Skyrim has three major distinct class archetypes The Mage, The Warrior, and The Thief. With the ability to double dip in each major class archetype to mix and match as you please, theoretically if players stuck at only 3 skills, they would have 816 different unique combinations for their build. That's a TON of builds. Shockbyte is happy to outline some of the most overpowered ones for you!

With the ability to play Skyrim Together Reborn instead of normal Skyrim, why wouldn't you? More pairs of hands makes things a lot easier, and fun for that matter. The best part of RPG games is defining yourself as an all-important part of the team for something only YOU bring to it. What unique traits do you usually like to specialize in?

Skyrim Class Archetypes
Despite there being three class archetypes in Skyrim, mix and match skills as you please!

Best Skyrim Builds

With so many possible combinations, why not start with some of the key elements in an RPG party. There are plenty of go-to classes defined in regular MMO-RPG style class-based games and many of them function incredibly well. If any of the Skyrim builds below don't match your liking exactly, feel free to adjust them accordingly!

The Cleric

The Cleric is one of the most Trustworthy classes any medieval party can count on to keep it surviving in the thick of battle. As arrows plunge into the party, the Cleric will keep health bars high with Restoration magic and anti-undead spells. In Skyrim, the it's best to double-dip into the Mage skill archetype, diving into Alteration and Conjuration as well. This Cleric will quickly become a master of life and death.

Skyrim Build Cleric
One of the best ways to look into possible builds is through this community perk calculator!

The Tank

The Tank is always the party member you can count on to be at the front of the fight, staring the enemy down. If you laugh in the face of death as arrows and weapons bounce off your impenetrable armor, then The Tank Skyrim Build is for you! Another unique play on the Tank build is to also play a Khajiit and attack everything unarmed. Once you unlock the Fists of Steel Perk and some high-tier armor you'll find yourself punching holes in almost every enemy you come across, while sprinting around at full speed too!

Skyrim Build Tank
Khajiit have a racial bonus of extra unarmed damage, making them superb fighters for this.

The Assassin

Everyone knows the Assassin of the party, but rarely has everyone seen them. The Assassin is the last one into the fight, but the first one to finish it. Despite being in the One-handed tree, the Assassin only uses the Duel-wielding section of it, prioritizing "duel savagery" alongside the "assassin's blade" perk in the Stealth tree to create a deadly combination of damage multipliers that allow for: 100% bonus base damage + 15 x 1.25 x 1.5 bonus damage when performing a charged sneak attack on an unsuspecting victim. That's lethal to almost every enemy in the game.

Skyrim Assassin Build
Be sure to choose Orc for their Racial ability of bonus temporary physical damage!

The Archer

There are a few ways players can take the Archer build, with the Wood Elf path being a direction many players may be interested in. This could involve more illusion based magics but to keep things simple and easy to play, the best Skyrim Builds for Archers is to definitely stick to Sneak, Enchanting, and Archery. The Sneak tree allows archers to perform stealth attacks dealing three times damage with bows and this damage can be further compounded by an enchanted arrow.

Skyrim Build Archer

The Wizard

With so much magic in Skyrim it's impossible to confine The Wizard build to specific spells or even elements, but we've chosen two here as simply an example. With the Wizard Skyrim Build you'll find yourself dominating everything magical across Tamriel as you specialize into Alteration and triple down into Magical Resistance. Your control of the elements will allow you to fling utter destruction across the battlefield using your wit, your allies, and illusion to stay out of harm's way.

Skyrim Build Wizard
High elves are supremely adept at magical classes, so choose them if you are looking to optimize!

The Barbarian

Honestly the character shown on the front of Skyrim most resembles a barbarian, despite most players never using two handed weapons. The Barbarian Skyrim Build is a unique one, as many players find reasons to avoid using two handed swords and warhammers. For those brave enough to check them out though, they pack a massive punch, and with a little bit of investment, The Barbarian will be back to the back with the Tank, tearing apart enemies in the front line of battle.

Skyrim Build Barbarian
Orcs are another great choice for Barbarians, as they'll use Berserker Rage perfectly.

The Skiller Build

The Skiller has a primary focus on Alchemy and Speech to handle most of the party's economics and finances. You wouldn't want the blood soaked Orc, with 3 fingers and 2 left eyes to be the one trying to haggle down a merchant would you? Leave it to The Skiller of the party; The Smooth talker; The Charismatic One. Oh and they can also blow stuff up. If they are going to be the one in charge of holding all the equipment, they had to be able to say, "Freeze! Hands off the merchandise!"

Skyrim Build Skiller
And then they literally freeze the enemy.

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