Risk of Rain 2 may have been one of the most well crafted sequels of all time, transitioning from an incredible multiplayer cooperative 2D experience to one of the best third person shooters of 2019. From here, the game has continued to grow update after update into one of the best modern co-op multiplayer games on the market, and Shockbyte couldn't be more honored to now provide dedicated server hosting!

At higher levels of gameplay, things can get laggy with so many particles and explosions. Many players may experience FPS drops, or simply laggy connections due to these problems, but with a Shockbyte server, you'll face no such issues! Gather your party of survivors, and head back out into the bleak expanse of space.

Risk of Rain 2 Cross Update

Risk of Rain 2 Characters

At base, Risk of Rain sports 11 completely unique playable characters for your party to choose from with incredibly diverse playstyles and functionality as individuals, and as a team. Work together to defeat waves of increasingly difficult opponents, eager to overwhelm and destroy your party. Using the currency dropped by these enemies, your party will grow in strength for the battles to come.

Within the 11 unique characters unlockable in the base game, there are almost infinite Risk of Rain 2 builds players can create using a combination of items, characters, and team compositions. Fortunately with so many Easter Eggs, alternate dimensions to explore, and fascinating enemies to face, Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer will leave you a multitude of reasons to keep coming back.

Risk of Rain 2 Characters
From left to right is: Bandit, Captain, Huntress, and REX.

Risk of Rain 2 Items

Risk of Rain is exactly what it means when players think of the term "Roguelike" and everything about that term done right. In each unique run of Risk of Rain, the enemies are randomly generated throughout the map around the player, scaling in difficulty depending on how long the player has been in the session. Take too long and enemies will quickly grow in strength around you.

The player also grows in strength though, through the Roguelike system of obtaining randomly generated chests and items throughout the world. As an example, the player may obtain one Goat Hoof, to increase their move speed, and an Energy Drink to increase their sprint speed by 25%. What if a player got 100 Goat Hooves, and 50 Energy Drinks? Imagine sprinting around the map then!

Risk of Rain 2 Items Multiplayer

Risk of Rain 2 Survivors of the Void

Longtime fans of the game are very familiar with this DLC as it was a longtime coming. After more than handful of community votes, the Survivors of the Void DLC was added to Risk of Rain 2 in March of 2022! This DLC added the fan favorite character from the original Risk of Rain, the Sniper, to Risk of Rain 2 but in the glamorous new form of the Railgunner!

Alongside the Railgunner, the Void Fiend joins the cast the playable characters in the Survivors of the Void DLC adding the absolutely monumentous replayability this game already provides. You'll find your party keep coming back to try new build after new build, and this DLC adding 3 new maps with 14 unique new enemies to face across them will only add to that addiction.

Risk of Rain Survivors of the Void DLC

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