Don't Starve Together or DST for short, has just seen an absolutely incredible update entitled the "Terror Below" update, that is currently only playable in Beta versions of the game. Fortunately, this Beta version of the game is open to the public and playable on all Shockbyte servers by setting the beta tag to: "updatebeta". If you're a longtime veteran of the game with a world in the late stages of Don't Starve Together, this would be a great time to pick the game back up!

This update adds a brand new crafting station, a new set of armor with a set bonus, and two new void tools. The update released extremely recently, meaning numbers and game functionality are still subject to change, but overall players can look forward to Cave rifts now being a permanent addition to the game. Alongside this, several new monsters will be running around after the defeat of the Ancient Fuelweaver, including their Cave-rift mini-boss counterparts!

Don't Starve Together Terror Below Update

Don't Starve Together Void Armor Set

The newest void armor set in DST consists of three pieces, the void cowl, the void robe, and one of two in-hand items: the Shadow Reaper, or the Umbralla. To create these items, you'll need one of the newest crafting stations added in the beta update: the Shadowcraft Plinth. To create THAT crafting station, you'll need to bring 5 Nightmare Fuel, 2 Dreadstone, and 1 Pure Horror to an Ancient Pseudoscience Station in the ruins. Once you've got the Shadowcraft Plinth kit though, you're still missing the required materials to create the void gear.

Let's get the materials then! While waiting for the Ancient Gateway to recharge, a Beckoning Shadow-hand will request 5 Dreadstone. If you provide the hand it's request, it will summon Charlie, who will repair the Ancient Gateway, and begin summoning Rifts throughout the caves. These rifts function almost identically to Lunar Rifts, and summon brand new monsters (shown above) when approached. Slaying these monsters provides the item dark tatters which is used in creation of each of the newest items and armor pieces.

DST Charlie Shadowcraft Plinth and Shadow Reaper

Don't Starve Together Shadow Reaper and Umbralla

The Shadow Reaper and Umbralla are two of the newest tools added in the Terror Below beta update, which both function very uniquely in the game's most late game gearsets. The Umbralla functions extremely similarly to the Eyebrella while maintaining it's full capacity for a total of 15 days rather than the Eyebrella's 9. It is also uniquely incredible in it's ability to counter acid rain's degrading effect on player's items, food, and

Alongside this, the Shadow Reaper has added a whopping insanely complicated mathematical formula for damage calculations. While wearing the full void set and repeatedly attacking enemies with the Shadow Reaper, the set provides a damage bonus that continually scales up dependent on the amount of swings so far. The calculations get even weirder against enemies with armor, and then starts including square roots when enemies are planar. Checkout the Shadow Reaper damage calculations here.

DST Void Robes and Cowl on Wilson

Everything in the Don't Starve Together Terror Below Beta

There is a handful of other additions in the beta update so far, like the addition of the Scrapbook, where players can see all the creatures and items they have encountered so far which doubles as an achievements page of sorts, giving players an area in which they can 100% the game in a completionism format. Once the item has been seen and recorded in the scrapbook, it can also be referred to at any time, allowing players to see it's crafting recipe and stats anywhere.

In addition to this, there is a handful of other minor additions such as: the newest Dreadstone walls, Acid Rain in the caves creating Nitre formations at ponds, the ability to also get Dark Tatters by killing rogue Fused Shadelings, and the super cool new Resting Horrors in the ruins. Some of the community isn't as interested in the update though, citing it's unique additions of elements to the late game of DST as lazy updates. As things are in Beta, much is still subject to change, but the community is currently unamused by Klei Entertainment's next big update to DST.

DST Fused Shadeling and Resting Horror

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