One of the most chaotic, medieval, first-person, swordplay simulators is now being hosted by Shockbyte! Jump directly into the most incredible medieval-era realistic combat system ever created in video gaming by creating a dedicated MORDHAU server today! From small-scale expeditions to full-on castle invasions, experience medieval warfare like you never have before in a Mordhau private server, hosted by yours truly, here at Shockbyte.

If you're a fan of recent medieval fighters such as Dark and Darker, Conqueror's Blade, and For Honor, Mordhau is going to absolutely scratch that itch perfectly of tightly knit combat mixed with well rounded personal customization to make every player stand out from the crowd.

Mordhau Server Hosting Now Available

Mordhau Difficulty

Many swordplay veterans of games such as Chivalry (the game most commonly compared to Mordhau) consider the skill ceiling and initial difficulty the biggest problem for new players just entering the game. Longtime players of Mordhau regularly will face against newbies in online queues making matchups and learning extremely difficult for new players.

Instead, making a dedicated lobby for your friends and new players in the community may be a more reliable strategy for learning the ropes before storming the castle walls. The developers regularly attempt to balance many of the unique weapons and strategies within the game at it's core, but veterans will still be significantly more familiar with the intricate mechanics than a relatively new player, who just learned to swing their sword.

Mordhau Skill Ceiling Difficulty

How to be Good at Mordhau

Mordhau has several different game modes for new players to experience to get themselves adjusted to the unique combat of the game, with even fighting bots being a primary option for new players to tackle in their early stages. The gamemode called Horde, sends wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies at the players, allowing them to slowly equip themselves with stronger gear as time goes on as well.

For players who would like to further hone their skills regarding the more intended portions of the game (the PVP multiplayer content), the Deathmatch and Skirmish game modes are extremely easy to get into and are very rewarding to learn.

Mordhau Skirmish Game Mode

How to Build in Mordhau

In the two handed section of items there is an item called the Toolbox! This magnificent item allows players to actually setup Ballistae on the battlefield, given they have full ammo capacity. In order to get full ammo, you'll have to find somewhere on the map that provides you with such, but given you do, you can find a nice protected area of your backlines, and rain arrows upon your enemies!

The Ballista is a powerful siege weapon, capable of almost one-shotting anyone unlucky enough to be hit by it's powerful bolts. Generally Ballista can also be found immobile on some maps; ie. on Crossroads, Camp, and Mountain Peak.

Mordhau Ballista

Best Mordhau Character Builds

In Mordhau you're able to completely flesh out your own player character by changing not only your own playstyle, but your weapon of choice, and the perks you choose to take along with it. Perks in Mordhau can also massively impact how you interact with your allies and enemies throughout the course of each match, making them massively important when deciding how you want to identify yourself among your team.

Whether you plan on taking the veteran favorite Bloodlust perk for infinite sustain on the front lines, or a more elusive build to include Dodge, you'll want to try all the combinations out yourself with some friends on a custom dedicated server of your own with Shockbyte first.

Mordhau Best Perks Build

About Shockbyte

Shockbyte is a game server host for Mordhau, Minecraft, Rust, and more.

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