Existing customers of Shockbyte will not be affected by the upcoming price increase.

Dear Shockbyte Community,

My name is Mitch Smith - I am the CEO & Founder of Shockbyte. I am here to share some important news regarding our Minecraft server pricing.

Starting June 3rd, 2024, Shockbyte’s pricing for Minecraft servers on our Multicraft control panel will increase from $2.50 per GB per month to $2.99.

Shockbyte has never increased pricing in the entire 11 year history of the company, so I am writing this blog post to share why this is necessary, and why now is the right time.

Why we are increasing prices

For 10 years, Shockbyte has been offering Minecraft server hosting for $2.50 per GB of RAM per month.

In this time, Shockbyte has grown from a one-person company with only a handful of customers, to one of the largest and leading game server providers globally with multiple offices around the world, a 100-person team and almost 1 million customers.

Throughout this time, despite significant inflation and considerable increases in the expense of providing our service, we have continued to offer our lowest pricing of $2.50 per GB.

This means our margins have been getting thinner and thinner over the years. It is inevitable for any type of business to eventually increase prices due to these reasons.

However, the most important reason we are making this change is because we are an incredibly ambitious company. We are extremely passionate about game servers and are driven to innovate within the industry and are committed to creating the most superior service.

Behind the scenes we have been investing heavily into many upcoming projects that we believe will completely rebuild the industry and set new standards for game server hosting.

Shockbyte is building the next generation of game server hosting

You may not have seen many updates from Shockbyte recently, but that is because we have been fully focused on building the next generation of game server hosting.

We have been quiet, but now that we’re getting close to launch and are ready to start sharing what we are working on.

Introducing the Shockbyte Control Panel

The most powerful game server control panel, now in Beta.

About a month ago, we announced the Shockbyte Control Panel - our very own game server control panel, built and designed by Shockbyte.

We’ve had the best people in the industry working on this project and we truly believe it is the most powerful, easiest to use, fastest and most beautiful control panel that exists for game servers - and we are committed to continually improving it. There is simply nothing that compares.

The new control panel is already available to try - you can join the Beta today.

We are bringing new technology to Minecraft servers

You can read about the new features, and how fast it is on our website - they are industry leading. But for me, the most impressive part is the underlying technology. It’s hard to share this in our marketing, but as CEO I’ll share it here - we’ve built a cloud-style backend using modern technology which allows for many more capabilities that simply weren’t possible before.

We have so many ideas for how we’ll use this technology - but as an example, servers are no longer tied to one physical node, meaning if your server had an outage it can now just boot back up on a new node automatically.

We also now have the capability of pooling storage. This opens possibilities for things such as truly unlimited storage space - we can break physical limitations because servers can now access resources from many machines - not just the one physical server.

The possibilities are endless, and we will continue to build new functionality into our control panel using the latest technology available.

Dashboard for the new Shockbyte Control Panel.

Our Commitment to Shockbyte Customers

We deeply value the loyalty and support of our customers. For all servers purchased before the price increase takes effect, we will grandfather you under the current pricing.

This means if you are an existing customer of Shockbyte, you will continue to enjoy your current rates without any changes. You will also be free to upgrade and downgrade your service at the same grandfathered rate. The new pricing will only apply to purchases of new servers.

We are committed to building the best game server hosting platform and we are excited to share this next chapter of game servers with you.

Shockbyte attends Gamescom Asia in Singapore.

Best regards,

Mitch Smith
CEO & Founder


Q: Will my current rate change?
A: No, existing customers will continue to enjoy their current rates without any changes. The new pricing will only apply to new server purchases.

Q: Can I still upgrade or downgrade my current server at the grandfathered rate?
A: Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your current server at the grandfathered rate. The new pricing only applies to new server purchases.

Q: Will the pricing for other games change as well?
A: No, the pricing for other game servers will not change. The price increase only applies to Minecraft servers. We have not updated our Minecraft pricing in 10 years, whereas most other games have been launched only within the last few years at Shockbyte.

Q: Why are you increasing prices now?
A: The costs of maintaining and improving our services have increased significantly. The new pricing will help us continue to provide high-quality services and innovate in the game server hosting industry.

Q: When will the new pricing take effect?
A: The new pricing will take effect on June 3rd, 2024.

Q: What about pricing for servers in Asia Pacific?
A: Minecraft servers in the Asia Pacific region (Australia, Singapore, India) are already priced higher at $5.00 per GB. This price will remain the same.

Q: What new features can we expect with the price increase?
A: We are excited to roll out many new features and projects in the near future. The first major announcement we are excited for is our brand new, custom-built Shockbyte Control Panel.

Q: Does this pricing apply to both Multicraft and the new Shockbyte Control Panel?
A: Pricing for servers using the new Shockbyte Control Panel will be independent of the Multicraft control panel. We will provide detailed information on the new pricing structure closer to the launch date.

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