Project Zomboid has a diverse and massively flexible skill system allowing players to play however they like, whenever they like. Players preferring to roleplay are given the chance to do exactly that, alongside competitive players who are always looking to maximize their strengths.

What combination of skills are good for a team of survivors? There aren't technically classes in this game as there is in many other RPGs, but players love to identify with classes according to their playstyle. For the rest of this post, let us help you choose a Project Zomboid build for multiplayer!

Project Zomboid Multiplayer Mechanic
The squad's mechanic will be one of the most important team members.

The Best Project Zomboid Build

We covered exactly the best starting build in our Project Zomboid Tips and Traits blog post, but that build was mostly centered around solo-runs or two-person teams. As of the current Project Zomboid build 41.78.16 the best starting build revolves around being barely self-sustaining with a high potential for growth.

Taking the powerful skills Fast Learner, Lucky, and Dextrous are long-term positive traits that massively help a small team of players. If you have the ability to diversify though and not rely as heavily on yourself, it can be incredibly fruitful for a higher variety of skills across your team. What matters most for solo players and small teams is moving quickly, learning quickly, and picking up your speed as the zombie infection intensifies and world collapses.

Project Zomboid Best Traits and Starting Build
You may not like it, but this is what peak-zombie-survival performance looks like.

Project Zomboid Burgler Build

As the Burgler of your team, you'll be the one making loot runs to town. While some of the squad will be at base all day upgrading walls and cooking dinner; you're breaking into houses and hotwiring cars. You're the one who needs Dextrous hands, Cat's Eyes, and just a pinch of luck. Coming from a life of crime really turned out helpful during the apocalypse.

Project Zomboid Burgler Build Starting Traits Multiplayer
If you're feeling confident, you could take the Hunter trait to add to your sneaking.

Project Zomboid Doctor Build

Why choose Doctor over Nurse? Doctor provides an additional point of First Aid and requires the same amount of points. This player will be the safe haven of the group when they return back to base. From patching up scratches to making sewing upgrades for armor, the Doctor is the hidden MVP of a Project Zomboid team. Everyone should patch themselves up in the heat of battle, but the Doctor should take care of replacing everyone's bandages when they return home.

Project Zomboid Doctor Build Multiplayer Server

Project Zomboid Lumberjack Build

You're the fighter of the squad. With your increased combat capabilities you're a one-man wrecking crew for zombies and can easily take down a large horde on your own. With your bonus in sprinting and the Axe Man trait, you'll have no problem avoiding zombies by fleeing into the woods. Your skill in axes will also make you best friend to the Carpenter. Or you could pick up the skill yourself.

Project Zomboid Lumberjack Build Traits Multiplayer

Project Zomboid Mechanic Build

The mechanic is an irreplaceable job in a party of survivors. There is a wide variety of books throughout Kentucky but only a small amount of them require the necessary details on how to modify cars. Fortunately the mechanic already read them all and with his ability to pickup new skills quickly, he can handle anything else the party needs doing.

Project Zomboid Mechanic Build Multiplayer

Project Zomboid Electrician and Carpenter Build

In a larger group of survivors, having an electrician is also incredibly important to using household electronics after the apocalypse. On the Project Zomboid Survival difficulty, water and electricity will shut off anywhere within the first 30 days. In any usual playthrough, players have about 10 to 14 days to prepare themselves for this event.

Using a generator will allow players to continue to use household appliances, but requires knowledge of how to use a generator. This usually requires reading the appropriate book, but that is extremely rare to come across. This difficulty is what makes an electrician shine and combining these abilities with Carpentry will make them the main base handy-man.

Project Zomboid Electrician Build Carpentry

Project Zomboid Fisherman Build

Everyone loves fishing in videogames and Project Zomboid eagerly rewards the casual angler. Unlike many other games where a wide variety of rewards can be found from the sea, PZ keeps it simple. For survivors looking to live off the land, a dedicated Fisherman could mean your team never goes hungry. Inconspicuous is also great to keep zombies throughout the woods off your back.

Project Zomboid Fisherman Build

Project Zomboid Farmer Build

Farming is a unique skill in Project Zomboid as it has many of it's own unique elements. Eventually all of the food throughout Kentucky will be exhausted, meaning you'll require either a farmer or a fisherman for your team. Farming can result in large helpings of various foods replenishing hungry, thirst, and happiness. Get yourself a trowel, some seeds, and get sowing!

Project Zomboid Farmer Build

Project Zomboid Murder Hobo

Sometimes in roleplaying games, players just want to run around and murder everything in sight. You just want to be fast, strong, and able to take on any challenge right from the start. Being fit and stout will net you a massive +2 Fitness and Strength making you hit harder than everyone else. We added the Conspicuous negative trait to compensate. Bring them all on!

Project Zomboid Fitness Build Strength
You may be unemployed, but you aren't unarmed with those guns.

Deciding your Project Zomboid Team

More than anything, each of these builds requires teammates. Every unique build is like a class in any other RPG, which all work together in unison. Surviving the Zomboid horde will require much more than a single electrician, so make sure to grab yourself a Fisherman and a Doctor to live as long as you can.

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