Much of modern gaming has moved away from physical copies of games, with even console players leaning towards downloading the newest titles rather than relying on breakable discs or unreliable hard copies. With this in mind, many player opt for Steam as their online gaming Marketplace, as the Valve network functions both in the form of a marketplace for gaming as well as a library collection of purchased titles. Despite it's popularity however, Steam's prices are not always the currently provided best on the market, with game key retailers offering potentially better...

Not only do game key retailers potentially provide a better price for many competitively priced games on the market, but some also provide unique discounts that Steam fails to provide their users. There are many add-on products that players fail to realize they'll want as part of their gaming experience while shopping on the Steam marketplace, whereas Game Key sites such as AllKeyShop provides full overviews of games, including their price fluctuations online, and any similar games currently popular on the market.

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Multiplayer Is The Way to Play

Gaming is quickly becoming one of the most invested industries across the planet with billions of dollars in spending each year and 10 billion dollars in spending according to Omdia in 2022 alone. While many of the most popular titles still remain as singleplayer games, much interaction online is through the medium of multiplayer gaming due to the wide expanse of gaming genres and mental benefits of online social relationships. With this recent uptick in popularity for multiplayer, gamers now require more copies of the same game for a group to play.

Generally however, "group discounts" don't generally exist for multiplayer titles and while they have in the past they are seen rarely across Steam's marketplace. One of the best places to buy in bulk is with game key retailers where prices are optimized for the gamer and using AllKeyShop, players can find the best prices for any specific title across the internet. If players are able to get their game prices at a premium, then they can also pickup game server hosting services alongside it, making for an unstoppable and infinitely customizable gaming experience.

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Quickly Starting Gaming Communities

Gaming Content Creators who quickly gather an audience are always looking somewhere for that community to gather online, whether it be an online chat forum such as Discord, or through a more interactable space such as a Minecraft server. Gaming servers harbor a far different tone for players involved, as players invest their personal time into the gaming server, forming an interpersonal connection with it; One that simply couldn't be connected to an online chat such as Discord or otherwise.

Gaming communities online also allow players to interact directly with the content creator, whether that be during-stream or while offline, this meaningful connection can make all the difference while gaming and players who wish to make this opportunity require purchasing the same game as the content creator involved. That's where game key retailers come in. Using a trusted game key retailer and purchasing the game at an affordable price will allow most players to continually play alongside their favorite streamers, but be sure not to "stream-snipe" them!

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Playing Customizable Multiplayer

Multiplayer gaming in the modern era requires many players not only to have the game required but also to have any required DLC, mods, or otherwise customized additions to original game. This applies to same rules as discussed above, as every players purchasing the base game, then DLC additions in order to simply play multiplayer can quickly get expensive. Using a game key retailer can drastically reduce the amount paid but getting a server that can handle hosting the base game, added content of DLCs, players, and potentially modded content atop the rest can quickly become a difficult task for modern setups.

The best way to handle all of the above is to also get a game server host such as Shockbyte who can reliably upscale any amount of server hosting requirements for your gaming experience. For a server running multiple DLC additions, an additional modpack or two, and two dozen players, gamers are going to require some heavy-duty hardware on the backend with plenty of RAM for all the required modifications. Fortunately with Shockbyte's cheap server hosting and AllKeyShop's best-price search features, players are able to enjoy gaming on even the most affordable budgets.

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Game-Changing Prices

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