Mordhau is one of the most iconic games of this generation, perfectly encapsulating everything it means to create a first person medieval combat game. From swinging massive two handed hammers to stabbing with villager pitchforks, veterans have spent hundreds of hours honing their craft of slaughtering each other in the vast assortment of ways that the vanilla game allows.

One of the biggest complaints about the game is this barrier to entry due to longtime veterans being such skilled combat experts. Modern day players are so well versed on the current rotation of maps and weaponry, they know the game just as well as the back of their own hands. Unfortunately, this can leave the game feeling unsatisfying for the veterans as well, with a simple solution for everyone involved...Mordhau mods!

Mordhau Modded Server
If you've played any amount of Gmod...this map should look familiar!

Below are some of the absolute best Mordhau Mods available, and Shockbyte makes it easy to install mods directly onto your Mordhau server! Once you've decided on a mod or two (or handful) of mods you'd like on your server, be sure to set them as active mods in your server properties! If you aren't sure how to configure your Mordhau Server, checkout this Shockbyte knowledgebase article:

Here are the Best Mordhau Mods:

Enchanted Platforms | Adamant | Dolls | Sword Game

Grand Cathedral | Cursed Game Mode | Mordcraft City

Survival RPG | Black Knight | Mysterious Land

Enchanted Platforms Mordhau Mod

There is a wide variety of changes that mods can make to Mordhau, from changing characters entirely to adding literal guns to a game full of medieval weaponry. Something that the game desperately needs though is a change of scenery, that modding is eager to provide. The Enchanted Platforms map gives plenty of new areas to hold your cataclysmic battles never held before! With plenty of new parkour areas to evade opponents and juke attacks, combat feels entirely new here!

Mordhau Mod Enchanted Platforms

Adamant Mordhau Map Mod

Up next is another incredible community map fitting perfectly into the already present rotation of maps in the vanilla game of Mordhau! This map perfectly encapsulates the medieval setting with a wide field for dueling, an expansive jousting track for horses, and intricate indoor dungeon systems for a variety of roleplay scenarios. This map is absolutely incredible and features a massive variety of classic castle locations all in one.

Mordhau Mod Castle Interior

Dolls Gmod Map Look-alike

For veterans of Gmod, this map will look eerily familiar, because it is! The classic "Dolls" map from Gmod has been completely remade and revamped to be included in Mordhau through this mod. Our biggest question is...why? Maybe due to the absolute nostalgia of playing TTT on this map for 5+ years, but otherwise we wouldn't place a specific reason. Either way, this map is a trip down memory lane and functions as a perfect FFA area full of fun, slaughter, and carnage.

Mordhau Mod Gmod Dolls

Sword Game

Similar to one of the most iconic game modes across Call of Duty and CSGO entitled "Gun Game", this mod adds a Mordhau equivalent perfectly called, "Sword Game." This game mode easily adds dozens more hours of gameplay to any multiplayer server allowing players to climb through several ranks of weapons as they cycle through all of the weapons across the game. You'll need to get a kill with the warhammer in order to upgrade to the pan! Wait...did you say upgrade..?

Gun Game Mordhau Mod Multiplayer

Grand Cathedral v3

The Grand Cathedral is another incredible map featuring a handful of absolutely iconic dueling scenes throughout it's magnificently lit halls. This map is genuinely stunning with just as many amazing fighting arenas as the previously mentioned Adamant map but with a slightly more colorful spin to it. There is even a dedicated parkour area making it the perfect map for any multiplayer server no matter how large or small the player size!

Mordhau Map Mod

Cursed Game Mode

The Cursed Game Mode is essentially the zombies game mode of multiplayer servers. This modded game mode functions very similarly to a zombies game mode of Halo online, or old custom lobbies of Call of Duty. Something incredibly unique to this mod as well is the completely random loot drops, allowing non-skeleton "Survivors" to upgrade their gear throughout the course of a match to survive the incoming onslaught of undead as the round progresses. A super cool multiplayer Mordhau mod to be sure.

Mordhau Cursed Game Mode

Mordcraft City

Gmod players will feel right at home looking at this Best Mordhau Mods list, as Mordcraft City should look just as familiar as the Dolls map from Gmod. Mordcraft city is another faithful map recreation into Mordhau, transferring a map styled entirely in Minecraft into the perfect FFA arena for your multiplayer server to explore. With plenty of houses to hide in, chests to loot, and underground caverns to delve into, this map has several hours of replayability for a wide variety of game modes built inherently into it.

Mordhau Mod Map

Survival RPG Mordhau Mod

This Survival RPG Mordhau Mod turns your Mordhau multiplayer server into a first person Mordhau MMO, completely changing progression, the map, and the game's core functionality. This mod adds an entirely detailed crafting system, unique armor and equipment to completely change your builds, and both satisfying PvE and PvP combat encounters. Whether you're a fan of MMOs generally or not, this mod is an absolute MUST-try for Mordhau fans.

Mordhau MMO Server
Special thanks to Yeppu on Twitch for their in-game holiday screenshot.

Mordhau Black Knight Mod

This mod functions extremely similar to the mod well known in Chivalry (the game most similarly compared to Mordhau for it's remarkably similar mechanics). The Black Knight Mod allows players to continue fighting despite missing limbs! Limbs are each given a corresponding Health alongside the player's total health, allowing situations where players may lose a limb before they lose their life! This can setup hilarious moments where a player is fighting without arms, or running around without a head. Watch yourself struggle from your decapitated head's angle!

Mordhau Mod Black Knight
This happens naturally in Mordhau anyway, but it's still a little unsettling to see..

Mysterious Land

Mysterious Land is an absolutely incredible mod + map combo adding a wave-based minigame to Mordhau where your multiplayer server of friends will have to fend off an onslaught of enemies. Starting from weak slimes and gradually increasing in strength up to "Phantom Assassins", players will have to level up their skills in order to face the overwhelming enemies they are soon to encounter. Fortunately there are tons of completely unique custom melee weapons and staffs, adding a wide variety of magic spells to the roster of weaponry in Mordhau.

Mordhau Magic Mod

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