Minecraft is an extremely popular game with hundreds of different versions, mods, texture packs and more. With so much to keep track of, many mechanics can easily get lost in the vast sea of Minecraft's content. Not to mention all of the unique structures, enemy AI, and item interactions hidden secretly behind the Minecraft wiki and personal experience. Shockbyte is here to answer some of your most asked questions on Google!

How long is a Minecraft Day?

Ever wonder why as a kid, the first night in Minecraft always came so quickly? Well, that's because Minecraft only sees exactly 10 minutes of full daylight. After those 10 minutes are up, the sun will begin to fully descend and darkness will swallow the landscape. Hey, at least night only lasts 10 minutes too! So to answer the question: How long is a Minecraft Day, it lasts a total of 20 minutes, day + night.

Minecraft Day Length is 10 Minutes
Well, get to digging that dirt hole...night is only in 10 minutes!

How to find the End City in Minecraft

After defeating the Ender Dragon that's the end of Minecraft. Right? Wrong! After defeating the Ender Dragon some of the most fun begins in finding the elusive Elytra and End Cities! After the dragon has been defeated, return to the site of its demise and look for a floating portal inside a small bedrock container. Hope you've gathered enough ender eyes for this, because you'll need to toss one into the portal to enter the End City landscape. Explore from there until you find one!

Minecraft Ender Dragon Fight
Looks like a failed speed-run in here!

What is Minecraft Classic?

Minecraft Classic is one of the original versions of Minecraft, no progression, no armor, no enemies even! You can play it right now, in your browser! It was such a primitive version of Minecraft it's almost crazy to see how far we've come since then. Check it out right now at this link! Back then the thought of being able to build anything you wanted really was captivating wasn't it? Now we have exploring, crafting, PVP, bosses, and so much more for our Minecraft private servers.

Minecraft Classic Screenshot
Not even grass back then....

How to charge a Minecraft Respawn Anchor

Respawn Anchors in Minecraft are incredibly unique items that finally allow you to respawn in the Nether. After hundreds, maybe thousands of failed attempts to sleep in a bed in the Nether, Mojang has finally graced us with somewhere to respawn in the lava underworld. These respawn anchors are incredibly helpful to plop down near Nether Fortresses right before hopping in. It feels devastating trying to find your way back to a Nether Fortress you died in while farming blaze rods.

Minecraft Respawn Anchor Glowstone
To charge the Respawn Anchor, use completed blocks of glowstone! It holds up to 4 charges!

What is a Wither Rose?

The Wither Rose is an item dropped under very specific circumstances in Survival Mode or through the creative inventory/cheats. Normally, this item is only dropped by mobs that are killed by The Wither, which could be a rare occurrence depending on your choice of spawn location. Wither Roses are one of the few plants that are able to harm enemy mobs in Minecraft, allowing them to make for very successful mob farm tools.

Minecraft Wither Rose Mob Farm

Minecraft Piglins

The last remnants of Nether society idolizing gold in the final bastions of life in the Nether. The Piglins are the key to modern Minecraft speed-running, providing ender pearls in exchange for gold ingots. With the original use of gold being primarily power minecart tracks, being able to barter with Piglins for a wide variety of useful items is immensely interesting. Bartering gold with the piglins is among the only ways to obtain Crying Obsidian as well, allowing players to make Respawn Anchors.

Minecraft Piglin Bartering

Minecraft Candles

Candles in Minecraft are a very unique aesthetic choice recently added to the game providing 3 light levels when ignited. Players are able to combine up to four of the same color candle which increases the light levels accordingly. All four candles lit together provides only 12 light level, making it still beaten out by Torches (light level 14), Glowstone (level 15), and Redstone lamps (light level 15).

Minecraft Candles Library

Minecraft Cauldron

Surprisingly, Cauldrons in Minecraft can hold lava directly, and this produces a light source of light level 15, the highest possible. Cauldrons are little used items due to buckets being able to be held directly in chests. Cauldrons though are a very RPG relevant item to hold liquids you will be using to craft potions or power your furnaces. If you plan on using a brewing stand, be sure to keep a Cauldron of water nearby to fill your potion bottles with!

Minecraft Cauldron Lava
Now you know that if you ever had to choose between candles or lava...choose lava for light!

Minecraft Anvil Uses

Many players know that items can be fixed by combining two of the same items in your inventory or on an anvil. The difference many players don't understand is the ability to keep current enchantments by spending levels, which is ONLY allowed while repairing items on the anvil. Anvils can also be used to add enchantments to items using enchanted books, as well as name your favorite weapons or tools into something to literally etch them into history.

Minecraft Anvil

Minecraft Composter

Composters are an incredibly unique addition to Minecraft in their recycling ability with food and plants. Originally the only way to get Bonemeal was to stay up during the night fighting the most annoying enemies in the game: Skeletons. Instead, players can now use old food items and extra seeds to create extra Bonemeal for their farms. This is incredibly useful in growing things, such as watermelon and wheat!

Minecraft Villager Composter

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