Ark Survival Ascended has released it's second Creature Vote, now covering the next map: Aberration. This comes after Ark Survival Ascended's first community creature vote for the Ragnarok map, which has had it's own share of community backlash due to the overwhelming online discourse due to Ark: Survival Ascended's release. If you aren't up to date on all the drama involved, you'll definitely want to get yourself informed here: Ark Survival Ascended; Everything to Consider

Alongside this drama, the community has seen a positive response to the regular community creature votes that Studio Wildcard regularly holds. This positivity comes in the form of creature-creativity, bringing a wide variety of ideas to the table for Studio Wildcard to potentially incorporate into the newly recreated Aberration map for players to enjoy. To participate yourself, head over to this link and start voting on your favorite options for creatures!

Ark Survival Ascended Aberration Community Creature Vote

Ark Survival Aberration: the Motobite

The Motobite is one of the runner-ups for the Aberration creature vote and is fairly popular among the community due to it's extremely unique naming scheme and perfect fit into the map as a whole. The name is iconic for it's depiction of a "Motorbike," but is instead a "bite" due to it's bug-like features and perfect fit into the underground infested map of Aberration!

Originally based on an extinct species of bugs called the Flexicalymene, these bug-like creatures had a ribbed-shell around their body that was most likely used for protection. When enlarged for Ark Survival and adding a wheel function these carapace could be use for player seating in addition to protection! The color scheme matches the surrounding area perfectly as well, fitting directly into the map.

Ark Survival Ascended Motobite

Ark Survival Aberration: Yi Qi

While this creature is technically based off an originally very real creature called the Yi Qi, the creature we are dealing with is actually officially named the Yi Xue, due to Yi Qi meaning "Strange Wing" in Chinese, and Yi Xue meaning "Bloody Wing" instead. Bloody Wing is much more appropriate as players are able to coat the Yi Xue's wings in a wide variety of toxins causing everything from dizziness, to slowness, blinding, stuns, fire, and much more.

Over time the Yi Qi is able to accumulate feathers that it can also use to shoot as projectiles, progressively collecting them as a massive stockpile for players to fire at the enemy of their choice! Did I mention the Yi Qi is also able to glide (not flying though) so watch out for a deadly barrage of a Yi Qi toxin-infused bombing run should this creature succeed the community vote!

Ark Survival Ascended Community Creature Vote Yi Qi

Ark Survival Aberration: Koolasuchus

The Koolasuchus is one horrifying sea creature that probably haunts the nightmares of most modern day sea-enjoyers who lay their eyes on it. This massive creature is about the size of several humans combined and far long enough to swallow that many in one bite as well. Coming with several rows of razor-sharp teeth, creatures (or humans) caught by these teeth will be prompted to struggle as much as they can or succumb to the Koolasuchus' stomach.

Ordinarily though most prey would stay FAR away from these massive creatures, but they have developed a cloaking ability similar to rock drakes. They remain completely still like real life alligators and quickly pounce on prey that comes within their vicinity, holding on for dear life. Should a creature escape their grasp or retreat onto land, their high-powered water spray abilities can also be used to briefly stun an opponent for another bite attempt.

Ark Survival Ascended Creature Vote Aberration Koolasuchus
These data-entry mock-ups are just SO SICK to look at aren't they?

Ark Survival Aberration: Teraterpeton

The next creature has a similar shape and is also a water-based creature, but utilizes it's tongue to capture prey due to it's insanely fast puncture speed and razer-sharp edges. This creature is the Teraterpeton! This creature is up there as well in community popularity, most likely seeing some of the most community exposure amongst those in this list. Despite it's powerful tongue attack, this creature still chooses a stealth approach as it's primary choice of hunting.

In addition to outright plunging the Teraterpeton's spiky tongue through the chest of it's enemies, it's tongue is also coated in a venomous poison, capable of disabling most creatures for a short time. This allows the creature to find a great home among many other creatures on Aberration, outright killing those smaller than it and stunning the larger creatures for long enough for it to flee. Like the previous entry as well, it is also blessed with a personal cloaking mechanism.

Ark Survival Evolved Community Creature Vote Aberration

And that's just a barnful of them...

While we covered about four of the incredible creatures features in this community creature vote here today, there is a total of TEN whopping monsters coming to the vote for Ark Survival Ascended on the Aberration map. Be wary though as arachnophobes will find themselves drowning in insects with many of the remaining choices, although they all do fit extremely nicely into the Aberration map.

If you missed the last Ark Survival Ascended Community Creature Vote and want to check out some of the creatures featured in that vote, definitely check out the blog post below! Until next time and don't forget to vote!

Ark Survival Ascended Ornimegalonyx
Check out this super sick giant owl creature that is also an option for Aberration!

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