Another loot and exploration game along a similar vein as Terraria has been absolutely taking the indie shelves by storm entitled Necesse! Rather than the 2D side scrolling action we're all used to though, Necesse takes the approach of a top-down survival and crafting game with a completely open world to explore the moment you step into it. Gather resources, defend yourself from monsters throughout the dangerous open wide world, and establish a massive thriving settlement!

The world is a complete sandbox, featuring an incredible mixture of building options similar to housing in Terraria, all the way to the colony management of Rimworld. With a charming art style, biomes to conquer, and bosses to defeat, this is exactly the kind of game that is turned from a great singleplayer experience into a multiplayer masterpiece.  

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Necesse Bosses

There are a grand total of 11 bosses currently in Necesse with everything from massive quickly moving spider queens to teleporting wizards. If you're the sort of Terraria player who loves the game for the thrill of boss-based combat, Necesse absolutely won't let you down. For many of the bosses, you'll feel a similar experience you did for Terraria, mining out an arena for the Spider Queen being an example.

The Necesse Bosses are all absolutely refreshing fights, experiencing completely new combat under Necesse's unique fighting system. The fun (and chaos) scales exponentially with the number of players in your server, adding to your strength as a team, but the difficulty of the bosses as well. Dying means dropping your it's a lot more punishing than Terraria, that's for sure!

Necesse Spider Queen Boss

Necesse Summons

Stemming again towards Terraria's many styles of unique weaponry, summoning weapons make a return in Necesse! Necesse Summons function identically to those in Terraria, quickly attacking all nearby enemies whenever possible. These are great for boss fights or players who are less comfortable with their own aiming abilities. They can also be great exploration companions, as you may not notice an enemy sneak up on you!

As the game progresses there are entire armor sets dedicated to scaling Summoning damage, leaning further into Summoner builds as a result. In due time there will be entire Necesse builds spread throughout the internet, but currently the best source of Necesse information is the direct Necesse wikia here.

Necesse Summoner Build

Enjoying the Necesse Game

The best part about Necesse is the flexibility to enjoy whichever parts of the game you enjoy most. If you are the sort of player who enjoys combat and boss fights in games, then don't worry at all about the colony management! Simply do the things you enjoy most, and travel from biome to biome, upgrading your gear as you raid dungeons, doing what you love most.

Otherwise, if you are the kind of player who loves building homes, managing a farm, and seeing a city form from their effort, Necesse can be that too! Necesse provides an extremely in-depth colony simulator allowing players to exactly manage what each and every settler does on a daily basis to contribute to the settlement. If you're friends with someone like the player from the first paragraph, you two could create an absolute banger team!

Necesse Settlement Dedicated Server

Necesse Tips

Following extremely close to Terraria, a fresh multiplayer server with friends will be running around like headless chickens, dying to every new enemy encounter across the Necesse game. Many enemies are unexpected, even in the first dungeon, and especially while learning the game's mechanics can lead to a handful of initial deaths. Don't give up! An online server with friends will allow a nearby friend to grab your items and return them to you when you meet up next.

Similar to good ol' Minecraft days exploring dungeons on a Minecraft dedicated server with friends. Lost items won't be lost for long, and if you aren't able to have anyone grab them, they'll be waiting patiently for you to return to that spot anyway.

Necesse Multiplayer Dungeon

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