With the major free update to V Rising soon to be released (the Secrets of Gloomrot update) players have flocked back to the game in preparation for their PVP battles to be more epic and high intensity than ever before. Prepare your siege golems and stay out of the light, as Vampires feasting across Gloomrot will be bringing a lot more pack to their punch.

So FAR through V Rising gameplay trailers and other online leaks, we've been shown a multitude of new bosses, weapons, abilities, and locations across the world marking fantastic new locations you'll be encountering both PVE situations and PVP. As we progress deeper into the details of this update, keep in mind the similarities between V Rising and other PVP survival games like Rust and Ark, where players fight over resources across the map. This will be important when considering where to setup a base, or what bosses to kill for loot!

V Rising Update
Believe it or not, this is actual gameplay footage!

New V Rising Bosses

As stated on the V Rising website, with the free Gloomrot expansion players can look forward to 13 unique new challenging bosses entering the arena within V Rising, offering plenty more V Bloods for players to experiment with and add into their playstyles. These bosses will be functioning identically to the bosses of the original game adding a heaping amount of content with each one felled by the player, with a new V Blood ability, Structure, and potentially more in store.

New bosses providing castle customization options aligns well with what has been teased of the updated building UI system, adding further personalization layers as well as functionality with "all new stairways and expansive gardens." All new color customization should allow players to much more identifiably mark their territory, but will add another layer of torment in seeing it brought to ruin when raided by other players. Be sure to grab your closest Vampiric allies in your time of need!

V Rising Castle Customization

New V Rising Weapons

One of V Rising's biggest draws to players is the wide variety of playstyles created by combining it's plethora of weaponry, abilities, Blood types, and V Blood abilities. Fortunately for veterans and returning fans of the game, alongside this update is a massive overhaul to the combat system, including an entirely new spell school, two new weapon types (duel pistols and massive greatswords), legendary weapons to reforge from broken shards, and even randomly generated gem sockets for a Terraria-esq stat-rerolling experience.

This all fits instrumentally into the entire magic overhaul releasing with this update, providing players with a much more specialized experience in magic than ever before. Each magic school, whether it be Chaos magic, Frost magic, or Illusion, will play exactly as expected and fit well into it's own unique subclass. This variety will add a large customization to vampire squads on public PVP servers, so expect quality team building to begin once this update drops!

V Rising Magic

New V Rising Map

The addition of Gloomrot has changed the world, adding a wide variety of weather hazards across the entirety of Gloomrot as far as the trailers and teasers have described. These will continuously provide additional difficulty to each and every enemy encounter, both PVP and PVE. In addition to lightning strikes from above, and deathly mist encroaching in, Gloomrot provides plenty of safe haven trading hubs as well for players to explore and divulge in.

Just as vanilla V Rising featured many base creatures to be slayed for resources and blood types, Gloomrot is much the same, adding upwards of 30 unique non-boss enemies to meet, shake hands, and have a taste of. The art we've been teased of looks absolutely adorable, but their trailer reveals look much more dangerous of these new enemies with flame throwers and brand new forms of magic. Be prepared to play with your food before you eat it in this update.

V Rising Enemies

Old V Rising Map Update

One incredible addition that Stunlock studios has many veteran players of V Rising looking forward to is the updating of even old portions of the V Rising map. Despite the primary updates of the Secrets of Gloomrot revolving around Gloomrot itself, players have been teased updates to some of the most iconic locations in vanilla V Rising such as Silverlight, the Cursed Forest, and even the simple area of Dunley Farms.

Additions like these are great for new players and old, allowing for a sense of continuity when progressing through the game's content and progressing into Gloomrot. Each of these iconic locations will now feature several new landmarks, and reasons to revisit them post-update. It's a great time for a group of veteran players to host a V Rising server again and checkout all the old monuments before they're changed forever!

Old V Rising Map Update

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