Sons of the Forest is an incredible multiplayer experience that includes some of the fun base building mechanics from the first game but on a widely more popular level. One of the first things to do once players get their bearings is quickly establish a base of operations to protect yourself from relentless cannibal attacks night after night. Fortunately, this island is chock-full of great multiplayer base locations to quickly establish a home territory!

One of the most important things to consider is the continued cannibal attacks and the fact that cannibals cannot swim through water. This important consideration can be abused throughout many base building strategies to either partially surround your base in water or completely, allowing you to live freely on the island without fear of cannibal invasion. No matter where you choose, remember the point of the game is to progress the story, so areas that are close to GPS locations and bunkers are imperative to keeping the ball rolling. Without further ado...

Sons of the Forest Multiplayer Inventory

Starting at Spawn

To start, as with all the rest of the most recent Sons of the Forest blog posts, for all your multiplayer Sons of the Forest playthroughs, you'll absolutely want to check out Mapgenie, as their current Sons of the Forest Map has absolutely every detail you could possibly require, and we'll be using screenshots to fully dive into every base location today. This very first base location is one of the many possible starting spawns your party could begin your journey on the island at!

Due to the formation of this area, the sand and rock extends from the island into a snake-like shape, providing players plenty of safe building area and only a single entrance for cannibals to approach. With this in mind, players can simply build a single defensive line between their base and the island itself, with plenty of food, drinks, turtle, oyster, and seagull spawns for days. While it is quite far from much else on the island, you'll soon need to visit the Rebreather cave in any playthrough.

Sons of the Forest Best Base Location 1

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Island on an Island

Taking the theory spoken about previously (regarding cannibals not being able to swim) to an extreme, players have found a small island on the west side of the map that is completely surrounded with water. Building a base on this small island completely protects the player from ALL cannibal attacks, allowing the players to live, sleep, and eat in complete leisure after having built their home. The biggest issue regarding building on this small island though is actually transporting wood to the island, especially prior to having retrieved the Rope Gun.

Another one of the biggest issues that many beginner players fail to realize is the changing seasons that are a big feature of Sons of the Forest's gameplay. After many players have painstakingly established their bases in the middle of this pond, seasons have already begun to change to winter where many of the ponds across the island have fully frozen over. Unfortunately this means cannibals are now able to cross the ice-covered lake and attack your delicate housing, further requiring the same amount of protection as any other land house. Maybe this isn't the best...

Sons of the Forest Island Base Location

A Real Island Getaway

So if that Island doesn't work for players to hideaway on, are there any others that do? In the far bottom-right most area of the map is a secluded area, extremely far away from much of the rest of the action. This area, while it still does apply to the usual enemy spawning rules, is just small enough for a player to completely cut off all entryways by walling-off the single land bridge connecting it to the mainland. Once that's done, your multiplayer party will have free access to all the seafood they can eat and plenty of wood for any amount of building.

This island functions during the winter as well, as the water here is ocean water and not the same as the ponds across the island, meaning you'll be completely safe on all sides 365 days of the year! Feel free to kick back and relax, as cannibal attacks will be a thing of the past! Progressing the story will be much more of a hike this time though, as players will have 2 different land bridges to cross to even return to the mainland.

Sons of the Forest Best Base Location Island Base

Sons of the Forest Base Location Quick List:

Iced-Over One-Way Cave Base

This base is in a prime position, with a handful of supplies out front and inside, but be sure you bring enough supplies with you when you enter the cave, because you could easily run out of supplies trying to fight your way back out.

Sons of the Forest Ice Cave

Waterfall Safehaven

The waterfall here has a small area to build in the dead center of it's rushing water area, making it ideal for placing down something small but livable for your multiplayer party! This area also doesn't freeze over during winter, so you'll be safe here all year long!

Sons of the Forest Waterfall Base

Cliff-side Safety

Rather than using water or a cave to protect your backside, this cliff area elevates your base, protecting you on the front and the back from cannibal attacks. Your multiplayer party should be able to safely establish walls on either side of your base to setup a proper living area in the center.

Sons of the Forest Cliff Base

Prebuilt Houses Galore

In this Abandoned town there is a handful of structures that are already standing and serve as a great starting point for your multiplayer group to re-establish society. Despite their existence, you will need to surround the buildings with walls to ward off incoming cannibal attacks.

Sons of the Forest Abandoned Town

In the Thicket (of it)

An extremely viable strategy for veteran players of Sons of the Forest is to establish their base of operations in the most strategically advantageous area, despite how harsh the conditions may be. While you may face attacks regularly on all sides, as long as you keep moving, this area will keep you close to food and story objectives.

Best Sons of the Forest Base Location for Veterans

Sons of the Forest Best Building Area

If you're a fan of building huge structures and you're looking to establish a mansion on this cannibal infested hellscape, we definitely recommend starting you build on the golf courses. These areas are completely flat areas, perfect for building as large and wide as you can put your mind to.

Sons of the Forest Golf Course

Pistol Spawn Plunge

Last but definitely not least, is setting up shop directly across from the Survival Raft. This area along the beach provides a prime location on the map for your multiplayer squad, staying within only a short jog for much of the mid-game's cave exploration goals and the bountiful food source that is the ocean.

Sons of the Forest Survival Raft Base

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