Satisfactory is a game about building an automated factory enterprise of your own, on an alien planet. With thousands of craftable items and an entire planet to explore, you'll need plenty of friends to get things moving quickly. Surviving together in this alien landscape is also of utmost concern, but improving your own current technology will always be the biggest challenge.

Players who enjoy games such as Factorio will find themselves right at home with this sandbox, construction, and management game. By first creating a few objects on your own, eventually you can automate the process of creating electricity and smelting ores from around the planet! This then will lead to better buildings and tools, and so on....until you create the Space Elevator.

Satisfactory Dedicated Server Update 6
There are a handful of awesome vehicles to create and pilot in Satisfactory!

Satisfactory Update 6

Yet another massive update to the game but this time, bringing some fresh beats! With the addition of the Boombox you can throw down to an incredible selection of genuinely great music or hit the TurboBass to send enemies flying (ironically it actually kills the enemies that are already flying, so flying twice is not allowed apparently).

This update also added brand new rifle ammo, Rebars, and Nobelisks for all your pest extermination needs. Speaking of pests, several biomes have seen brand new makeovers, with appropriately adapted monsters now roaming each of them. Use these new awesome weapons to take them down for unique loot!

Satisfactory Multiplayer Server Update 6

Before Getting your Hands Automated

There are many modern games that require planning and consideration to make the most functional/beautiful bases. Similar to the community link we talked about in our Vrising beginner tips blog post, Satisfactory has seen the creation of an amazing Satisfactory planner by the community.

Many players benefit heavily from having Wiki information at their fingertips but interactive maps are a step above the rest. The Satisfactory Calculator also includes all the information your Satisfactory multiplayer server will need to know about every building and creature.

Satisfactory Dedicated Server Interactive Map Planner

Where to Start, Literally

There are four starting biomes you can spawn into (as shown above with the blue circles). These biomes are as follows:

  • Grassy Plains
  • Rocky Desert
  • The Forest
  • The Dunes

While each of these starting areas provides a unique starting experience for the player, the best spawn is definitely the Grassy Plains. This area offers the least difficulty in fighting monsters, which is a big problem early on. Also be sure to activate Arachnophobia Mode if you plan on exploring caves early (and don't like spiders!)

Satisfactory Arachnophobia Mode Comparison
Satisfactory Arachnophobia mode turns "Stingers" into holographic cats!

Get Automated, Fast!

Early on players will have to produce all of the items required by hand, but personally mining the ore can get tedious and pulls you away from more important activities. Try and establish portable miners as quickly as possible onto each nearby deposit. Using two at a time per deposit will net you some great starting ore.

Use this automated production of ore to hand-craft your way through Hub levels. Try creating foundation as well to keep your eventual Satisfactory base nice and tidy. You can even place it above deposits, and miners will still work normally!

Next Up, Logistics

The next most important thing is to start establishing your wonderful empire of factories. Using logistical buildings such as conveyor belts or pipelines, you can further automate all the processes that you've previously been doing by hand. Thank you modern technology!

We also recommend that you use the Satisfactory Calculator or carefully plan out your factory building. If you have one miner producing 120 copper/min (on a pure node) then you'll require 4 Smelters to be at 100% capacity (smelters smelt 30 copper/min). Things will get more efficient as you progress as well.

Satisfactory Dedicated Server Base Building Logistics

Unlocking the Satisfactory MAM

Once you unlock the MAM, you are heavily incentivized to explore the vast world around you and find some of the biomes you couldn't have spawned in. Now is also the time to try out your weapons offensively, as many animals drop unique parts that can be researched at the MAM.

Expanding your complex can also be effective, as the closer you are to newfound objects, the faster you can begin using them in your factory. Creating roads, vehicles, and trains can all vastly increase the reach of your base and give your pioneer party incredible exploration opportunities.

Satisfactory Dedicated Server Exploration New Biomes

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Wiping your hands Clean of Biofuel

The next and debatably most important investment is swapping entirely to coal power. Using coal miners and water extractors to create a fully automatic factory allows the player to completely wipe their hands free of ever using Biofuel again. No more running around constantly spamming E!

Overall you'll generally need about 1 water extractor for every 3 coal power generators, so keep that in mind as you continue to scale. If you plan on Overclocking your buildings as well, you will require even more water and coal to keep things running smoothly.

Satisfactory Coal Power Generator Conveyor

Last but not Least, Into Space

Unfortunately, you won't actually be going into space...personally. One of your end-game goals is to create the Space Elevator and start sending items up! The purpose of you on this planet was to create this factory, obtain the planet's resources, and send them into...well space?

There are several stages to complete which each unlocks new tiers in the HUB terminal. Progressing through these stages and finishing all of them is best way to "Win" at Satisfactory. While you may have won though, there is still a massive landscape to explore and always more to build.

Satisfactory Space Elevator Dedicated Server

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