Terraria is an adventure, monster slaying game that's extremely unique compared to many other games in it's genre, in that you must continuously upgrade your gear before approaching a newer, more devastating challenge or boss that will continually unlock another progression in your gear upgrade system. Similar to Minecraft or Valheim, when you create the world of which your adventure will begin, you can input a seed to determine the natural generation of that world. This is the moment where you can heavily manipulate the difficulty of your playthrough by pre-decisions of your world.

There are plenty of Terraria seed viewers, but the all time easiest one is TerraMap, available completely for free on Github here. This will allow you to checkout all of the following Terraria seeds online prior to fully playing them, and can double-confirm each and every pro and con we'll bring up on our list. It'll also help you plan out each of your boss arenas which is especially helpful for finding underground ones such as the Queen Bee and the Golem.

Terraria Underground Jungle

Terraria Secret World Seeds

Terraria is a unique title in that there are a handful of seeds that actually contain extremely unique generations of the world that are NOT randomized like most other seeds. These seeds have been put into the game by the developers to either celebrate a special event, or to create a truly unique experience for the player completely unlike anything else the game has provided before. Whether it be as a form of curiosity, or simply self-torture, even the wackiest of Terraria seeds are worth checking out with friends!

A list of Terraria's Secret World Seeds:

  • Drunk World
  • Not the Bees
  • Celebrationmk10
  • The Constant
  • No Traps
  • Don't Dig Up
  • For the Worthy
  • and to do it ALL at once: get fixed boi
Terraria get fixed boi seed
Surface Jungle Temples...Corrupt floating treasure islands...The "get fixed boi" seed has got it all.

Terraria Shockbyte Seed

With billions of seed possibilities out there, why not give Shockbyte a try? It features an extremely easy enchanted sword spawn, just to the left of the world, and below the enchanted sword is a wonderous pool of shimmer. Tossing a wide variety of items into the pool of shimmer will provide the player with an extremely helpful output of items as well, making a shimmer location away from dangerous underground biomes such as the corruption or desert an extremely valuable part of the seed.

The seed is additionally nice due to the spawn's close proximity to an open pyramid to plunder immediately to the player's right, as well as several low-hanging treasure islands above. Using only starting wood materials, players should be able to scale up to the first treasure island from the living-wood tree on their way to enchanted sword spawn on the left side of the world. Players will find themselves absolutely not lacking Queen bee spawn locations either.

Terraria Shockbyte Seed

Terraria an Early Walk in the Dungeon

One seed that's gained notoriety among Terraria players is the seed: "100865193" due to it's ability to simply waltz into the dungeon without defeating the Skeletron. This is all fake! Don't listen to these false hope spreaders, as there is two current problems with this seed! Firstly, no matter how "open" the Dungeon is, if a player starts to explore the dungeon below the depth of zero, they will be immediately killed by the Dungeon Guardian.

Secondly, after recent updates to the game, this seed has seen it's fair share of updates as well, patching the otherwise massive hole in the dungeon-side. Players can freely explore the entryway of the dungeon, looting the bookshelves for spell books and potions to their heart's content, but beware with how deep your party intends to traverse. If even a single party member gains aggression of the Dungeon Guardian, it will hunt down each and every player on the server, slaying them relentlessly.

Terraria Dungeon Seed
Skeletron isn't too hard anyway, just grab yourself a gun and do it the right way guys.

Terraria Constant Seed

The Terraria "Constant" seed should provide a brand new challenge to players who are extremely familiar with the game, as well as longtime fans of Don't Starve! This crossover event seed plunges the entire world into a slightly unfamiliar darkness, with a Don't Starve orange-hue plaguing the entire screen. While eating food in Terraria has always provided the player with a temporary stat-buff, it is now an absolute requirement, and is tracked on your buff-bar in the upper left.

If you're getting peckish, make sure to fish up some more food, or have a handful of mushrooms or you'll find your health start to drain away as well! This seed rightfully makes you want to start up a Don't Starve Together server with how much it feels like you're forced to continually eat. If you're a longtime Terraria veteran, this seed is absolutely worth a try with the friend group.

Terraria Constant Seed

Terraria thisisaverygoodseed

The last seed on this list is one with one of, if not the best, Living Wood tree in the history of Terraria. This Living Wood tree features 4 chests all within eyesight sporting great starting loot for any players looking to begin another Terraria run. No matter the difficulty, this tree will also feature a minimum of one Life Crystal along it's trunk, and it perfectly feeds into an underground Mushroom biome with a mushroom house, and another mushroom chest (with EVEN MORE LOOT!)

The seed: "thisisaverygoodseed" makes for an incredible start to any run; simply walk directly left of spawn until you hit the first Living Wood tree, and rake in the wealth! You'll most likely have ran into upwards of 2 - 3 other chests along the way too, so you can thank us later. Good luck on your run Terrarians!

Terraria Easiest Seed Most Loot

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