Shockbyte has been working tirelessly to bring multiplayer gamers something completely new. We're breaking all boundaries and setting a new industry standard for server hosts: Hosting your multiplayer server for games isn't supposed to detract from the gaming. We've taken steps to completely overhaul absolutely everything you know about  game server hosting. Shockbyte has made it quicker, more responsive, more reliable, easier to use, and more automated than ever.

No more confusing buttons, drop downs, and hundreds of guides just to get to play your favorite game on your server. Shockbyte has taken every frustration with game server hosting and flipped it on its head, redesigning absolutely every element of the panel. We've spent years rebuilding our hardware and software, so that it's SPECIFICALLY tailored to all players, and we are calling this new interactive panel: the Shockbyte Panel; launching as part of our Orbit project (which we'll be going into more in the coming weeks!).

The Shockbyte Panel Game Library

Where have I seen Multiplayer Game Servers Before?

Many multiplayer gamers across the globe may not even be aware, but nearly every game they play actually uses multiplayer servers. Nearly every major multiplayer title that players enjoy, whether it be League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite....they all use Multiplayer Game Servers.

These servers are called "dedicated servers" and when it comes to Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, and Rainbow Six, these servers are solely owned by the developers. This gives developers control, but also costs them money, limits player freedom, and means servers eventually get shut down causing multiplayer on that game to die.

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Where Multiplayers Establish A MultiHome

On the other hand, players who want more community, more customization, and no risk of servers being shut down, that's where hosting your own servers is perfect! It's not available for every title out there, but it is for many fan favorites such as CSGO, Terraria, Minecraft, Rust, and many more. These servers (unlike the ones owned by the developers) can be customized however players see fit! Add mods, plugins, maps, whatever the host enjoys.

The actual hosting process can be tedious, to say the least, and it is even harder if you are running your own server at home or on your own dedicated server! Sooo many issues! We recognize the current difficulties in multiplayer game server hosting and have drafted a solution to over a decade of gaming struggles. Look forward to the Shockbyte Panel!

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I'm Into Multiplayer, but I Don't Host, Is This for Me?

If you have ever played games such as ARK, Minecraft, Rust, CSGO, Terraria, Starbound, or even Valheim, our game-changing new panel is absolutely for you. Paid Game Server Hosting has always made the somewhat complicated process of hosting a multiplayer game server significantly easier, but even this has still had its difficulties. Complete newbies to game server hosting could be overwhelmed by the amount of required information, the drop-downs with "Server Types", and everything needed to create a well-run server.

It should NEVER be like this! Users today expect better... they deserve better! Shockbyte's gamer-centric development team has hyper-focused on creating the easiest panel EVER produced. Nearly everything you'll need is completed in a single click or two and we've diligently tested every process to be easy for anyone getting into multiplayer game server hosting. The Shockbyte Control Panel's sleek new design makes it easier than ever to navigate wherever required. Even if you don't host yet, our Shockbyte panel Beta will be the coolest time to try doing it.

Multiplayer Gaming Game Server Hosting Product Upgrade
We've listened to feedback. Shockbyte is going all out for gamers on the Shockbyte Control Panel!

I'm A Longtime Host, How Am I Affected?

For veteran server hosts, you'll be the ones who will be most impressed by these massive upgrades to our product. Shockbyte hasn't just changed the look of things, we've reimagined game server hosting, from your point of view, based on your feedback. Using brand new technology in the video game server hosting field, we've made loading times FRACTIONS of what they used to be. Now users are able to navigate between menus in milliseconds compared to the several painful seconds it took previously.

To top it off, everything in the panel is far more responsive, with instant panel feedback upon click, and much more. Originally, we wanted players to stay out of the previous panel as much as possible and return to the game once their servers were ready. With the next generation of the Shockbyte panel, we challenge you to customize your server and spend time in our new panel. Things are so fast, you'll find your multiplayer gaming experience ready in seconds.

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Veterans will be more than happy to see a switch to our new panel!

I'm Thinking of Playing Multiplayer...So How Do I Try It?

We're so glad you asked, because Shockbyte is starting an exciting Beta for the Shockbyte Panel VERY soon. We'll be inviting players from around the world to enjoy free game server hosting for Minecraft, with modding, plugins, and all the customization options they could possibly desire. For first-time hosts, we've even added automated error filtering so you won't get flooded with a bunch of (scary but actually) unnecessary red text that won't affect your gameplay.

If you're a longtime host with Shockbyte, or doing it yourself, you won't want to miss this opportunity as Shockbyte hasn't forgotten about your advanced technical hosting skill. The Shockbyte panel has plenty of "Advanced Views" for the most important features, such as a server's performance and the console, providing game server hosting maestros everything they could desire.

Join us in the Shockbyte Control Panel Beta launch to try out the panel for free yourself!

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Shockbyte is changing game server hosting! Check it out!

About Shockbyte

Shockbyte is one of the only game server hosts for Minecraft, Stardew, and many more.

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