Depending on what you consider either a full monument or just an interesting point on the map in Rust, there is anywhere from 18 to 28 unique points of interest on a Rust map for players to explore. Also depending on the size of the server, this can lead to not only a wide variety of biomes, but also a ton of combat scenarios combing unique naturally spawning cabins to massive rocket launch sites. The newest structure being added to Rust will mark the 28th; the Nuclear Missile Silo.

Rust Nuclear Missile Silo New Monument

Rust Nuke Missile Silo How to Open

Alongside this incredible (and ominous) new structure comes a boatload of questions and quite frankly...concerns! In order to get into the underground you'll need to open the massive missile silo hatch by pressing the exposed red button inside one of the nearby buildings within the complex. After being pressed, the massive hatch will begin to open slowly, before reaching it's peak, and slowly descending again. You only have a window of about 30 seconds to slide underneath the hatch to get inside, so be quick about it!

When this new monument goes live there will be plenty of action packed firefights around the missile hatch, making for some extremely blood-pumping escapes into the missile silo underground and safety of the hatch's closing. Descend carefully down the railings around the missile as you progress deeper into the underground dungeon swarmed with scientists (well, no scientists yet, but there will be!)

Rust Missle Silo Entrance
Try not to fall too far like at the Water Treatment Plant!

Rust Server Wipe Nuke

One of the coolest and most unique additions of this monument to Rust is it's consideration in the game world outside of another place to loot. We've seen several new additions recently to Rust, all providing their own unique resources and purposes to visit rather than the casual loot run for players. Underwater Labs in Rust provide players an alternative method to the usual monument loot runs, by giving an underwater (and less player heavy) equivalent to the usual experience.

Notably Desert Military Bases also provided the game with MLRS equipment and machinery to add a brand new layer to usual raiding tactics. While requiring a lot more rockets, this also saves a lot of time, and provides a much safer alternative for the raiders. The Nuclear Missile Silo held discussion between developers years ago about a player-initiated server wipe through complete nuking of the entire server. While maybe comical at the time, it's possibility is now coming to light.

Rust Server Nuke

Descending the levels of the Nuclear Missile Silo in Rust

Once you've entered the facility, players can board an elevator to bring them to floor -1 where they can continue their decent through the Nuclear dungeon featuring a brand new type of scientist, (most likely) nuclear radiation, and progressively better loot crates the farther down a player goes. The player can continue to progress all the way to floor -5 with an expected blue-card puzzle to escape at the end.

In addition to this, players should expect a heaping help of brand new Rust lore to be featured in these dimly lit scientist caverns, helping to explain the purpose of our inevitable demise on this desolate island. With many monuments completely lacking anything lore-related, this may be one of the biggest updates towards establishing an official overarching story for Rust.

There is technically somewhat of an established official Rust lore by Shadowfrax on Youtube!

Rust Skin Disabling

In more controversial news, in most games, players have the ability to enable or disable their own client-side viewing of skins due to the colors or patterns being potentially too distracting. This can also be nice as depending on the game, players may be unable to quickly differentiate what weapon a person is using due to it's skin, or armor they are wearing.

The ability to change this has recently been walked back by Facepunch, forcing players to view the skins currently being used by all players around them. This is due to the player wielding the weapon also having to view the skin, as Facepunch considers this a more-even playing ground than everyone having the option of disabling them. This change is going live May 4th, the community will have to see if it stays a permanent change for the game.

Rust Lumberjack Skin
So can easily tell this is actually a Hazmat suit...right?

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