After so many major Minecraft updates, there's always some new confusing content that the Minecraft community is not quite sure about. If any of the many Minecraft mechanics confuse you, you can find all the answers to your questions here! This guide contains some answers that even a Minecraft veteran might not know! All questions are taken from the most googled Minecraft questions.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Smooth stone is a very nice building material spawning naturally in villages and other structures of Minecraft. It is great for many decorations including kitchens, castles, garages and other smooth areas. The game does not explain how to create it though, and only updates your recipe book after you've made one. You can create Smooth Stone by smelting normal stone in a Furnace. You can also create normal stone in a Furnace by smelting cobblestone!

How to create Smooth Stone
Smelt cobble into stone and stone into smooth stone!

How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Honeycombs in Minecraft are used for a handful of crafting items. One of the most common uses of honeycombs is to create fantastically decorative candles! Candles not only can be colored but can be combined to create several different variants. Alongside lanterns, Candles are the most stylish forms of light source available. Honeycombs can also be used to create waxed-metal blocks and more beehives!

Minecraft How to get Honeycomb
Shear beehives to get Honeycombs, and make bee nests to do it all over again!

How to make a map in Minecraft

With the addition of the Cartography table many players are confused about the specific types of maps. There are two types of blank maps that can be created, one using a compass and one without. By filling the entire crafting table with paper, a player can create a simple empty map. By adding a compass in the center, or with an empty map, players can then create the empty locator map.

How do I find Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft are easier than ever to find with the new formation of caves. Originally, Diamonds would be most found around layers 5 - 12. After recent updates, Diamonds are now around the layers -50 to -64. A good rule of thumb for finding Diamonds is that if you are able to find Redstone, you are in the right area. Explore the new cave system and you're sure to find exposed Diamond somewhere!

How to find diamonds in Minecraft

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Horses in Minecraft are an invaluable part of exploration once your initial base is established. Many important structures are not always very close to the spawn, or your base for that matter. Horses provide quick and efficient sources of travel without having to run the entire distance. Horses always can provide protection and height mobility as well, making them extremely strong companions. Feed them either golden apples, OR golden carrots in order to breed horses in Minecraft.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

How to make a Saddle in Minecraft

Well...this question (and title) are slightly misleading. This question implies you are actually able to make a saddle in Minecraft, which you are not. Instead, saddles can be obtained through various different means, with the easiest being finding a Nether fortress. If that's too dangerous for you, fishing is a much more peaceful option! Chests in many structures throughout Minecraft all have a chance at providing one of these nifty seats.

Minecraft How to make a Saddle
On second thought...maybe we'll just do some pier fishing instead...

How to tame a Fox in Minecraft

Taming foxes in Minecraft is much different than taming other animals throughout the game. Wild foxes are fickle creatures and are unable to actually be tamed in their lifetime. You can however breed two foxes, and if the offspring is separated from it's parents, it will soon look up to you as it's adoptive one! It sounds messed up, but the baby fox will grow to love you in time. The child fox will become domesticated if it grows up separated from it's parents.

Minecraft How to tame a Fox
Hello little friend!

How to make concrete in Minecraft

One of the newer blocks added to Minecraft, Concrete is a very odd one to create. Concrete is created by combining 4 sand, 4 gravel, and a dye color of your choice. This then turns into concrete powder colored according to the dye that was used to create it. Once this concrete powder makes contact with water, it will solidify instantly, creating the final product: colored concrete.

How to make Concrete Minecraft

How to make a Minecraft server

Making a Minecraft server is easier than ever, but actually playing on it is the hard part. Minecraft has so much content now, regular players may not be able to run Minecraft servers without it being too laggy, or crashing often. Instead it may make more sense to rely on server hosting options, which Shockbyte is happy to provide! For all your Minecraft server hosting needs, leave it to Shockbyte for the lowest prices and best servers!

Shockbyte Minecraft Server Hosting

What does Smite do in Minecraft

Smite is a specific enchantment in Minecraft dealing extra damage to all "undead" enemies. While this application first may sound underwhelming, it applies to many of the most frustrating enemies such as zombies, wither skeletons, normal bow-skeletons in the overworld, and even Drowned zombies. Other enemies such as spiders and enderman do not apply to smite, but are much easier than the high-damage and high-range enemies listed above.

How to breed Axolotls in Minecraft

Axolotls are incredibly popular, especially in the meme community. They are adorable aquatic creatures coming in a wide variety of colors. All animals in Minecraft have a taming item that puts them into "love mode". For our adorable sea pets that item is buckets of tropical fish. There is a secret "blue axolotl" that is exclusive to breeding and has a 0.083% whenever breeding two axolotl together. Normally though, axolotl offspring will be in the color of one of their parents.

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