Create YOUR story in the stunning block-based world of Vintage Story! Enter the incredible world of Vintage Story with your multiplayer exploration party and face the many eldritch horrors that lurk beneath the depths. On your journey you'll forage for food, upgrade your gear, drink at the local pub, and many other iconic roleplaying aspects of any incredible Medieval Fantasy game. Vintage Story is sure to satisfy any adventurer's lust for personal growth.

On top of it all, your party will nearly never run out of content to play due to Vintage Story's very intentional readable-source license allowing modders full access to absolutely everything required to create mods as quickly and efficiently as possible. With it's very own mod api to add in-game content, it's easy for anyone to get started modding, and multiplayer servers can pick them up easily over the forums to get started playing! Create brand new stories IN Vintage Story!

Vintage Story Modded Server Hosting

Vintage Story Game Roadmap

While Vintage Story is already a uniquely expansive game with easily hundreds of multiplayer hours of gameplay involved, the developers have taken an incredibly unique approach to the game's launch: everything from it's extensive development of tons of awesome mechanics, choosing not to sell on Steam until much later, as well as using player-owned servers! Each of these choices are incredibly impactful on the game's future as a whole and we are eager to see it grow from them!

Vintage Story is still in deep development! Despite having officially launched and being a fully-fledged game, the Vintage Story development team has announced their plans to still add TONS of interesting content to the game with some of the most appealing being: Animal Riding, Immersive Crafting, Continental World Generation, Procedural Dungeon Generation, Story Events/NPCs, and a number of high stakes late-game boss fights.

Vintage Story Boss Fight

Vintage Story Mods

Modding is at the core of Vintage Story's community due to it's extremely low barrier to entry and wide selection of options on the community forum. The Vintage Story team have made finding mods easy as well with an incredible mod search page available for all players here. If you're looking to further expand your Vintage Story gameplay try installing the Primitive Survival mod, Expanded Foods, or one of the many awesome pet-taming mods out there!

These mods all allow players to completely change their gameplay with brand new goals to accomplish and areas of the game to focus on. Primitive Survival provides players in the earliest stages of the stone-age a plethora of more options in terms of living-off-the-land whether that be creating traps, eating bugs, or additional fishing! Combine this mod with Expanded foods and others, and your adventuring party will be tackling dozens more hours of gameplay on top of the base game!

Vintage Story Mods Primitive Survival Trapping

Vintage Story Hardcore Survival

Vintage Story isn't all rainbows, sunshine, and modding though as players have plenty of health considerations to keep in mind as they traverse this eldritch inspired landscape! Using an incredible Unreal world simulator, Vintage Story is able to completely emulate changing seasons with all the soil fertility, weather patterns, and rain/downfall that comes along with it.

Vintage Story doesn't just simulate seasons changing; it also constantly tracks player body temperature, food spoilage, block physics, farming, animal behavior, and so much more to create a living, thriving world for your multiplayer party to completely immerse yourselves in. While all of this can be completely breathtaking: do be sure to keep an eye on all of your vital signs or you'll quickly become part of the ever-changing mineralogy.

Vintage Story Snow Player Multiplayer Server

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