Terraria Labor of Love Private Server Update Teaser
A beautiful looking Terraria house build, completely underwater! 

The third "final update" to Terraria, Labor of Love, comes directly after the release of Journey's End and Journey's Actual End. Re-Logic has spoken about this update, calling it simple quality of life changes but despite this, the update is still bringing a handful of new items and paint into the game.

Terraria 1.4.4 Labor of Love Update Changes
Painted mushrooms adorably glow the colour they are painted!

New Terraria Pets and More

Some of the new and exciting things being added in the Labor of Love Update are:

  • A total of 17 new creatures, including new jungle-biome Macaws and 8 variations of the new "Town Slime".
  • A ton of new pets! The Caveling Farmer from Core Keeper and the Resplendent Dessert to name a few.
  • New coral themed walls and furniture as seen above.
  • New bread items, wood types, and...liquids?
  • A new "Lilith's Necklace" accessory, turning the player into a wolf (alternate to using a mount).
  • Locked Chests for all your pesky public server thieves.
  • The magic mirror can now be crafted.
  • A "Biome Sight Potion" allowing players to see highlighted blocks of Hallow, Crimson, and Corruption for easy biome cleaning.
Terraria Labor of Love Update NPC and Pets Private Server
Taking a last look at the Terraria Dungeon NPC before the "final" update arrives.

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Terraria Boss Updates and QoL Changes

There are also a handful of exciting changes coming to existing parts of the game:

  • Overall, many weapons have received a range, speed, or damage buff with sentries getting an increase in duration from 2 minutes to 10.
  • The Hive Pack has received a buff, significantly increasing the damage and fire rate of all bee-related gear.
  • Buffing furniture, such as the Ammo Box, Bewitching Table, and Clairvoyance, now last until death rather than their old 10 minute timer.
  • Lanterns and Banners can now be hung from wooden platforms in four different positions.
  • The entirety of the pirate event and boss have had it's drop rates doubled, some even 10x increased for the Flying Dutchman.
  • Plantera and the Golem have been slightly altered in spawn rates and other unidentified ways.
  • A lot of accessories have been changed, with Sandstorm in a Bottle now having a guaranteed way to obtain it.
Terraria Pirate Invasion Public Server Singleplayer
The Terraria Pirate Invasion will be giving a lot better loot now!

Terraria Journey Mode

Similar to Minecraft's Creative Mode, Terraria is putting a heavier emphasis on their Journey Mode. It will be replacing Classic as the default difficulty for new characters moving forward, allowing new players to adjust difficulty and approach the game at a much different pace. Veterans to the game will still have their harder difficulty options with just a simple click during character customisation.

There are also a handful of other changes to make player's lives easier. Item stack sizes have significantly increased, with players now being able to stack items up to 9999 for almost every item. The amount of buffs a player can have on at the same time has also increased, alongside many more demoralising death messages.

If you are interested in seeing all of the exact details compiled by the community about the Terraria Labor of Love Update, checkout the wiki's list here:

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