The long-awaited Valheim Ashlands update has descended upon us like a blazing comet, catching players by surprise with its sudden release. The Developers at Iron Gate have unleashed this free update, inviting brave adventurers to plunge into the boiling waters and charred landscapes of the game's newest biome. But beware, for with new lands come new perils, and only the boldest of Vikings will emerge triumphant.

This harrowing new biome is the farthest late-game content that Valheim has to offer, even more difficult than The Queen. This means that unprepared adventurers will be surely met with harsh resistance from the difficult climate and deadly inhabitants of the Ashlands.  Look forward to the most heart-pounding experience to date in Valheim with new weapons, enemies, and areas to explore than ever the Valheim Ashlands Update!

Valheim Update

How to get to the Valheim Ashlands

As players venture forth into the Ashlands, they'll discover a realm teeming with danger and opportunity alike. Scaling new landscapes and facing off against formidable foes, they'll need to summon all their courage to survive the fiery crucible that awaits; And with brand-new resources waiting to be unearthed, the opportunity to outfit oneself with powerful gear beckons—provided one can withstand the searing heat.

Getting there will be a difficult task of it's own however, as massive sea-spikes block your boat from even reaching the scorching shores of the Ashlands. Massive pillars surround the entire biome preventing even the most hardened Vikings from entering and simply being in the surrounding water continuously damages all wooden boats in the vicinity. The water itself will soon crumble your boat into pieces, so once you've begun your journey towards this biome- make it quick, as it's now sink or swim.

Valheim Ashlands Waters
Head directly south in any Valheim world to enter the Ashlands biome.

Valheim Ashlands Update New Features

At the heart of the Ashlands lies Flametal, a coveted material that promises to unlock a new era of weaponry. With Flametal in hand, players can craft formidable weapons such as the Slayer greatsword, Slitnir spear, and Ripper crossbow. But the power of these weapons can be further enhanced with the infusion of jade, bloodstone, and iolite gems, granting them newfound powers to smite their foes.

Flametal has actually been in the game for several updates and players have been able to enter the "Ashlands" and find it strewn across the landscape. Until now however it has yet to serve a purpose, so if your multiplayer party of friends has a long-time multiplayer server, now is the perfect time to jump back in! With many new weapons, a battering ram, and even new crafting tables, there are tons of reasons to return to Valheim!

Valheim Ashlands Update

Valheim, the Nether Update

The Charred enemies, reanimated dead that haunt the Ashlands, fortify themselves behind imposing fortresses, presenting a formidable challenge to would-be conquerors. Yet, with the introduction of the catapult and battering ram siege weapons, players gain a new means of turning the tide of battle. These powerful tools offer a fresh dimension to combat, allowing players to breach the defenses of their adversaries and claim victory over their massive hulking castles.

Much of the Ashlands may remind players of the Nether from Minecraft! The Charred enemies appear very similar to the Wither skeletons of Nether Fortresses, and the massive fortresses across the realm feel like you are conquering the Piglin Bastions. The torn landscape, lava spewing forth from various areas; Minecraft players will feel right at home in this new super-heated biome.

Valheim Ashlands Castle

Valheim Ashlands Update, New Enemies

Among the myriad dangers that lurk in the Ashlands, none are more fearsome than the Fallen Valkyrie and the relentless Morgen. With wings that cast long shadows upon the ground, the Fallen Valkyrie sweeps down from the skies, striking terror into the hearts of those below. Meanwhile, the starving Morgen prowls the land, a silent predator waiting to pounce upon unsuspecting prey. In this unforgiving wilderness, vigilance is key to survival.

With several new flying enemies, magical casters, lava slime-blobs, and even giant ballista turrets atop the Charred Castles, players have a myriad of new dangers to be weary of. It will take your best gear and likely decently leveled skills in order to overcome much of the new challenges this update throws at it's players.

Valheim Ashlands Monument

Reminder: Each Valheim Update is Endgame

Valheim Ashlands is not for the faint of heart. Iron Gate recommends starting a new world to fully immerse yourself in the challenges that await, for Ashlands is more than just another biome—it's a crucible of fire and fury where only the strongest will prevail. As Valheim producer Andreas Tomasson aptly puts it, "Ashlands is supposed to feel like a struggle, and players should expect a challenge."

Once you have conquered each and every other boss in your world, only then will your have the power required to likely take on both individuals enemies in the Ashlands, but the strength to grow further within the lava-biome, to take on the newest challenges that lie at the heart of it's strongest challenges. Do not forget that each Valheim Update is the hardest content in the game, meaning you cannot simply jump into a new game and play it. You will be required to scale back up and re-topple each boss before you; Then, you can explore Iron Gate's newest additions to this beloved title.

Valheim Ashlands Biome

The Long Awaited Valheim Ashlands Update

Valheim Ashlands is a testament to the enduring appeal of this beloved survival game, offering players a fresh and thrilling adventure that promises both danger and excitement in equal measure. Players have been eager for this update since the game's initial release in February of 2021. Ever since then, players have been exploring the lava-covered desert that is the Ashlands, eager to see what would become of this biome in the future; Finally, here we are.

Whether you're a seasoned Viking or a newcomer to the fray, the Ashlands beckon, ready to test your mettle against the fires of adversity. Will you rise to the challenge and carve your own legend amidst the flames, or will you be consumed by the inferno? The choice is yours, brave warrior.

Valheim Ashlands Forest

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