For well over 11+ years Shockbyte has been one of the industry's leading Minecraft server hosts, providing some of the most reliable, cutting-edge, and unwavering Minecraft server hosting on the market. Throughout these 11 years we've supported well over dozens, if not hundreds, no- thousands likely, of Minecraft version releases on our servers. As of the last 2 - 3 years Shockbyte has been proud to even begin expanding our library list of title coverage to many other games as well, but this has come with much stricter needs on our support team.

Minecraft Shockbyte Tawk Case Study

The Explosion That Was Palworld

Shockbyte is extremely proud to have grown at an extreme rate and to even have developed our own internal "Game Server Hosting" team to optimize how quickly we can bring on more and more titles into our library of supported games. With this growth however, customized complaints have regularly flooded our support teams, all pertaining to unique issues per game, per instance, per mod, per situation. Fairly so, players and hosts simply want to enjoy their multiplayer experiences and that is always Shockbyte's primary goal.

Shockbyte's in-house support team prides ourselves on having each human delicately look over each and every ticket, fulfilling them to the best of our abilities when possible. This quickly rose to an impossible feat for our team when the number of open tickets rose from mid 70s~ to 14,000 overnight. Palworld's launch brought 19 million players to their title over the course of 2 weeks and Shockbyte deployed multiple strategies to fulfill incoming requests as quickly as we could.

Palworld Support Tickets

Optimizing Getting Answers Fast

With 14,000 new support tickets and a live-service chat constantly rolling in which brand new requests, Shockbyte's support team was drowning in many of the same simple requests that we had answered for many other customers. We care about each of our customers and rather than force them to wait 24 hours for a response about Palworld's memory leaks or region transfers, why not recruit tawk's AI help-bot to answer it for them instantly?

As we spoke about in our "A message from our CEO regarding Palworld" blog article: "Live chat has been replaced temporarily with an AI Chatbot - we are training the model, and it’s actually incredibly impressive. So far it is solving about ~90% of queries." This AI Chatbot at the time was the incredible work of our partners at, who we couldn't be more appreciative of their help. With their AI help, we were able to accommodate by far the most support requests in all of Shockbyte history.

Palworld Support

Using AI for Good

As many hosts and users will likely say, "I would never choose to use an AI if I had the option!" We completely understood that when we chose to take on our partners at There are many stigmas that we see in customer support regarding AI, but most importantly we were able to use our in-house team to their full potential, solving the most complicated tickets by hand with the same level of delicacy and eagerness, while other tickets weren't required to wait in a ridiculous queue.

Many of our customers are both a player and a server owner, making their experience of getting back to the game quickly, important for us at Shockbyte. While many players would prefer not to speak with an AI, they would always likely prefer to have their answer solved as quickly as possible. Tawk's AI assistant was able to solve nearly 90% of requests on it's own, making it an incredible resource for both the Shockbyte support team and for our players.

Palworld Flying Mounts Tawk Support Case Study

Setting Us Up for a Future of Success with

Now with as a valuable partner and resource under our belt, we're extremely comfortable onboarding their incredible AI as needed to accommodate specific games, requests, or varying tasks that our users may be requiring support with. With Shockbyte's newest massive release of the Shockbyte Control Panel, we have many new faces joining the Shockbyte family eager to try out our new product. This time, we're more prepared than ever with as a partner in our corner.

As Shockbyte continues to grow and team up directly with developers, we'll be eager to have as a close partner should we see another massive explosion in game server sales such as Palworld.'s AI assistant handling 4,754 chats on it's own in only a week is an extreme achievement and one that we're eager to use again should the opportunity present itself. We at Shockbyte always look forward to maintaining incredible support for our users.

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