Counter-Strike: Source is the younger brother predecessor of the world's most well renowned competitive shooter, CS:GO also known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. CS: Source having been released almost 8 years prior, the game has notably earlier graphics, gun physics, and incredibly unique character movement but was still known to change the landscape of the shooter-genre at it's time of release. Since then, much has changed about modern shooters and even Counter-Strike as a whole, but one thing always remains: land your Deagle headshots.

Counter-Strike: Source changed FPS gaming as we know it, with it's addition of the "bunny-hop", private servers becoming a mainstay in CS:GO with surfing and hide and seek, and even the esports industry seeing massive influence with CS:S at it's helm. While many other shooter games dominate the gaming landscape at this point in the modern era, the game's unique mechanics and tight controls still maintain a player base that other classic titles cannot. Nearly infinite modding and custom servers now allow players to play Counter-Strike: Source however they like.

Counter Strike Source Modding Screenshot
The ultimate super-weapon made by Counter-Strike: Source modding! Source here.

Counter-Strike: Source Gmod

Many longtime Value veterans may actually know of Counter Strike Source due to it's necessities for players playing Gmod. Gmod is a widely popular sandbox online multiplayer game where players have created an absolutely massive playground of game modes, everything from social deduction to parkour, roleplay, and hide and seek. The game is a hub for gamers looking to enjoy multiplayer servers with their friends, making it the ideal game to try out hosting a server yourself!

Gmod makes Counter-Strike source even more infamous though in that players who do NOT own the former game will see purple pixelated textures all throughout the world due to missing files within their game's textures for the environment. Many maps that players use are old maps from Counter Strike Source, making ownership of the original game even more important for being able to play on these maps.

Gmod Counter Strike Source

Counter-Strike 2 Release

One of the biggest news of the century is the upcoming release of Counter Strike 2 that is coming over the horizon. Gamers across the world have been eagerly awaiting Counter Strike Global Offensive's next in line release, and the ultimate follow-up to the game that changed the FPS genre: Counter-Strike: Source. There has been many clips and content creators as well as players have been given the opportunity to playtest the upcoming title alongside it's competitive landscape-changing features such as isometric smoke grenades and randomized gun spray.

CS 2 is set to be released sometime this September in 2023, and fans of Counter Strike are beyond eager to hop right in. Many other players are skeptical though and are eager to return to their roots, with the player base of CS:GO and CS:S skyrocketing in the recent months. If you'd like to re-live some of the greatest moments in FPS gaming history, try hosting a Counter-Strike: Source server yourself today with Shockbyte!

Counter Strike 2 Smokes
Counter Strike 2 Smoke changes are about to change FPS gaming forever.

Counter-Strike Source Servers

There are so many types of servers still alive and full of players on Counter-Strike: Source with over four thousand players active on Steamcharts. Everything from your casual team deathmatch server to a popular surf server, there are also plenty of extremely wacky maps and game modes to customize a server far beyond the vanilla experience. With CS: Source almost being released two decades ago, there are hundreds of player-made maps to try out on your own private server.

On top of it all, there are even plenty of non-combat game modes that eventually carried over into CS:GO such as hide and seek, tag, parkour, and many more extremely fun casual options that don't involve the same level of competitive FPS gameplay that many people expect from the Counter-Strike series. If you're a fan of finding unique ways to enjoy a game with friends and family, then CS: Source is sure not to disappoint that experience.

Counter Strike Source Zombie Gamemode
A fan favorite game mode for CS: Source is Zombies!

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