Everyone loves the holiday events of online games with public servers, but what about the most iconic of holiday integration gaming has to offer, with Terraria! From Halloween to Valentines and even Thanksgiving, Terraria incorporates all the best holidays into it's unique events! Grab your friends and celebrate while gaming, in style!

The Terraria Christmas Update starts on most devices on the 15th of December and runs through the end of the month. Sadly Valentines and many other holiday events are exclusive to the 3DS, not to mention it getting 30 more days of the official Christmas event too. Hey, the one thing it doesn't have is Terraria modded multiplayer servers!

Terraria Christmas Items

When is Christmas in Terraria?

Christmas can be normally triggered throughout the year starting December 15th, as stated above. Alternatively, you can set the clock on your PC or game console to a date between December 15th and the 30th in order to also trigger the event.

When should you trigger Christmas in Terraria? At the start of every new run! The best time to start a Terraria multiplayer server with friends is during Christmas due to the event giving a head start on materials, tools, and weapons. Enemies throughout the event are also unchanged, meaning freshly-spawned worlds won't be difficult due to the event.

Terraria New World Multiplayer Server

What's advantageous about the Terraria Christmas Update?

As shown above these new weapons and tools are extremely easy to obtain and provide quick alternatives to creating low tier tools. As an example, the Candy Cane pickaxe is able to mine extremely important early resources such as Crimtane, Meteorite, Obsidian, Gems, and every pre-hardmode ore.

This is very useful for Terraria parties, as it skips the early scramble for viable pickaxes pre-hardmode, skipping straight to the action. Similarly, players are able to obtain the Candy-cane hook, giving unparalleled mobility throughout the mundane part of the early game.

Terraria Christmas Server
The Candy Cane pickaxe can not mine Hellstone ore, which requires the Nightmare/Deathbringer Picks.

The Terraria Christmas Boss

Now this section is a bit tricky as many people confuse the Christmas-themed Frost Legion event with the Frost Moon. During the Christmas season, if a Snow Globe is obtained from presents, players can fight the Frost Legion in their Hardmode worlds. The rewards are extremely lacking due to this old piece of content, but it will allow THE Santa Clause to move into your home, and sell a Christmas tree with many decorations.

There is yet another event called the Frost Moon, which despite being Christmas-themed as well, does not require the actual Christmas event to be occurring. This event is a Hardmode, Post-planetera event that is extremely difficult and provides equivalently powerful items as rewards. The event has three bosses throughout it, with each being Everscream, Santa-NK1, and the Ice Queen.

Terraria Frost Moon Event
This is the Frost Moon, which does not require it to be between Dec. 15th - 30th.

Why do the Terraria Christmas event?

There are a plethora of reasons to play the Terraria Christmas event! The biggest of all being because it's the holidays! Playing multiplayer Terraria with friends gives some of the best experiences in gaming, and are magical experiences during the holiday season. If you haven't played in a while, grab your friends, boot up a Shockbyte dedicated server, and get to sleighing!

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