Eco is one of the most completely unique survival crafting games of the last half-decade, leaning extremely heavily into crafting portion of the survival crafting genre. Despite having survival elements such as consuming food, hostile mobs, and a "health" of sorts in the form of calories, the game is much more centered around building and government than survival, despite it's application to the genre.

Due to this massive focus on player governments and building, multiplayer servers for Eco are largely ingrained into it's gameplay. Fortunately, Shockbyte is incredibly excited to announce we now provide dedicated server hosting for Eco! With an incredibly expansive world, detailed data maps about each and every process across the Eco planet, and infinite building options; players require an extremely strong server to assure the best gameplay experience possible.

Eco Multiplayer Server

Eco Global Survival

The survival aspect of Eco rather than revolving around individual players generally revolves around the planet much more, as much of the planet's resources and farming tend to suffer heavily as players continue to pollute the surrounding world. Players use in-game graphs and databases to study the slowly shaping world according to their actions, informing themselves on how to optimize a balance between pollution and resource extraction.

While combat is also nonexistent in Eco, one of the more (and very uniquely in comparison to other modern titles) fleshed out mechanics of the game is it's multiplayer government officials system, where players are designated as roles in the government through official elections. Even laws are voted into action by the citizens, influencing the city financially and culturally which gives Eco a completely unique feel in comparison to many other multiplayer survival games.

Eco Global Survival

Eco Game Servers

One of the biggest issues the game suffers from is also it's massive focus ON multiplayer, making high quality multiplayer server an extremely integral part of the experience. Players generally hop from server to server, searching for a solid community of players worth committing time towards. Most Eco servers are poorly run, and aren't run by dedicated server hosts, leading to short hours of uptime, laggy experiences, and only last about a week or two.

Instead, hosting an Eco server yourself with a server host provider will guarantee the best gameplay experience for all players, with 100% uptime so anyone is able to play no matter their time zone. The game also features an expansive economical system with increasing prices according to supply and demand, making higher player counts very important for each functioning server.

Eco Supply and Demand

Eco Building

There are many critiques of Eco's gameplay, from the pollution only being a minor issue in the game, to it's individual survival gameplay being extremely lackluster. Fighting hostile mobs such as alligators and wolves is extremely unentertaining for players, and has lead to solid backlash from the community about this portion of the game.

It does however have a great building system, allowing players to create intricate structures and largescale buildings reminiscent of skyscrapers across modern cities. These buildings are functional too, serving as everything from homes for individual players to store their vehicles, to "company" structures for business to store their excess goods for trade and otherwise. This leads to the creation of magnificent cities from the start of nothing but grass. Oh human innovation!

Eco Server Online

Eco Server Knowledgebase

Shockbyte is proud to present our lengthy Knowledgebase articles as well alongside the release of Eco server hosting, featuring a total of 15 articles so far, detailing everything from getting your server started, setting up additional moderators, and installing a few of the most popular mods. If you find yourself ever getting stuck while hosting an Eco server, always checkout the Shockbyte Knowledgebase!

Shockbyte also provides 24/7 global support, eager to help no matter what issue arises if you aren't able to find a solution amongst the Knowledgebase articles, so feel free to reach out if you get too lost.

Eco Server Hosting Multiplayer

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