SoulMask offers a unique experience with its mask system, allowing players to tailor their gameplay style with the Civilization Mask, the Conquest Mask, and the Rich Mask. Each mask brings its own set of bonuses and requires dedication to unlock its full potential. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide which mask best suits your playstyle.

Each of the masks in Soulmask will only come online the further a player repairs them making it both imperative to quickly repair the player's choice of mask as soon as possible as well as important to determine a player's preferred mask-playstyle so that you don't dump too many resources into restoration of a mask. Fully repairing a mask can take a significant amount of time so the less a player invests into an early mask in preparation for a later mask will significantly improve the speed in which they can repair the later mask once they obtain it.

Soulmask Civilization Mask

Civilization Mask: The Tank's Best Friend

The Civilization Mask is perfect for players who prefer to be on the front lines, taking and surviving damage. With a suite of tank-buffs and self-healing abilities, this mask ensures you can withstand heavy hits and keep on fighting. If you enjoy playing as a resilient character who can endure prolonged battles and support your team with your unyielding presence, the Civilization Mask is your go-to choice.


  • Enhanced survivability with tank-buffs
  • Self-healing abilities for sustained combat
  • Ideal for frontline fighters


  • Less focus on offensive capabilities
  • Might feel slow-paced for aggressive players
Soulmask Conquest Mask

Conquest Mask: The Stealthy Assassin

For those who love the thrill of stealth and precision, the Conquest Mask is unmatched. This mask offers extra experience on kills, making your progress faster. It also enhances stealthy actions, making you less detectable by sound and sight. Additionally, the +10% bonus damage from behind makes it ideal for sneaky assassinations.


  • Extra experience on kills for faster leveling
  • Enhanced stealth abilities
  • Bonus damage from behind for effective ambushes


  • Requires a stealthy, cautious playstyle
  • Less effective in direct confrontations
Soulmask Rich Mask

Rich Mask: The Archer’s Delight

The Rich Mask is tailored for those who prefer ranged combat, particularly with a bow. It increases arrow accuracy, provides a bonus to experience on kills of non-humans, and offers bonus damage with poisoned arrows. If you enjoy picking off enemies from a distance and exploiting weaknesses with precise shots, this mask will enhance your archery skills.


  • Increased accuracy with bows
  • Bonus experience on non-human kills
  • Extra damage with poisoned arrows


  • Limited to effectiveness with bows
  • Less versatile in close combat scenarios
Soulmask Base

Investing in Your Mask

Whichever mask you choose, remember that each one requires repair and further investment to unlock its full potential. As you progress in the game, maintain and upgrade your chosen mask to fully benefit from its unique attributes. Hold onto each of the three initial masks if you aren't a fan of their initial choices.

Summing it Up

Choosing the best mask in SoulMask depends largely on your preferred playstyle:

  • Choose the Civilization Mask if you enjoy tanking and absorbing damage.
  • Opt for the Conquest Mask if stealth and precision strikes are your forte.
  • Select the Rich Mask if you love ranged combat and archery.

Each mask offers a distinct advantage and playstyle, and ultimately, all masks can be obtained later in the game. Your initial choice will set the tone for your early gameplay, so choose wisely and enjoy the immersive experience that SoulMask provides.

Soulmask Mask

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