The Sakurajima update is finally here, and it’s bringing a host of new Pals to capture and train. Let’s take a look at all 24 exciting new additions you'll encounter on the beautiful new island of Sakurajima.

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Sakurajima Update New Pals

1. Quivern Botan

Quivern Botan
  • 🌀 Element: Dragon & Grass
  • 📝 Details: It's a subspecies of Quivern. It's very good for transporting (Lvl. 3).
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima - all day

2. Lullu

  • 🌀 Element: Grass
  • 📝 Details: Lullu's Floral Boost partner skill makes it the perfect Pal for growing crops.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima - all day

3. Shroomer

  • 🌀 Element:
  • 📝 Details:
  • 📍 Location:

4. Shroomer Noct

Shroomer Noct
  • 🌀 Element: Grass & Dark
  • 📝 Details: Its partner skill Swooshy Spores can keep pals' sanity from dropping. He's good for Planting, Gathering and Lumbering (Lvl. 2).
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima - nighttime

5. Kikit

  • 🌀 Element: Ground
  • 📝 Details: Kikit is a very friendly Pal, though quite shy so it will try to escape when you encounter it. Kikit is ideal for farming Crude Oil,  since just catching one will already earn you some.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima - all day

6. Dazemu

  • 🌀 Element: Ground
  • 📝 Details: Dazemu is great for mounting, it can be quite fast, especially at the desert.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima - daytime

7. Prixter

  • 🌀 Element: Ground & Dark
  • 📝 Details: They always attack in groups of 5 or more, and their attacks are incredibly powerful.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima Desert - all day

8. Knocklem

  • 🌀 Element: Ground
  • 📝 Details: It can only be obtained by hatching eggs.
  • 📍 Location: None!

9. Yakumo

  • 🌀 Element: Neutral
  • 📝 Details: While he may look ferocious, he is actually a pretty weak Normal-type Pal. He is also not the best for base-work.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima (Moon Flower waypoint) - all day

10. Dogen

  • 🌀 Element: Neutral
  • 📝 Details: Dogen is not hostile and will never initiate battles. Additioanlly, he can be found praying for other fallen pals.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima (main area) - all day

11. Sootseer

  • 🌀 Element: Fire & Dark
  • 📝 Details: While he is level 3 in Kindling, he can be great for farming thanks to his partner skill Tomb Raider that produces Bone when assigned to a Ranch.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima (nortwest) - nighttime

12. Mimog

  • 🌀 Element: Normal
  • 📝 Details: It looks exactly like a treasure chest with eyes and a mouth, don't be deceived!
  • 📍 Location: Anywhere - all day

13. Helzephyr Lux

Helzephyr Lux
  • 🌀 Element: Electric & Dark
  • 📝 Details: There's a theory that suggests Helzephyr Lux, stuck by lightning from hell, will transform into Helzephyr.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima (north) - all day

14. Wixen Noct

Wixen Noct
  • 🌀 Element: Fire & Dark
  • 📝 Details: Wixen Noct isn't friendly and and will begin attacking relentlessly once provoked. The best way to catch or defeat one is to catching it off guard.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima (coast) - nighttime

15. Gorirat Terra

Gorirat Terra
  • 🌀 Element: Ground
  • 📝 Details: If you thought Gorirat was powerful, wait until you encounter a Gorirat Terra! They have the strongest ground-element attacks.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima (north and south) - all day

16. Bushi Noct

Bushi Noct
  • 🌀 Element: Fire & Dark
  • 📝 Details: They can be found in pairs most of the time, but they normally attack alone.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima (middle) - nighttime

17. Katress Ignis

Katress Ignis
  • 🌀 Element: Fire & Dark
  • 📝 Details: Unlike the rest of the Sakurajima Pals, Katress Ignis doesn't spawn in the overworld. It can only be found within dungeons in the region.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima Dungeons - all day

18. Menasting Terra

Menasting Terra
  • 🌀 Element: Ground
  • 📝 Details: It can drop a rare item called Ring of Freight, which can be used to increase carrying capacity.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima (north) - nighttime.

19. Blazamut Ryu

Palworld - Blazamut Ryu Icon
  • 🌀 Element: Fire & Dragon
  • 📝 Details: In order to encounter it, you'll need to find fragments for the Blazamut Ryu summoning. You can find these in dungeons in the Sakurajima region.
  • 📍 Location: Player's base (Raid battles)

20. Selyne

  • 🌀 Element: Neutral & Dark
  • 📝 Details: Selyne, along with Xenogard and Xenovader, is one of the three pals that Syndicate Grunts have with them around meteor crash sites.
  • 📍 Location: Meteorite crash site

21. Croajiro

  • 🌀 Element: Water
  • 📝 Details: Croajiro is quite versatile, making it a good pal for new players. It can serve as a good baseline pal, taking on many different jobs.
  • 📍 Location: Multiple locations around water - all day

22. Chillet Ignis

Chillet Ignis
  • 🌀 Element: Fire & Dragon
  • 📝 Details: While they can be found all day, the best time to catch one is at night when they're sleeping.
  • 📍 Location: Sakurajima (middle) - all day

23. Xenovader

  • 🌀 Element: Dark
  • 📝 Details: Just like Selyne, Xenovader can only be found during Meteorite Events. If you're looking to collect meteorite fragments, Xenovader and its Meteorite Enthusiast partner skill will be your best friends.
  • 📍 Location: Meteorite crash site

24. Xenogard

Xenogard - Palworld.png
  • 🌀 Element: Dragon
  • 📝 Details: Xenogard is the third Pal to spawn during Meteorite events. It can be great for fighting but also for resource gathering, particularly, Mining (Lvl. 3).
  • 📍 Location: Meteorite crash site

These new Pals add more variety and excitement to Palworld, ensuring every player can find a new favorite. Ready to explore Sakurajima and capture these amazing new Pals? Set up your dedicated server with Shockbyte and dive into the adventure with your friends!

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