Valheim is a very unique third person souls-like game with base building, item crafting, mount taming, and much more incredible content. The game exploded when it first released as early access, drawing attention from content creators and streamers alike. If you like RPGs and great multiplayer experiences, Valheim is absolutely the game for you.

Having a very linear sense of direction, the game Valheim came to a screeching halt when players originally completed the current content available. We wrote a different article about The Ultimate Valheim Progression Guide and Tips where we outlined everything involved with this progression. With this update we see one of the few remaining biomes finally come to life!

Valheim Mistlands Biome Border
Unlike anywhere else in Valheim, the Mistlands are truly walking into the unknown.

Valheim Roadmap

First and foremost we've got to get you up to speed on Valheim's controversy before we can dive into the current state of the game. Valheim being an early access game, originally had very grandeur dreams. Releasing a roadmap for 2021 proved to be their downfall as the year flew by and promised updates were continually delayed. See that roadmap here.

The Mistlands were originally on that Roadmap to be released and were a full biome to explore originally as well. Full of dark skies and massive spiderwebs, the Mistlands the first players experienced are much different than the one now released. With the Mistlands on the 2021 Roadmap and their eventual release now, December of 2022, we're sure you can see the issues.

Valheim Old Mistlands Screenshot

Valheim New Content

Due to this prolonged period of missing updates, players have clung to the Hearth and Home Update and Valheim Mods to keep themselves interested in the downtime. Despite such a long wait, a massive amount of content has been released alongside the Mistlands update with much of it revolving around the Mistlands themselves!

Added in this update was:

  • More than 35 new buildings and furniture
  • 25 new Craftable items such as Armors and Weapons
  • 20 new unique crafting materials
  • 15 New Food items
  • 9 New creatures and the new Mistlands Boss, The Queen
  • A handful of new crafting tables, extensions, and gatherers
  • Holiday Yule items are now enabled for the festive season
  • and many many more minor additions!
The Valheim Gjall are horrifying new flying creatures making warplane noises overhead.

Valheim The Queen

The Queen in Valheim is a brand new boss introduced alongside the Mistlands update. This boss is considered the strongest, most difficult boss to date, requiring a massive amount of preparation involved to even get into the bosses' lair. The Mistlands in general require the highest tier armor and weapons obtainable in the Plains to survive entering alone.

Enemies are always around the corner in the Mistlands, with the only safe areas being the Dvergr outposts. These are gnome-like mages and rogues who are neutral NPCs unless the player attempts to harm them or take their items. They are difficult to fight in their own right, but removing their Ward stone will allow players to claim the outposts for their own.

Valheim Mistlands Queen Boss
The Queen is both a fearsome and utterly horrifying foe to join Valheim's roster.

Valheim New Enemies

Among The Queen's servants are Ticks, Seekers, and Seeker Soldiers. Each of these are dangerous new enemies able to quickly take down a well equipped adventurer. In order to find the queen, there is a massive dungeon in the very center of the Mistlands biome. This is a very deep dungeon filled with secret holes, buttons, and endless enemies.

Mistlands Dungeon Valheim Update

Valheim New Friends

As mentioned before, the new Dvergr NPCs are kindhearted characters who speak to you as you approach them. Wishing you good luck on your travels, and remarks about the noise you're causing. It's like your gnomish next door neighbor! They will also defend you from Seekers and Ticks if enemies get too close to their abodes.

Time to revisit Valheim

The game has come a long way since it's initial launch and much has changed. Alongside the Mistlands release there has been a massive update to combat and pushing enemies. Much of the game has been optimized and many regular bugs have been fixed. If there has ever been a time to gather your warriors and revisit Valheim, it 'ought to be now!

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