With the CSGO update turning it officially into CSGO2, also known as Counter-Strike 2, players were completely taken off guard as this is not at all what the community expected Valve to do with the game when they released their initial teasers a week prior. With only a single update, players have seen the entire presentation of CSGO turn into Counter-Strike 2 overnight, making it appear as though CSGO no longer even exists within player's Steam libraries. This alone has taken much of the community by surprise, quickly taking to social media in fear of losing their long-held CSGO inventories.

This fear is absolutely valid as well, as the teaser that debuted the release of Counter-Strike 2 was extremely ominous and included no actual details for the community to prepare. Much of online gaming assumed it was the true release date, but Valve had never officially confirmed anything, leaving Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players to think that Counter-Strike 2 would be a brand new game added to steam sometime September 27th. Instead, players woke up that morning to find they no longer owned CSGO, and it has been entirely replaced BY CS2 in the process- rightfully scaring many.

Counter-Strike 2 Steam Page
CSGO overnight turned into an unexpected new game page of Counter-Strike 2.

CSGO Skins Transfer to CS2

While there is a lot of justifiable fear in this unexpected transition, veteran CSGO players need not worry about losing any of their valuable inventories in the process. The Valve team intentionally overlaid Counter-Strike 2 overtop of CSGO so that player's inventories within the game would remain across all areas of the game, both in custom lobbies and in public formats. Whether you're climbing the new Premier Mode ranked ladder or playing a custom CSGO surf lobby with your friends, you'll still have access to your same CSGO skins. Knives, guns, and all.

With the sheer worth that CSGO skins have risen to nowadays, the Valve team was almost forced to keep implementation of their value within the meta as they are valuable reasons some players keep playing. There are many players of CSGO who are drawn into the game by the wide trading economy and online gambling sites that circulate the game's most popular skins over social media. These skins can sell for several thousand dollars online, adding further to their importance in CS2.

CS2 Guns Skins
The new equipment screen looks incredibly stylish, just wish it wasn't such a surprise at the time!

Rising Prices of Counter-Strike 2 Skins

Since the announcement of Counter-Strike 2's eventual release, CSGO has seen an overwhelming resurgence of players, driving the prices of rare skins and the skin-base in general higher and higher. Players at all levels of play are eager to get their hands on rare skins and stickers, opening cases for content online, for the thrill of the gamble, and for the flex during matches. With such a drastic spike in players, these CSGO skin prices are at an all time high, breaking some of their former records on the market.

CSGO's own "SkinLand" website reported a drastic increase in skin prices since the beginning of the year as players have flooded back to the widely popular shooter, with even low-rarity skins seeing an increase of several hundred dollars in value. The rarely obtained case "Operation Bravo" that players can receive simply by playing, sports an extremely high price tag that only rises as more players flood to the game with Counter-Strike 2's release. This higher player base also causes more cases to be opened, but can't nearly keep up with demand to lower the inflation.

CS2 Skins Transfer CSGO Skins

What about the look: CSGO Skins

There has been major public bash lash however after the visual updates from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to CS2, with many skins looking just slightly different in the brand new Source 2 engine. This slight difference however can make a MASSIVELY overwhelming difference in the CSGO skin community, sometimes determining several hundred dollars worth of value on skins depending on the pattern, shine, or design. While it may seem miniscule to a wide majority of players, it is taken very seriously by another percentage and has been vocal online.

While many CSGO skin collector veterans saw a massive up spike in the value of their skins due to the influx of players with the release of Counter-Strike 2, specific skins saw a diverse controversy online in their new value, and collectors who prefer to use their weapons rather than trading them have been even more apparent online with their distaste of the new visuals. These online opinions may be just growing pains of the community transitioning into CS2 from CSGO, but only time will tell if these thoughts will remain across social media.

CSGO Badge CS2

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