When Wipe Day comes around in Rust, many players are surprised, especially if they are relatively new to the game. Wipe Days are days when bases are wiped from the map and progress is reset. Players are killed and everything is removed, giving players a sort of new experience when progressing through the levels of Rust.

There is much more that goes into Wipe day, and a ton of things that players can do to prepare and immediately do once it occurs. Everything from stocking up on blueprints to having a post-wipe strategy; Let Shockbyte handle the difficult things like hosting a dedicated Rust server, and breaking down everything to do on a Rust Wipe Day!

Rust Dedicated Server Hosting

The Types of Rust Wipe

There are two different types of Rust Wipes for players to be aware of. Normal Rust servers have much more regular "Soft" Wipes, which remove all players, structures, weapons, drops, and everything on the map. It then respawns everyone BUT, everyone keeps their currently learned blueprints, allowing them to remake any tools they had learned to make as long as they have the required ingredients.

A "Hard" Rust Wipe is exactly like a Soft one, but also removes the Blueprint knowledge that was previously retained by all players. These are usually run by server owners about once a month rather than the normal weekly soft wipes. These wipes are incredibly healthy for the longevity of Rust and Rust content. If you're looking to decide how often to wipe your Rust server, checkout the link below:

Rust Wipe Day

Rust Soft Wipe

For soft wipes the answer may seem obvious but there are many steps to take to insure you get ahead. Get your hands on as many blueprints as possible. Not only are blueprints the key to success outside of Rust Wipes, but they're imperative to getting your footing each week after them. Whenever you stumble into some spare scrap, make sure to blueprint a spare gun or two so you can always make more.

In order to create blueprints to memorize weapon (or item) recipes, you'll need to find or create a research table. These can be found at all major monuments and even crafted for your personal base for a hefty price of 200 metal fragments and some scrap. Scrap is further required to create blueprints but the payoff of permanently knowing these blueprints is immensely worth the one-time price.

Rust Research Table

Rust Hard Wipe

While the actual difference between hard and soft wipes in Rust are quite small they have massive impacts on the gameplay in Rust, setting players entirely back to the stone age with zero blueprints escaping this fate. This is the absolute best time for players new to the game, or veterans who enjoy this primitive time in Rust to experience it at it's peak. Bow combat is considered some of the best in Rust, so join in while you can!

After Hard Wipes, monuments will be fiercely contested areas as they provide easy access to a boatload of great tool tables and supplies. Take Outpost as an example: players returning after a hard Rust wipe will be requiring recyclers, research tables, shops to spend their little amount of scrap on, and places to cook meat temporarily. ALL of which monuments such as Outpost provide.

Rust Outpost Safe Zone
Not to mention Outpost is also a Safe Zone, giving players after a hard wipe a very nice place to relax.

Rust Wipe First Moves

Whether its a hard or soft wipe, the best Rust plans come from playing flexibly. For Rust beginners, we've got a blog post full of the Best Rust Beginner's Guide Tips to get you familiar with playing flexibly in Rust. Some of the first things you should do is head towards the closest major monument you can while picking up all the hemp, wood, stone and barrels on your way. Ideally you will have enough rad (radiation) protection to enter the monument by the time you arrive.

Monuments will be contested, especially so if it was after a hard wipe making the requirement of finding hemp even higher. This hemp can be crafted into a bow and used for self-defense during this initial gathering phase. Use the recycler at whichever monument you arrived at, loot the boxes in the area, and repeat until you have at minimum a handgun, or an inventory of valuable resources. Then start throwing together some foundation for a base.

Rust Sheet Metal Base
Despite the Steam store page showing a ladder entrance for a base....don't do that.

Private vs Public Server Rules

One of the dirtiest next moves for early loot is using an eoka pistol or shotgun and surprising a much more geared player by finding them, and finding their home. Once you've found their home you can secretly "door-camp" them, by waiting for them to leave and jumping out to take them down quickly. This will take most players off-guard and get you a quick gear-upgrade.

This does however take some very intentional stealth as the players may hear you preparing this tactic from inside their base. Also on some private Rust servers this may be a bannable offense, so be sure to read the rules. On most Public Rust servers it is allowed, and you could also host a Rust server yourself with Shockbyte to choose the rules you feel make for the best gaming experience.

Rust Dedicated Server

Rust Wipe Progression

Scrap, Blueprints, Scrap, Blueprints, More Scrap! Scrap being the eternal currency of Rust makes it one of the most required resources of the game, which also extends to creating Blueprints. Fortunately though Blueprints have gotten even more use after the Rust Industrial Revolution Update in February completely changed the way big teams use Blueprints entirely. Creating Blueprints, to create weapons, create armor, and create more blueprints, is the name of the game.

As they say, a rolling golem gathers no Rust.

Rust Multiplayer Server

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