Palworld, following in the footsteps of Valheim's success, shows that gamers love having their own game servers and controlling how they play.

Valheim proved this desire, leading to games like V-Rising and Palworld, where players can shape their own experiences. It's all about giving players the freedom to create their own gaming worlds.

Palworld's explosive growth is directly attributed to community servers and is further evidence that Player-Owned Game Servers are the new standard in multiplayer gaming.

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These player-driven platforms offer unique gameplay experiences, fostering a strong sense of community and attracting a diverse audience.

Palworld's success is a testament to the power of player engagement and community-driven initiatives in shaping modern gaming landscapes.

Palworld’s First Two-Weeks

Shockbyte has been operating at full force, scaling to meet the demands of the brand-new gaming audience of Palworld players. Whether they're newcomers or veterans, Shockbyte is committed to supporting the entire Palworld community.

Without opting for the community server model, it would have been near-impossible for Palworld to scale servers to meet the demand of players.

Earlier this week, Palworld's CEO joked that "server fees could bankrupt the studio".

The distributed Player-Owned Game Server model means that Palworld’s total server capacity is spread among official servers, local private servers and game server hosts like Shockbyte - that means the financial cost is also distributed.

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Scaling Infrastructure to Support Palworld

Shockbyte's infrastructure has had to grow significantly to support the demand for Palworld servers - our own server fees nearing $3 million USD annually for Palworld servers alone.

The advantage of a game server host like Shockbyte is that we have 11 years experience operating servers for 50 different games - our entire company is designed to solve the problem Palworld is currently facing.

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In the past short 2 weeks, Shockbyte has grown as a company by 27.33%.

Let me remind you: Shockbyte has been in business for 11 years and hosts servers for 50 games. Yet, Palworld is already more than a quarter of our entire business - this is a mammoth game of monumental scale.

Palworld’s launch was about 25x bigger than any other game title we’ve launched, selling more servers in 2 weeks than we had sold for the first 7 years of our entire business.

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Speaking of other games, Palworld has become the focal point of Player-Owned Game Servers showing player's true dedication to co-op. Valheim was renowned for this, but Palworld sold 10x as many copies in the first two weeks.

Within two weeks Palworld has sold as many copies (19 million) as Minecraft has across all platforms, in 4 years.

At Palworld's peak, Shockbyte was selling a brand new Palworld server every 4 seconds.

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Our customer support team went from business as usual one day, to 72,368 users suddenly requesting assistance all at once, flooding and overwhelming our support team.

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With well over 40k support tickets since launch and 20k+ live chats, we hit 70k total quite quickly!

And Palworld's Popularity Isn't Going Anywhere!

About Shockbyte

Shockbyte is a game server host for Palworld, Minecraft, Valheim, and more.

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