inventory, is being recreated, to provide more obvious options and access directly to the command block
  • New Mob Heads, including the ability to attach them to note blocks to produce their appropriate sounds. As an example, the Creeper's head produces the well known Hisss we've all come to fear, so prank your friends!

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