Minecraft is such a long lasting title due to its unending customization by players. With thousands upon thousands of incredible mods, modding teams, and hundreds of mod-packs collecting the best that Minecraft modders have to offer, it is an amazing generation to be a Minecraft player. For those of us that participated in the Minecraft beta, things weren't nearly as easy as they were today, and Shockbyte looks to make them even simpler; The Shockbyte Control Panel is introducing our state of the art Modpack Installer, hand-connected to nearly every Minecraft modpack database on the internet.

If you're a fan of modding Minecraft, Shockbyte's servers are soon to be unmatched in customization, allowing you to take your Minecraft gaming to incredible new heights. What fun is modded Minecraft if you can't enjoy the experience with a handful of your best friends by your side; All to experience the most epic moments of brand new dragon mobs, maybe a trip to the moon, or potentially even swapping Minecraft into a brand new game entirely. Ever wanted to enjoy Minecraft as an FPS? Well now you can with Shockbyte's Minecraft server hosting and the Shockbyte Control Panel's new: Modpack Installer!

Minecraft WW2 Game Mode Modpack Blockfront
This incredible Modpack is called Blockfront! Look forward to Shockbyte's endless mod customization!

Minecraft Modpacks are the Center of Minecraft's Community

Minecraft mods are only one of the near hundreds of ways players are able to customize their Minecraft experience, with resource packs, maps, rules, multiplayer, game modes, and plugins being only the beginning. From here, players can rapidly combine everything they could possibly dream of, combining a medieval mod of their choice with a stunning texture pack, entirely reshaping their view of Minecraft. That is what makes Minecraft such an infinitely replayable title, the allowance of players to make it whatever they WANT it to be. Shockbyte loves this creativity and wants to further encourage it two-fold!

Alongside this encouragement, we know something that has quickly become apparent in the modern era: Multiplayer gaming IS the future. So with that, Shockbyte took in over 10 years of player feedback, and developed the easiest to use Minecraft server hosting Modpack Installer on the market, allowing players to mix the creativity of modding with the modern excitement of multiplayer. Modpacks such as the better Minecraft modpack and many more will be front and center, making it easier than ever before for new hosts to try out modding!

Starbound Frackin Universe
The most popular mod for Starbound is Frackin' Universe! A MUST try!

How is Shockbyte Modding... Modpacks?

We haven't just reimagined a few graphics of the Modpack installation process, we've altered it entirely for our server hosts optimizing the entire process for every user. The Shockbyte Control Panel takes simplicity to the next level, turning what has always been one of the most annoying processes in server hosting (and Minecraft in general) and making it a truly One-click installation. You want to play Better Minecraft 4 with friends? Click, and done. Pixelmon? One and done.

You'll have access to an unimaginable amount of modpacks, mods, resource packs, plugins, and so much more. The Shockbyte panel will even have direct access to many MC modding platforms allowing complete installation of everything across their platforms, further adding to the limitless possibilities. With our in-panel ability to search, hosts can freely browse through all the 2000+ modpacks available, read descriptions, and enjoy the freedom to pick and choose how YOU please; Entirely up to you.

Minecraft MiniMe Mod
This is one of many Minecraft mods made by our partner tr7zw! Check out their work!

Spend less time Modding and More Gaming!

Look forward to the Shockbyte Control Panel Beta launch where YOU can try out FREE modded Minecraft multiplayer yourself by securing a free Shockbyte Minecraft server all your own! While we at Shockbyte are honored to have you use our brand new Shockbyte control panel, our biggest goal is to give players the ultimate multiplayer gaming experience with zero hassle. Installing modpacks shouldn't require tons of tutorials or headache. We want you back to gaming!

With so many other integrations as part of the new Shockbyte Control Panel in addition to the new Modpack Installer, Shockbyte is able to bring players unrivaled control over their server, with 1-click swapping to other modpacks and entire server overhauls with more ease than ever. Swapping game modes, server properties, maps, mods, and so much more is easier than ever, allowing you to hop directly back into gaming alongside your friends, family, and community!

Counter Strike 2 Dust

Shockbyte is changing game server hosting! See below!

About Shockbyte

Shockbyte is one of the only game server hosts for Minecraft, Stardew, and many more.

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