There is many buffs in Valheim that players take neatly for granted and none more underestimated than the Rested buff. A well taken-care-of Viking is the most dangerous and just like in real life...getting a good night of rest is the best way to prepare for an adventure ahead. While you can build a beautiful home in Valheim and scale up your Rested buff to extremely high levels, there is one more important consideration for every Viking looking to conquer the lands: having a full stomach.

No matter if you're a brand new player in Valhalla or a veteran in the Valheim world, these tips are sure to serve your filling and give you all the information you'll need to take on every enemy in Valheim including the ferocious bosses roaming Valhalla. If you're a tanky character requiring boatloads of HP or a sneaky thief wanting to keep their Stamina topped-off, Shockbyte will be covering all your culinary options before you charge into battle, filled to the brim!

Valheim Food and Mead Guide

The Best Valheim Foods for Stamina

Valheim has an absolutely massive amount of food options which is really incredible as that allows players full flexibility in different stages of the game, different stages of laziness, and in terms of pure customization! In fact if someone wanted to do a full vegetarian run of Valheim...that's totally possible! Fortunately this also means that the amount of food options for different builds can be extremely overwhelming, so let's dive right into some of the best options!

If you're looking to stay light on your feet; maybe you're a Darksouls veteran and prefer dodging tactics to the traditional blocking, you're going to want as much Stamina as you can get your hands on. Due to every dodged attack being directly equivalent to that much HP, this build can be extremely risky but more rewarding than ANY others. The biggest bang for your buck in Valheim is a bit of Carrot or Onion Soup, with a Side of Bread. These items give the most Stamina for their extremely easy-to-farm costs and have huge returns in battle.

Valheim Stamina Food
Fish n' Bread is deceiving as it actually requires fishing inside the Mistlands biome, making it very late-game.

The Best Valheim Foods for Health

One of the biggest things to consider in Valheim is your limited access early to reliable stamina food and the overwhelming amount of damage many enemies deal. At early stages even simple Greydwarves can take a player down in 2-3 swings making food absolutely imperative for surival. Fortunately identifying food that gives Maximum health is extremely easy: it's MEAT. Cooked meat such as Cooked Deer Meat, Grilled Neck Tails, Fish, and Sausages are the most iconic meats that give a massive amount of Health for their requirements.

Early game while players may be inclined to wait for Stamina-based foods to suit their builds better, there's no point in using anything other than Health-based foods. Many enemies have 1-hit KO potential such as Trolls, Draugr, and Wolves, making the importance of early-game health far more considerable than the ability to dodge their incoming attacks. Only once players have gotten fully established with armor and otherwise is it smart to get picky about food.

Valheim Health Food
Serpent Meat requires having found a Serpant in the sea and Glazed Chicken requires a fully-fledged farm!

The Best Valheim Foods for Magic

Now this topic is far less interesting than the previous two as magic is an extremely new addition to the Valheim world. In order to cast magic...AT Valheim, players must have consumed at least ONE food that has given them a new resource called "Eitr". Almost all of the items including the simple "Magecap Mushroom" are found within the Mistlands biome and this isn't even mentioning that players can only craft magic-casting gear from resources found in the Mistlands anyway.

With this in mind, there is no "best" magical foods for early game in Valheim as there is no practical early game magic in Valheim either. This comes as a major disappointment to many fans who returned to the game after the Mistlands update and found a new playthrough filled with almost nothing new until extreme end-game. Despite this, the upcoming Ash Lands update is soon to add a boatload of new content following-up on the Mistlands allowing for far more applications of the magical food and weaponry!

Valheim Eitr Food

The Best Valheim Meads

Meads are a consumable item that many Valheim players entirely forget are in the game, many considering to be solely attached to the Bonemass boss fight for the creation of Poison Resistance Meads. Some may also use the Fermenter to create frost resistance meads allowing them to enter the Mountain biome the first few times, whereas other adventures hop between campfires, or kill enough wolves to create warm clothing on the outskirts of the biome. Meads are by far one of the strongest consumables in the game and absolutely shouldn't be slept on.

One Mead in specific is quickly passed over by the Valheim community due to it's negative effect leaving a bad taste in player's mouths. The "Tasty Mead" mead is bar far the most simple mead to create and can be used in a boss fight by ANY kind of player to quickly regain almost all of your stamina in seconds by DOUBLING your Stamina regen for 10 seconds. Sure, it halves your health regen throughout the duration, but health regeneration is already so slow in Valheim, 10 seconds of a fight isn't about to make a difference for your combat potential.

Valheim Tasty Mead
Technically, the "Lingering Stamina Mead" is a near complete upgrade to the Tasty Mead, but it's late game!

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